If You Just Installed WordPress; This is What You Did Wrong!

Did You Just Install a WordPress Blog By Yourself? 


And welcome to blogging in your country! 🙂 

But as much as it is exiting that you will now be sharing your thoughts with the world; know that your website could also become your greatest source of depression.

And death!

You doubt that part?

It is OK to do.

Especially when you’re just beginning out your blogging journey & are more exited about sharing new content than you are exited about oiling your back end for smooth running.

Blame it on too much work on your hands to find necessary plugins for your blog.


If You Don’t Back-up Your Website; You will Loose It!  

Speaking of loosing a website, it is very easy to become a victim.

I have once lost a site with hundreds of good data. Most of which ranked on google first page.

Do you wish to know how that happened?

In January 2017 I started my first blog. The Ouya Ojeje Blog – a personal finance website which ran Forex stuff. 

Those who read it came back for more, refereed their friends & soon made is the safest Forex Community in Kenya. And beyond. A community free of Forex & Binary Scammers.

I met so many friends through the site.

Some of whom we hanged out (later) to talk about Forex, CD-F’s & the other easy ways to make money online – over coffee.

Ouya Ojeje became my soft spot.

Then in November 2018 I woke up to a dysfunctional site.

Again, it wasn’t my fault because when checked it last & went to sleep; it was fine.

I tried to load it countless times to the same frustrating message: – server IP address could not be found.

At this point I started suspecting that it was just a downtime on the main servers but wasn’t really sure.

I called the Host but their calls weren’t going through. I mailed them to no reply.

Then I decided, I’d transfer the website with an immediate effect.

The Transfer Never happened 

The new host (True Host) wanted an Auth Code from the former host (Host Bora) – to transfer my site. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get it because Host Bora were neither receiving calls nor replying to Emails. 

Hostbora went down with not just my site but other great ones like Tuko254, Declaration Kenya Tents & thousands more. 

I reached out to the governing body of Kenyan Website Hosts – (Kenic) who guided me to get the Auth Code from E.A Directory.

WordPress Website Transfer

My stress rose when E.A Directory insisted that I host with them else, I wasn’t getting the code.

I obliged & they did their part.

You would expect that after the transfer of servers I’d get my website back & running.

But you are wrong. I lost all my data.

What Did I do Wrong?
  1. I hosted with the wrong company  
Features of a Wrong Host 
  • So much downtime – they aren’t reliable & this is bad because each time your site goes down you loose on visitors 
  • Slow speed – You shouldn’t host with hosts which are slow. Slow hosts will keep your visitors in line for too long. And no one likes to be kept waiting online for more than 2 seconds!
  • Poor support – You don’t want to host with a company which does not operate a 24/7 customer service. 
  • Payment Plans – The best hosts have standard & flexible pricing.

I now use True Host Kenya & they are the opposite of a poor host.

2. I Did Not Back-up My WordPress Website 

This is a common mistake which most bloggers make with their websites. I did not back-up my website & that’s the main reason why I lost my data.

Otherwise, I could have uploaded the website files to my new cpanel at E.A Directory to have my site back & live.

How to Back-Up a WordPress Site 

While your host can also help you back-up your site regularly, you shouldn’t rely on them because who knows if they are really doing it?

And what happens if they aren’t really doing it at all?

To be safe, you can back-up your website for free using the Updraft plugin.

It is the easiest to set up & configure. If you don’t have the time & know-how to backup a website; use Jetpack for Backup.  It automates the process for you. The plugin is by WordPress.

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