Bearish Signal confirmation

Top 5 MACD Trading Strategies for Olymp Trade.

What is MACD? Are you new to trading and are wondering what MACD is? MACD stands for the Moving Convergence Divergence. It is one of those trading tools that technical analysis traders use to identify ….

Stochastic-Channel Trading Strategy.

Top 5 Stochastic Trading Strategies for Olymp Trade.

What is Stochastic? Did you just begin your journey in trading, tried to flip open that trading platform, found the stochastic indicator, and are wondering what sort of thing Stochastic is? Stochastic is an oscillator ….

Make Money Via Whatsapp

How To Make Money Via WhatsApp in 2021

I have been receiving at least 3 emails every week from people asking to know how to make money via WhatsApp. At first, I thought they were joking, but as more and more kept asking ….

Bearish Harami reversal candlestick pattern

How to Trade the Harami Reversal Candlestick Pattern in 2021.

What is the Harami Reversal Candlestick Pattern? The Harami reversal candlestick pattern is a two-candlestick trend reversal setup. Harami in Japanese means ‘pregnant’. It takes this name because it resembles an expectant mother. The pattern ….

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