How to Trade with Win Option Broker in 2022.

Do you intend to make money online in 2022?

Which ways of making money online have you tried so far?

I expect to hear things like taking paid online surveys, freelance writing, blogging, digital marketing, running a podcast, and things to that effect.

If you have done all that, I am sure you must have made some money online and if not, you must be close to making some.

Well, in your quest for online investments, have you come across online trading?

There must have been some ads popping up on your computer or smartphone screen every now and then, talking about trading, Forex, Binary Options, and so on.

Seen anything like that?

I am sure you did, but would then wonder what that had to do with you, right?

If you have never developed some curiosity to get to know what trading is about, then you should have developed some since you began reading this.

Have you developed some curiosity into trading so far or not yet?

I bet you have, and now are interested in getting to understand what trading is, what online trading is, what Forex and binary trading is, and all.

Well, if you really want to know, then I will explain.

That is exactly why I am here, to show you exactly what you are curious to see. Let us dive right in and learn together.

What is Trading?

Trading is simply the purchase and sale of assets in anticipation to make profits.

It is possible to make money purchasing and selling assets or goods and services anywhere in the world.

One who is involved in the buying and selling of goods and services to make profits is referred to as a trader.

When a trader buys an asset, they hope that the asset will rise in price and can be sold at a higher price, earning them some profit.

On the other hand, when a trader sells an asset, they expect to be able to make money by redeeming the asset at an even lower price.

It is all that trading entails, trading of whichever goods or services.

Now that you know what trading is, and have been doing it actually for quite some time, you wonder where online trading comes in, right?

The trading you might have known is one where you purchase goods, own them, and then redeem them in the future by selling some to someone else to make some profits.

Is that also the same thing that happens in online trading?

Let us find out next.

What is Online Trading?

Let us now further the idea of trading which we have established in the previous section.

When trading normally, you buy goods and own them so that you can sell them later at a higher price to make profits.

However, when trading online, the trader buys and sells what they do not own, because trading is online.

Here, all you need is simply enough money in your trading account to stake as you buy or sell assets.

Basically, online trading involves predicting the future market value of any asset available.

You will make money if your prediction is correct.

Note that you need prior knowledge on the purchase and sale of assets to make profits, lest you fall for the lie that trading is some kind of gambling.

You now can tell the difference between usual trading and online trading, right?

That as regards online trading, trading is at the touch of a button, utilizing the money funded in your trading account.

Let me give a scenario of Online Trading.

Let us say that your online trading account is funded with $10.

Your analysis and external factors point to the price of the asset you are about to trade rising.

You will specify a certain amount which you will commit to that trade, say $5, and then click on a buy button.

You are buying the asset at a low price hoping that its price will rise and that you can sell it later at a higher price by closing the trade, making a profit.

With the same account size, your analysis and external factors hint at the price of the asset falling.

You will specify a certain amount which you will commit to that trade, say $4, and then click on the sell button.

You are selling the asset at a high price hoping that its price will fall and that you can redeem it later at a lower price by closing the trade, saving some money in form of profits.

Understanding Brokers.

Understand that to trade online, you need to access the online markets via a trading platform.

Trading platforms are offered by institutions called brokers, which link traders to the market so that traders are able to speculate on various assets.

The online trading market is full of thousands of brokers, some of whose authenticity is questionable, due to improper regulation.

However, we have tried and tested specific brokers which we then recommend to you, and that way, you can never go wrong.

In that regard, another broker we would highly recommend is Win Options.

We would like to teach you exactly how to make money with options trading platforms like Win Options in 2021.

However, before then, let us get acquainted with the broker first.

What is Win Option?

Win Option is a broker which offers Binary Options Trading.

It was founded in 2008 and offers options trading on several different markets including stocks, stock indices, currencies, and commodities.

Win Options is an award-winning broker which has won several awards including Most Trusted Binary Options Broker and Best Customer Support broker in 2013.

The broker offers only one real account type, namely the standard account type.

It also offers a free demo account.

There are no commission or margin fees and payouts per trade are as high as 88%.

What is more, the Win Option account is also available on Islamic account terms where no spreads, commissions, or margin fees are charged.

At Win Option, the minimum trade size is $5 with 60 seconds options and with regular binary options.

The maximum trade size in a single option is $2000 and the maximum amount of investment for simultaneously opened options in any one asset cannot exceed $4500.

The minimum deposit amount is only $100.

Traders can choose between the web-based trading platform and the Win Options Mobile App available for both Android and iOS.

Their web-based platform enables traders to enjoy the liberty to instantly trade binary options from anywhere in the world.

Traders don’t actually need to download or install any software.

The mobile trading app, on the other hand, accords traders’ flexibility and convenience for it gives them the power to trade straight from their smartphone/tablet. It’s simple, engaging and most of all, profitable!

Win Option is not yet regulated.

However, the broker has already taken the necessary measures to apply for a license with CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission).

How to Make Money Trading with Win Options in 2022.

Now that you understand what Win Options is, your next worry should be how you can make money trading with the broker.

But oh, it shouldn’t be a worry anymore because it is the subject of this post.

By the end of this particular post, you must have learned exactly how you can make money trading with Win Options this year, 2021.

So that we can get rolling, let us begin by listing the number of things you need to do in order to make money trading with Win Options in 2021. Here is my list:

  • Open a Demo Account with Win Options.
  • Practice Trading with Win Options Demo Account.
  • Open a Real Account with Win Options.
  • Log into Your Win Options Real Account.
  • Fund Your Win Options Real Account.
  • Trade Live and Make Real Profits.
  1. Opening a Demo Account with Win Option.

Win Option has developed an innovative simulation of their real-life accounts in the form of demo accounts.

The demo account allows traders to examine the trading platform services to see if it’s sufficiently easy to use and will be suitable for their trading needs.

Traders need to develop confidence and be well-informed about the markets.

Win Options demo account is an excellent learning tool for those who are eager to learn Win Options binary options trading.

The best part about this demo account is that you do not need to make a real money deposit to get started.

A quick phone call to Win Option’s customer service department can get you up and running in no time.

You will just give them your personal details and they will set up your practice account as soon as possible.

Afterward, you can then begin honing your skills as a trader and once you’re ready to trade on a real account, you simply register for a live trading account and start making big money.

Your Win Option Demo Account is a phone call away.

No registration is required and nothing else are you required to do other than calling the customer service department for demo account creation.

  1. Demo-Trading with Win Option.

Would you like to build your confidence first before engaging in real-time trading?

Then the demo account is the best option for you.

It is funded with practice money that a trader can use to try out different trading instruments and tradable assets.

What’s more, it comes with all the remarkable features and professional services of the real Win Options trading accounts that give the new trader an authentic trading experience.

Win Options demo account maintains a secure and error-free trading environment that allows traders to execute trades swiftly and efficiently.

While other brokers might impose a strict time limit on their demo trades, at Win Options you can trade as much as you want provided that you still have credits in your demo account.

That way, you will be able to explore the platform services and construct effective trading and money management strategy for your trading.

Demo trading is a significant part of your education as a trader, especially if you’re a beginner.

Through demo trading, you can learn different techniques and Win Options strategies.

You can also learn tips from your professional account manager or from your fellow traders.

When you sign up for the Win Options demo account, you will be guided by a team of market specialists who will teach you to trade one-on-one.

They will guide you throughout the learning process, offer professional advice and share their secrets to a successful trading career.

What then?

Enough with the stories.

Once the Win Options customer service department has set up your demo trading account, all you can do next is to make use of that demo account.

You understand that the demo account is just a simulation of the real market conditions so there is no difference from those trading live.

That means you will utilize those same market conditions available to all traders to learn how to trade.

Treat your demo account like a real account and let it hurt you when you lose just as it would if you lose real money.

Celebrate if you win, just as you would on a real account, though the profits here cannot be withdrawn.

Learn all that you can with the demo account before you can think of going live because live accounts are not risk-free as the demo account is.

Here are some pros to demo-trading before going live.

A demo account enables a trader to:

  • Get acquainted with the trading platform offered by the broker.

This is in terms of the various functions and navigation keys that enable you to trade on the trading platform offered by the broker.

It is here where you get to know how to adjust trade duration, adjust trade size, place trades, exit trades and navigate through the platform easily.

  • Learn how to analyze the market.

A demo account offers traders exactly the same trading conditions as those in real accounts.

The market conditions for both real and demo traders are the same, only accounts are different. One might be tempted to think that demo account conditions are a fake simulation but they are actually not.

That way, you get to understand how markets move, their patterns and consequently learn how to analyze them.

  • Develop positive trading psychology.

While demo trading, you get to understand the emotions that accompany both winning and losing, though not very much so as in the live account.

That way, you will get messed at times by emotions until you learn that emotions and trading are incompatible.

It is then that you will begin developing positive trading psychology and ditch the emotions of fear, greed, overconfidence, and the like.

  • Develop a solid profitable trading strategy.

Never quit demo to live trade until you have developed a strategy on a demo that has been making consistent profits.

It is what works in the demo which will work on the live account. If the strategy didn’t work on the demo, it won’t work on the live account either.

  1. Opening a Real Account with Win Option.

Are you done demo-trading and now feel confident and ready enough for real account trading?

Then the next step to take is to open a real trading account with Win Option.

It is so simple opening one and you are just about to realize that.

So how simple is opening a real account with Win Option?

You will just need to go through a number of steps and before you realize it, your real account is ready. Here are the steps to opening your real account with Win Option:

  • Step 1.

Access the Win Option Trading Platform. This could be the Web-based platform or the Win Option Mobile App.

  • Step 2.

Locate two prominent brown buttons at the top right of your screen.

One is labeled “Login” and the next is labeled “Sign Up”.

Click on the button labeled “Sign Up”.

Alternatively, just below the buttons you have just identified, locate other white buttons labeled “Trade”, “Open Account” and “Support” respectively, then click on the one labeled “Open Account”.

Clicking either of the two buttons will redirect you to the registration form.

  • Step 3.

Fill the registration form. Here are the details you are supposed to enter in the respective fields:

    • The first name in the field is labeled “First Name”.
    • The last name in the field is labeled “Last Name”.
    • Your email address is in the field labeled “Email”.
    • Set your Win Option account Password in the field labeled “Password”.
    • Repeat the Password in the field labeled “Repeat Password”.
    • Country of residence in the field prompting so.
    • Your phone number beginning with country code, in the field labeled “Phone”

  • Step 4.

Adjust account base currency.

Enter the currency you would like your account to be maintained in.

  • Step 5.

Agree to Win Options Terms and Conditions by checking the box just before such instruction.

  • Step 6.

Pass security check to confirm you are not a robot.

That is by solving a captcha involving copying and pasting a code in the required field.

  • Step 7.

Click on the big “Submit” button to submit registration details.

  • Step 8.

Check your email for an email address confirmation link sent by Win Options.

  • Step 9.

Confirm your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email by Win Option.

Your Win Options real account is ready!!

  1. Logging into Your Win Options Real Account.

You already have a Win Option real account and are wondering how to log in?

It is quite easy to do so.

You have actually done all the work in the opening of the account and what remains here is not strenuous at all.

Follow these simple steps to log into your Win Options Real Account:

  • Step 1.

Access the Win Options Trading Platform.

This could be the Web-based platform or the Win Options Mobile App.

Opening any of those platforms will redirect you to the Win Option homepage.

  • Step 2.

Locate two prominent brown buttons at the top right of your screen.

One is labeled “Login” and the next is labeled “Sign Up”. Click on the button labeled “Login”.

Doing this will redirect you to the login page with fields to fill.

  • Step 3.

Fill in the login page.

Enter your username or email address and the password you set during registration in the respective fields and that will be all.

  • Step 4.

Click on the “Login” button and you will be logged into your Win Option Real account within no time.

Do you realize how simple the log-in process really is?

You don’t need to do much actually, but just take a few simple steps and there you are, log in.

  1. Funding Your Win Option Real Account.

You might be thinking that depositing money into your Win Option real account is an uphill take, right?

Wait until you have seen what it takes to actually get your Win Option account funded and then you will get shocked at how simple that is.

Take these few steps to get your Win Option Real Account funded:

  • Step 1.

Locate the “Funds” function or button from your Win Options Real Account Interface.

  • Step 2.

Choose “Deposit Funds” from the options which appear.

  • Step 3.

Choose a deposit payment method which you prefer. Win Options supports various payment methods which include:

    • Visa.
    • MasterCard.
    • Diners Club.
    • Maestro.
    • Solo.
    • Visa Electron.
    • Perfect Money.
    • CashU.
    • iDeal.
    • OKPay.
    • CartaSi.
    • Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, among others.
  • Step 4.

Enter Payment method details in the respective fields.

These are details such as Credit card number, CVV and expiry date, e-wallet address, and so on.

  • Step 5.

Enter the amount you would like to deposit to your Win Options Real Account in the “Amount” field.

The minimum deposit amount is only $100.

  • Step 6.

Click on the prominent “Deposit” button and follow the prompts.

Your Win Option real account will be credited instantly for e-wallets and almost so for other payment methods.

  1. Live Trading with Win Options.

By now, you should be having a viable trading strategy that has been making you consistent profits on your Win Options demo account.

It is the same trading strategy, discipline, and money management which you learned and sharpened on a demo that you are going to apply live to make real profits trading.

This is the point where you make real money which you can actually withdraw because, on demo, the money you made could not be withdrawn.

But make no mistake to think that the previous steps weren’t any significant.

It is what you do in the previous steps which determines whether you make money in this step of live trading or not, so skip none of them.

Let us then get to see how live trading with Win Options goes.

This is actually something you should have discovered on the demo because you had all the features of the Win Options trading platform at your disposal.

Let us just revisit for the sake of both you and those who might not have actually got it during demo trading.

Here is how to go about live Binary Options Trading with Win Option:

  • Log into your Win Options Real Trading Account. Check the Real Account Balance and ensure it is exactly the much you had deposited.
  • Choose the Trading Mode. Choose “Binary Options” from the trading modes available at the top of the trading interface.
  • Select the Asset to Trade. Click on the “Assets” button and browse the available assets and select the one you would like to trade. Consider the returns which may be as high as 88%.
  • Choose an Expiry Time for the Option. Click on the field indicated as “Option Expires At” and choose among the various timeframes given there, how long you would like your option to take.

That is by selecting what time you would like the option to expire and profit or loss determined.

  • Initiate an Option. Click on the green “Call” button if you presume that the price of that asset will rise above the current market price and remain so until the expiration time you have chosen.

Alternatively, click on the red “Put” button if you presume that the price of that asset will fall below the current market price and remain so until the expiration time you have chosen.

  • Adjust Trade Size. Enter the amount you would like to stake for that option in the field labeled “Investment”.

The minimum trade size is $5 while the maximum trade size is $2000 and the maximum amount of investment for simultaneously opened options in any one asset cannot exceed $4500.

  • Execute the Option. Click on the green “Apply” button to complete the option set-up, executing the option.
  • Wait for the Option to Expire. You can monitor it on a window provided in the “Open Trades” section.


When the option expires and your prediction turns out to be correct, your account is credited with the invested amount plus up to 88% of the invested amount.

If you invested $100 for that option and your forecast is correct, you will earn up to $188 at the expiration of the option.

There is also a possibility of losing though. If your forecast was incorrect, you might lose all the invested amount.

Did I say “might’?

Yes, I said might, because there is also a possibility of salvaging some amount or extending the Option expiry, only available at Win Option.

What is more, you can also capitalize on a winning trade to gain double the projected profits!

Wow! That sounded like some relief or kind of, and then some bonus gains, right?

Indeed it is, and it is these exceptional features that make Win Options stand out among other options trading brokers.

Exceptional Features Offered by Win Options.

Let us see some of the striking features offered on the Win Options trading platform.

Here they are:

  • Buy Me Out.
  • Roll Over.
  • Double Up.
  • Options Builder.
  • One-Touch.

Buy Me Out.

The ‘Buy Me Out’ feature allows a trader to sell their option at any point in exchange for a premium.

If your prediction isn’t going to be on target, simply click on the Buy Me Out button, and Win Option will offer you a price to close your trade, thus limiting your loss.

This means that you will not lose all of the invested amounts in a losing trade.

Roll Over.

‘Roll Over is a powerful stop-loss strategy that allows a trader to “postpone” their option’s expiry time to the nearest available expiry time.

By postponing the expiry of your option, you get another chance to finish in the money.

This means that there is another chance and the likelihood of the price moving in your favor to win the option, but even if it doesn’t, you can still utilize the ‘Buy me out’ feature and secure some amount.

Double Up.

‘Double Up’ is another exceptional and powerful tool that enables you to double your investment and consequently earn double profit based on the underlying option.

If you are in the money and are convinced that the option will win, you can just double up your investment by clicking on the “Double Up” button.

The new option will close at the same time as the underlying one, making it possible for you to double your gains by capitalizing on an underlying winning option.

You must be so certain that the underlying option will win because if it doesn’t, you lose both options and therefore subject yourself to a double risk.

Options Builder.

This is a tool that allows traders to personalize their trades to fit their own strategies.

It is a relatively new method, quickly becoming popular on binary options trading platforms.

This feature is particularly useful for more experienced traders who understand the market and would like more flexibility in order to create their own trading strategy.


One-Touch Binary Options are a type of exotic option utilized by traders who believe that the price of an underlying asset will exceed a certain level in the future but who are unsure about the sustainability of the higher price.

Though challenging, as the price must reach the specific set price designated for the asset, it is known as the best way to gain the highest payout rates of up to 500%.

Those are just among the various exceptional features offered by Win Options.

Others include Long-term Options, Win Trader, and 60 seconds trading.

You can utilize all these features and grow your trading account consistently.

Wrapping Up on How to Make Money Trading with Win Option in 2021.

So far, you understand everything you need to know in order to begin making money trading with Win Options in 2021.

All you need to do now is to begin by demo-trading, then once you have mastered a consistently profitable trading strategy and discipline, go live.

Be sure not to skip any of the steps because each bears its own significance.

Skipping will amount to actually not making the money you are anticipating to make trading with Win Options.

Follow the simple steps and begin reaping big trading Binary Options with Win Option in 2021.

Ps. Be sure to also check other reviews about Win Option on the play store and other review sites before creating an account.

Happy Trading!

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