How to Trade Like a Boss & Win Most of Your Orders

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“Confidence is not “I will profit on this trade.” Confidence is “I will be fine if I don’t profit from this trade.” 
― Yvan Byeajee.

When I started promoting my eBook for online pre-order purchase, I sent out emails to all my subscribers.

My aim?

To collect as much feedback on what traders go through and to better understand how they handle their frustrations.

On one segments, I picked 10 traders (from my email list) – traders – who have never reached out for any kind of trading help and branded them, “Bulls.”

On the other segment I handpicked traders who constantly reach out for help and branded them, “Bosses”.

I then extended an offer to see who responds first.

The bosses responded immediately and even surprised me with same day pre-order of my eBook.

Thank you – Sarah, Lucinda, Julie, Alex  and Bernard.

On the flip side, the “Bulls” kept silent for a day and when I least expected, their representative broke the silence. :mrgreen:

Not concerned about the eBook or its content.

But eager to know why his trades keep going red.

In 4 short sentences, he confirmed what I suspected about the bulls.

Turns out they don’t know how to trade after all.

And they are not as confident to seek help as the bosses.

The Experiment.

I then decided to run an experimental study (trade like a boss) on the two sides.

I picked one trader who had paid for the eBook (Sarah Gitau) and another who had not paid then offered to trade together to see how goes.

Sarah (the boss) got back to me and agreed to my proposal.

Davis (the bull) on the other hand stayed silent. I haven’t heard from him yet. And I haven’t given up on him either! Still waiting.

The Results? 

Sarah almost tripled her account in 2 hours.

Want to join?

This is what happens.

I start trading currency pairs (EUR USD) at 11:00 AM Kenyan time and stop at 5PM (if I’m scalping).

Or just place an order in the morning and check my chats later in the evening (when I’m day trading).

Want to see how I trade like a Boss?

Pre-order the eBook here and I’ll contact you for a Free entry.

How to Trade like a Boss

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