Make Olymp Trade Deposits | M-PESA PrePay VISA Safari Card

How long have you been trading on the Olymp Trade demo account ?

Would you like to make a deposit -and- start trading with real money to make real profits?

Well, Olymp trade has very many deposit and withdrawal options to choose from. Some of which we have reviewed on this platform — like the Skrill -Mpesa deposit option & of course the VISA deposit option

Today we yet review VISA again. Except I will be showing you how to deposit with a specific card; the M-PESA PrePay VISA Safari Card by Safaricom Kenya & I&M bank .

Remember, this is just an alternative to the normal VISA debit or VISA Credit Card.

But it could be the best option for those who don’t have active VISA cards but would still like to deposit cash to Olymp Trade — faster, easily -and- conveniently. It is issued instantly


What is The M-PESA PrePay VISA Safari Card?

The M-PESA PrePay VISA Safari Card is a prepaid credit card which you can use to withdraw cash in any currency in Kenya. But even important, you can use it for online transactions -and- to shop from any VISA branded shops worldwide.


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What Are The M-PESA PrePay VISA Safari Card Benefits?

– It is a safe cashless way to store money -and- spend as required

– Online balance inquiry, transactions statements -and- Card hot listing

– You get the benefits of transaction tracking through SMS notification

– 24 Hr I&M Call Centre for all inquiries -and- general assistance

– Instant Card issuance — No Credit vetting

– You can load up to Kshs 500,000


How to get The M-PESA PrePay VISA Safari Card

To get this card Visit any Safaricom or I&M bank to fill the application form.


Other Requirements

– Original Id and the copy

– Initial load fee (if you want to use the card for Olymp Trade Deposits, make sure you load anything above $10) — Olymp Trade Minimum deposit is $10.

– You will get a Welcome Kit containing a ready to use M-PESA PrePay Safari Card -and- Sealed PIN Cover containing the ATM PIN.

Your I-PIN which will enable you to access card account information online via I&MBank on the Prepaid Card login section will be generated -and- sent to your email address.


Do you want the card?

Download the form, fill, print.

Attach the filled form to the other required documents then deliver it to any I&M or Safaricom branch to get your card.

Download Application Form 

Follow these simple steps to load your Olymp Trade account with Visa (M-PESA PrePay VISA Safari Card).

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