Top 10 ‘How to Make Money Books’ to Read in 2020.

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If you care about your Finances, you must have found yourself reading a book or two on the same topic.

Leaders read and if you have to lead as concerns finances, you must be deeply entrenched in reading books about money.

Are you in India and looking for ‘How to Make Money Books’ to read?

Look no further.

In today’s post, we highlight the top 10 “how to make money books” that every investor must read in 2020.

Are you ready for our selection? Let’s get to it…

  1. The Millionaire Next Door.

Thomas J Stanley is the author and in the book, he presents facts from an actual study involving 1,000 non-inheritance millionaires over 20 years.

He seeks to put clear several issues such as:

  • Ordinary mindset versus a millionaire mindset.
  • Living below your means.
  • Millionaires follow a budget.
  • Choosing the right occupation.

To have a full glimpse of becoming the next millionaire without inheriting, get the book on Amazon India.

The millionaire next door

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Robert Kiyosaki presents money management strategies to individuals who want to get rich. He separates true assets from false assets.

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Additionally, he handles key issues like:

  • Thinking about work and money.
  • How to manage your money.
  • Flawed education system producing employees but not entrepreneurs.

To understand such and much more, download Rich Dad Poor Dad on Amazon.

Rich dad poor dad

  1. Secrets of Millionaire Mind.

T Harv Eker presents his arguments on getting rich by addressing the following:

  • Preparation of a personal money management plan.
  • How the rich think versus how the poor think, using the ‘wealth flies’ principle.

Get the book on Amazon India and understand how exactly to get rich as addressed by Eker.

  1. Your Money or Your Life.

Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez are the authors and in the book, they aptly handle the subject of attaining financial freedom by using common sense.

They give a several step approach to attaining financial freedom as follows:

  • Writing down your loan amount.
  • Keeping track of income and expenditure.
  • Determine the hourly wage.
  • Assess if earning enough to equal your time and energy.

To get all the steps and understand deeper, why don’t you get the book on Amazon India.

Your money your life

  1. Debt Free by 30.

The book is co-authored by Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck and addresses how to handle debts.

If you are still working and keep borrowing money, and are now caught up in a situation you do not understand how to soldier on, then this is the book for you.

A step by step plan on how to settle your debts is well outlined in the book. The authors argue that doing so enhances your financial health while also addressing the following:

  • Financial mistakes to avoid.
  • Budget to track expenses and savings.
  • How to save and spend less than your savings.
  • Decision making concerning credit cards and insurance.

The book is on Amazon India, so get it to understand the principles to apply to combat debts.

Debt free by 30

  1. The Behavior Gap.

Carl Richards addresses various aspects of investing.

He argues that some investment mistakes are inevitable and shows how to review them to ensure you make no further mistakes.

He also describes how an investor’s behavior affects their investment portfolio adversely and advises on the stocks to take up and the ones to ditch.

Some of the issues addressed in the book include:


  • Learning when to buy or sell specific stocks.
  • The balance between investing and saving.
  • Avoiding unnecessary spending.
  • Investing in your financial goals and risk profile.

To understand his concepts better, get the book on Amazon India.

Debt free by 30

  1. You can be Rich too.

The book co-authored by PV Subramanian and M Pattabiraman makes investment a simple and logical subject for readers. Here are key insights you get by reading the book:

  • How to compute your net worth.
  • Proper asset allocation strategy.
  • How to invest in stocks to earn maximum returns.
  • Choosing best mutual funds.

To understand the above subjects and many others better, get the book from Amazon India.

Make Money Books for 2020 - You can be rich too

  1. The Richest Engineer.

The book by Abhishek Kumar addresses the subject of Wealth creation and accumulation.

Kumar invalidates the notion that it is big salaries, good luck, or high qualifications that make certain individuals accumulate wealth easily.

That way, he argues how one can rise against the odds of no qualifications, no luck, and no job to become a millionaire despite their status at the moment.

The book is full of real-life examples that give you a touch of how real his claims are and how actionable his ideas are.

You can get the book on Amazon India and read it, to get a touch of how valid your dream of becoming a millionaire no matter where you are at the moment still is.

Make Money Books for 2020 - The richest engineer

  1. From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom.

This is a book by Manoj Arora which depicts the journey of Manoj to financial freedom.

It is flooded with real-life examples of the author’s struggles as he combats all odds to attain financial freedom.

By telling his story, Manoj aims to guide his readers in the less trekked path to financial freedom and independence. MBA Degree Not Necessary for Financial Freedom.

Some issues addressed in the book include:

  • Basic Financial Calculations.
  • Investment Options.
  • Principles of Wealth Accumulation.
  • How it feels to attain Financial Freedom.

Get the book from Amazon India and Read to understand in-depth how to navigate your way to Financial Freedom.

Make Money Books for 2020 - From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom

  1. Retire Rich, Invest Rs. 40 a Day.

PV Subramanian presents to his readers how they can start working at 24 and retire by 50 and have their savings outlive them.

He argues that you only need to save Rs. 40 a day as early as you read his book.

You then need to do proper asset allocation to invest, increasing your daily Rs. 40 by at least 10% a year for several years.

He addresses issues like:

  • The need for retirement and how to plan for the same.
  • Lifestyle and common mistakes to avoid.
  • Net worth and cash flow after retirement.

For a better understanding of his concepts, get this Make Money Books on Amazon India.

Make Money Books for 20202 - Retire Rich at 40 Rs a Day


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