Top 10 Multilevel Marketing Businesses That Are Trending In Kenya

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In this article, we are going to look into the top 10 multilevel marketing businesses that are trending in Kenya.

But before that, confession time.

I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned in this article. As such, the guide is for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be assumed as financial advice whatsoever.

With that said, what is multilevel marketing?

What is Multilevel Marketing?

Also well known as MLM, multilevel marketing is simply a strategy used by direct sales companies to encourage the existing distributors to recruit new distributors into the company.

That explains why other people call it network marketing.

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Often, you only join the company through invitation.

Once in, it is your turn to bring in someone as well.

Is MLM a pyramid scheme?

To answer this question, you need to understand what a pyramid scheme is and then compare it to an MLM to get a clear picture.

As Wikipedia puts it, Pyramid schemes are nothing but marketing and investment frauds where you are offered a distributorship or rights (franchise) to market a specific product.

Now, this is where it gets real!

The real money isn’t earned through product sales, it is by recruiting new distributors.

As you can already tell, there is a difference between MLM and pyramid schemes. Even though, the former uses a fine line between selling products and recruitments.

So, some MLMs are not pyramid schemes, but it is hard to tell which ones are not.

It is a personal decision you have to make.

A good example of MLM that is not pyramid schemes is Amway.

The FTC lawsuit decision in 1979, pointed out that Amway was NOT a pyramid scheme since its independent business owners were not just being paid for recruiting new sales representatives.

But does that apply to all the others?

Again, your decision to make.

Top 10 Multilevel Marketing Business That Are Trending in Kenya.

Here are some of the top MLM companies in Kenya.

  • Forever Living

Founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, Forever Living Products is a multi-billion dollar company that manufactures and sells hundreds of wellness and beauty products all around the world.

Still privately owned, it’s more than a business, they have crafted what can only be termed as a family.

Marketing itself as an Aloe Vera company from the US, the company has a rooted presence in over 160 countries.

What is more striking about this company is that, unlike other MLM using the model to distribute products, Forever Living actually owns the aloe fields, manages the manufacturing and distribution as well.

How do you earn with Forever Living?

There are two ways to earn money with the company.

The first one is through product sales.

Here, you make money by selling Forever Living aloe products.

And the more you sell, the more you earn.

The second way is through recruitment.

This is where you get rewarded for introducing new people into the company.

And there are other bonuses inside the company.

  • Nature’s Way

This is another top MLM company in Kenya.

Nature’s Way manufactures vitamins, minerals, and herbal products.

Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the company was founded by Tom Murdock back in 1968.

At the time, his wife’s health was deteriorating, so he took it upon himself to find help.

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Fortunately, he found help, thanks to plants’ nutritional value.

And that is how Nature’s Way was born.

To date, the company boasts over 1000 dietary supplements they are selling all over the world.

How to make money with Nature’s Way

Just like Forever Living, Nature’s Way allows you to make money by joining the company as an independent distributor.

With such privilege, opportunities will open up to make more money.

For example:

You earn bonuses when you sell distributorship among other bonuses.

  • AIM Global

AIM Global has been capturing the attention of most Kenyans. I bet you have seen messages, especially on Facebook promising you 5K – 10K per week?.

So, who is AIM Global?

Alliance in Motion Global Inc. (AIM Global) is an MLM (Network Marketing) company in the Philippines.

Currently, the company has a presence in over 20 countries, and progressive global expansion.

But unlike the companies we have already seen here, AIM Global is just but a distributor.

It means that it doesn’t actually manufacture the products it promotes and there are other examples we will look at today.

In fact, most of their products are from Nature’s Way Company.


How to make money with AIM Global in Kenya

AIM Global Kenya has a comprehensive compensation plan that starts with you signing up as a distributor with just KES 23K.

From there, you have at least 7 streams of income under your disposal.

While the company refutes claims of being a pyramid scheme, they actually pay you at least KES 1200 to bring in someone to the company.

  • Crowd1

Crowd1 is an MLM company with a presence in Kenya.

This network marketing company is clouded with a lot of bad publicity.

Being an established online networking and marketing company, unlike most of the MLMs in this list, Crowd1 deals with educational products based online.  

As their website puts it, Crowd1 in Kenya is giving you a unique opportunity to take part in the gig economy, quality education, international networking, and to contribute to achieving better digital equality in the world.

How you can make money with Crowd1

Being an MLM, Crowd1 allows you to make money when you sell some of their courses and package upgrades.

Basically, you make money by selling memberships.

  • Jeunesse Global

Founded in 2009, Jeunesse Global is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in the world.

The company boast of being an industry-leading brand, and even appeared in the Inc. 5000 for five straight years.

Also, they have been named one of the “Direct Selling News” Best Places to Work three times.

What does it do?

Well, Jeunesse Global specializes in providing youth-enhancing solutions based on cutting-edge science.

Such innovations include things like adult stem cell technology, DNA repair, and nutrigenomics.

Their products are made in the United States and are exclusively formulated for the company.

How you can earn with Jeunesse Global in Kenya

The Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan is one of the most competitive compensation plans in the industry.

As their distributor, you have over six ways to generate income.

Additionally, you earn luxury travel rewards and climb 15 prestigious achievement ranks.

  • Global Internet Fortunes

Our very own, GIF, as popularly known, is actually a web hosting company in Kenya.

They offer services such as web hosting, domain registration, e-commerce, among other internet marketing services.

So did it make to this list?

Well, as a web hosting company, they have adopted a network marketing business model to advance their business.

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And by the look of things, the venture is working.

Recently, the company was listed as the top. KE domain registrar of the month.

How to earn through GIF

Global Internet Fortunes allows you to make money through referrals.

Besides selling their services to clients, you also make money when you refer someone to the company.

Think of it like affiliate marketing, but on another weird level.

  • Amway

Amway is an American multilevel marketing company dealing with health, beauty, and home care products.

Founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, Amway in Kenya is headquartered in Ada, Michigan.

Actually, Amway and its sister companies under Alticor reported sales of $8.4 billion as of 2019, making it one of the top multilevel marketing businesses around the world.

How you can make money through Amway in Kenya

You make money when people buy products through you, which can either be the mark-up price or through sales bonuses every time you hit targets.

Additionally, you have an opportunity to earn when recruit people to sell products under you.

  • GNLD Kenya

Also referred to as NeoLife, GNLD is a nutrition company founded by Jerry Brassfield.

As an MLM company, GNLD is inviting independent distributors to participate in their program.

Inside, you have a comprehensive compensation plan aimed at empowering you to run a nutrition startup.

Among the benefits include;

  • Own a Nutrition Startup Business
  • Earn a Part-Time or Full-Time Income Sharing Good Health
  • Participate in all the Benefits of the NeoLife Compensation Plan
  • Participate in Exciting Incentives like Cash and Travel
  • Receive Recognition for Your Achievements
  • Shop at Wholesale Prices – Save 20% off Suggested Retail


  • Young Living

Young Living is the leading producer and distributor of essential oils.

The company offers therapeutic-grade oils aimed and promoting a natural lifestyle for the whole household.

And just like AIM Global, you make money by selling Young Living products which have been categorized into three introductory kits (Starter Kits, Essential Rewards Kits, and Business Tools & Aids).

Also, you earn a bonus whenever you successfully refer a new enrolee to any of these kits.

  • Mary Kay Kenya

To close up our top 10 multilevel marketing businesses that are trending in Kenya is Mary Kay.

Mary Kay Inc. is a privately held multi-level marketing company based in the United States.

According to Direct Selling News, Mary Kay came as the sixth largest network marketing company all over the world in 2018, with a revenue volume of US$3.25 billion.

Mary Kay Ash started the company back in 1963, and now the company sells its products in over 35 markets globally.

How you can make money with Mary Kay in Kenya

As expected, Mary Kay has levels you have to rise through once you have signed up as a distributor.

And as you go up, so does the commission percentage you get.

Additionally, you make money by recruiting. The more people working under you, the more money you make.

Wrapping up MLMs in Kenya

Again, MLM is a business model, and not a business on its own.

Thus, it is legal to operate a business using this marketing strategy. But as always, some manipulate the system to benefit their narcissistic needs.

Here is my recommendation:

Avoid rushing into opportunities chasing the quick shilling.

You will end up in deep debt and heartbroken.

Do your own research before diving head-first into network marketing businesses in Kenya.

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