Zash Loans | Borrow up to Ksh. 50,000 With Your Smartphone

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  1. Zash Loans

How to get Zash Loans.

You can access via loan apps.

Zash Loans Apps are available for download on Google Playstore and Apple store.

If you don’t have a smartphone or active internet, go for an alternative loan (Zenka Loan) by dialing the USSD code *841# on your phone and following the prompts.

Zash loan does not have a ussd code.

Loan Process.

The minimum loan amount you can get from Zash Loans is ksh 500 while the maximum amount is ksh 50,000.

How to borrow a loan from Zash 

To borrow a loan from Zash, you must have the following;

  1. National ID.
  2. Smartphone.
  3. A Safaricom registered number with Mpesa to receive and pay back your loan.

To get a loan from Zash by smartphone users;

  • Download and install the Zash Loans App on your smartphone.
  • Launch the App and register by providing your personal details.
  • View your loan limit and submit your loan request.

How to get a loan from Zash by Feature Phone (kabambe) or non smartphone users;

This is still not possible, Zash Loans don’t have USSD codes for mulika mwizi loans.

How fast can you get a loan in Zash Loans?

Loan applications are processed within 2 minutes

How to pay back your Zash Loan.

There are two ways to clear your loan;

You can pay back via Mpesa, using Zash pay bill number 733555  and your phone number as your M-Pesa account number. Or you can use the repayment option in your app to pay back your loan.

How to pay Zash Via Bank.

Transfer or deposit loan amount to these bank details;
  1. Account Name; – Lui Bo
  2. Account number: – 2041217491
  4. Branch Name: – QUEENSWAY HOUSE
  5. Short Code; 03094

Zash Loans terms and conditions.

The loan should be repaid in line with the repayment installments quoted on the loan terms, overdue loans will lead to penalties, blacklisting and initiation of recovery measures by Zash Loan.

Maximum interest rate: 20% per year

Loan Term: the shortest term is 91 days, the longest is 120 days

What is unique about Zash loan.

  1.  No credit history is required.
  2.  A paperless and digital process on your mobile.
  3.  Get 7/24 access to loan anytime and anywhere.
  4. Speedy review in 30 minutes.
  5.  Disburse to your bank account or M-PESA directly in 5 minutes once approved.
  6. Available across Kenya.
  7.  As the credit score grows, the loan amount gradually increases.

To contact Zash Loans, you can: –

  1.  Email via

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