The One on One Guide of Options Trading

It hurts, doesn’t it?

You opened an Options Trading account hoping to become rich overnight. You invested a lot of money in your first trade and lost. Invested more in the following trades and lost. You took a break. Went back to reading on internet forums and web pages to find out more about binary options. (Which is what you should have done in the beginning)

After months of reading and practice, you got confident thinking you’d learned enough strategies to manipulate the market!

Only, your enough wasn’t enough to break the Olymp Trade! You lost more money. And you’ve continued to lose.

Then somehow, you came across my website – Joon Online – read my posts, found hope, and learned a few new strategies that I use personally to win. Took my number. Called me. We met. Talked. I showed you how to trade profitably.

But our time wasn’t enough because I’m a busy man.

I run small profitable businesses that I started with my winnings in Olymp Trade. I run a tents business here. Own a sugarcane plantation there. Rare chicken everywhere. And I still have to write on this blog to keep you updated on all things trading. That’s a damn busy life I think!

We however agreed to plan another free trading session which hasn’t happened yet. Mainly because you live on the other side of the world; and I other.

And sometimes when we both have time to meet and talk; we end up just socializing because hey, it is the weekend, and duh! FX only works till Friday! This means you never get enough practicals from our options trading meeting.

And I never want to waste anyone’s precious time.


Sometimes I just bounce. Other times you bounce.

And the whole circus continues.

And it got me thinking;

How can I take you through all my trading lessons and show you my trading strategies without inconveniencing either of us?

I came up with this interesting eBook. Very interactive and simple to read and understand.

And guess what?

I’ve included everything I know about trading.

I haven’t held back a thing.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What to Expect in The One on One Guide to Options Trading

  1. The book covers my struggles with trying to remain profitable in Options Trading – especially after just luckily winning KES – 502,000 in under 2 hours. (all the lessons I’ve learned are included herein). If you ask me, these are unique experiences that you will never find anywhere else.
  2. It covers my newest trading strategies that are currently VERY profitable. They’ll help you open a new leaf in winning.
  3. Money & Risk Management. Very important if you are serious about making money trading
  4. And many other valuable trading lessons…

If you ask me, this eBook will make you a better trader than you currently are.

And I’m giving it to you at half the price.

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