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Did you attend the XM Forex 2019 seminar at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi?

My friend, it was epic. From the moderators to traders, the set-up and training, everything was well worth showing up to.

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In 2020, XM Forex yet brings another seminar closer to you – this time at Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill.

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XM Forex

Important Details

  • This seminar is Free – you don’t pay anything to attend however, you’ll need to have a valid real account with XM to attend. Register here.
  • FREE FOOD – Don’t worry about food. XM will provide. Register here.
  • Registration alone will not guarantee you a seat at the seminar. Make sure you also validate your registered account to book a seat.

To validate your account, send photos of front and back side of your id to support@xm.com. Xm will confirm your seat via email or telephone

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What you will learn from this 1 day Forex training.

  • Learn about the next big thing in Forex – Avramis River indicator
  • Why it is important to follow market trends and assess market trend strength while trading – this is a step closer to trading profitability.
  • How to tap into the power of technical analysis.
  • How candlestick reversal patterns can trigger entry or exit signals in Forex.
  • What indicators should we use to assess price movements?
  • How to determine support-resistance levels and spot out high-quality trends.
  • When to expect price movements to continue.
  • How to use the Avramis River indicator.
  • How to easily identify ranging markets.

All this theoretical study will be complemented by practical demonstrations on how to use of the Avramis River and the Japanese candlesticks.

This will be coupled with real-life examples that will prove to be useful to understand – how to execute buy and sell signals.
XM Forex

Learning outcome of the XM Forex 2020 Nairobi Seminar.

  • By the end of this seminar you should be able to use the Avramis River to find the best instruments to trade in.
  • Learn how to identify strong vs weak trending instruments.
  • Easily spot out support and resistance levels.
  • Learn how to easily identify market key turning points.

Seminar Details.

  • Date – 25th April 2020.
  • Time – 10:00 – 15:30.
  • Venue – Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill.
  • Address – Elgon Road, Kenya.
  • Instructor – Habib Akiki.
  • Language – English.
  • Meal – (FREE) Complimentary by XM.

XM Forex 2020 seminar for trading

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