TikTok Business For Beginners – How to Build an Audience with TikTok

Are you looking to grow your TikTok account? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks that will help you grow your account quickly and easily. We will also talk about how to use TikTok Business to create even more exposure for your brand.

So, whether you’re just starting out on TikTok or you’ve been using the platform for a while, these tips will help you take your account to the next level!

TikTok Business Account.

TikTok business is a way for businesses to create more exposure for their brand.

With a TikTok business account, you can access a number of features that are not available with a regular account.

For example, you can add a link to your website, create ads, and track how well your videos are performing.

But other than switching from a personal account to a business account. What else can you do to improve your Tiktok business, grow your TikTok business account and increase awareness of your brand?

Continue reading to learn everything that I’m currently doing with my TikTok and for my brand (Kenn Omollo on TikTok).

1). Search for Keywords and use them on your Tiktok videos.

How to grow your TikTok account

Before you go in front of a camera to make your next TikTok video, ask yourself this question, “Am I doing this video to grow my brand or to sell something?”

Whatever your objective is, search for the right keywords and use them in your video title, description, and even in the hashtags you include.

When people search for those keywords on TikTok, your videos have a better chance of showing up in their results.

You can also use the “related” tab to see other videos that are related to the ones you’ve just uploaded.

Remember, the objective is to either sell a product, get a following or showcase a brand. Whichever the objective, you don’t want your videos to be shown to a handful of people. You want your video to trend.

How to get Keywords related to your brand on TikTok.

  • Tap the “Discover” button at the bottom of your videos.
  • Search the keyword for videos you’d like to see. For example, “make money” or “business ideas” to see videos related to these keywords.
  • If you don’t see any video that interests you or with the exact keyword you are interested in, or if you want to see videos from a specific period,
  • Tap the filter button at the top right of the screen and filter either by turning on “watched videos”, “liked videos”, Yesterday, This week, or whichever period.
  • Go ahead and watch those videos one by one. Of course, putting emphasis on the description, the title used, and the ash tags.

2). Follow TikTok content related to your business account.

Related TikTok accounts

Is your TikTok content related to dancing, making money, or singing? Follow other TikTok accounts doing the same thing as you.

Why should you do this you ask?

Following TikTok accounts with more engagements and a high following kind of tells the TikTok algorithm what to serve on your for you page.

Plus, there is a chance that if you follow a TikTok account the owners might look at the type of content you produce and if they are interested, they might follow back.

And, if the TikTok algorithm is willing to show related content from the accounts you follow, what are the chances that they will also show your content to those BIG accounts. And to the followers of the BIG account owners?

3). Find Related Trending Content on Discover Page.

Have I already mentioned that you can also grow your TikTok account by hopping on hot TikTok trends?

What if you can find those trends that are related to the type of content you produce. Wouldn’t that be a BIG boost?

You can actually get trending-related content on TikTok by tapping the discover button at the bottom of the screen and scrolling to find something relatable.

For today

  • #Ramadhan2022 is trending on TikTok.
  • Clam down sound is trending on TikTok.
  • Boom Cha La Ka dance is trending on TikTok.
  • Mtasubiri song (featuring Zuchu) is trending on TikTok.
  • Skincare is trending on TikTok.
  • GymTok is tredning (for fitness accounts).
  • BW coloring effect is trending on TikTok.
  • Fashion sketch filter is also trending for fashion lovers (make them think it’s a picture).
  • Bong Bing dance routine is also trending on TikTok.

What’s your brand about? Find out a trend that can fit well with it and do a video.

The earlier you hot on to a trend the better chances you have of reaching more people with your video.

4). Explore trending filters and effects.

Trending filters and effects are a great way to make your videos look interesting and attractive to viewers.

Not only do they help the video look better, but they can also help with getting more people to watch your videos.

Be on the lookout for filters or effects recommended on your for you page. Or just click to try any filters or effects you bump on that you feel will work well for your brand.

Tips to Help Grow Your TikTok Business Account.

Trending on TikTok

Other than following the guides discussed above, you can also use these other tips to grow your account on TikTok.

a). Record Verticle Videos (9:16) HD Quality Footage.

Now, you don’t have to worry about this if you’re constantly using the TikTok in-app editor to capture and edit your videos.

That’s because TikTok is designed for verticle videos and it will automatically capture all videos with the required settings.

If you’re using an external camera though, you might want to note these required settings before you export your video:

  • Frame rate: 30 FPS or more.
  • Resolution: 1080p or higher.

b). Video duration.

While TikTok already allows users to upload videos as long as 10 minutes, it is not advisable to upload a 10-minute long video on TikTok.

Especially if your stories are not suited for long videos.

Remember, the main objectives of Tiktok are to entertain, to keep users longer on the app, and to spark users’ interest to make their own similar videos.

As most creators say, a video should only be as long as it is interesting.

c). Give context with caption.

If I pause your video to read the caption, can I get the context of your video?

Use the description box to talk about your video.

If possible, tag other creators, link other videos, or tell your viewers to like, follow or comment on your video.


Growing your TikTok business account takes a lot of creativity, hard work, and consistency.

Don’t give up. Continue making content.

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