A Cheat Sheet to Winning Constantly on Olymp Trade

There is a lot of money flowing free in Olymp TradeExpert Option & Binomo.

So much money that you wouldn’t expect anyone to be saying — they don’t have a job & money.

But how comes Kenyan & Nigerian traders are still googling non-existent stuff like tools to use for winning constantly on Olymp Trade?

Winning Constantly on Olymp Trade

You read that part right.

There isn’t any tool that I know of which can enhance your winning in Olymp Trade.

However, I have written a short piece (a 4 minutes Read) detailing Tips and Tricks to use win more with Olymp Trade

That’s in addition to my earlier post on how to capture trends with the SMA Indicators in Olymp Trade (Read it. Trend indicators will help you know when to take advantage of a broker system)

In this post I’ll show you three totally different trading strategies which so far no one else has written about on the internet .

How to use diversification to improve your yields in the Olymp Trade Option Platform
When to Use Trade Cancellation To Get Back Your Trade Amount
How to make profits by using the Risk Free Trade Option

Let’s Begin with Diversification as a Strategy for Winning Constantly on Olymp Trade


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What is diversification?

Diversification is the risk reduction process while trading options.

It involves the purchase of various assets which are not connected to one another.

You can use this strategy to ensure that even if there are irregular fluctuations, you still win more.

Winning Constantly on Olymp Trade


Sometimes when there is a chance that you won’t win a trade then it is better if you get part of your money back.

This Option works just the same way as the Betin Cashout System. Except it has a different definition. so;

What is Trade Cancellation?

Trade cancellation is a hedging instrument which gives traders an opportunity to protect themselves from negative trade results. You can use this option if after executing your trade you realize that it is going to loose.

So how should you go about it?

Step 1.

Execute your trade

Winning Constantly on Olymp Trade

Step 2

Oops! This trade is going downhill

Winning Constantly on Olymp Trade

Step 3

Don’t let that trade expires.

Scroll down your browser to see your open trades.

On the furthest right there is a sell option click on the fluctuating price to see your sell option & the amount you will receive if you cancel that trade.

Easy, Right?

Next time when you are about to loose, just cash it out.

Winning Constantly on Olymp Trade

Use the Risk Free Trading Option

Here’s an example of a risk free trade.

The risk-free trade limit is $100. It means that after its activation, you can open a trade for no more that 100 USD. If your prediction is wrong, Olymp Trade return up to 100 USD to your trading account.

You can activate a trade amount less than risk-free trade limit.

Example: the risk-free trade limit is $100.

You have activated the risk-free trade, but entered 80 USD as the “trade amount.” If your prediction is wrong, Olymp Trade will return 80 USD to your account.

However, the difference between the risk-free trade limit & the chosen trade amount will not be returned.

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