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Hello Howdy,

You must have noticed the changes we made to our website.

It’s all in a bid to help improve our service delivery and to create more value for you (our reader).

Some of the new services that we have introduced include SIGNALS services (which was highly requested by you), free trading training for FOREX, and there are many other interesting things coming.

If you are interested in any of the NEW SERVICES, feel free to purchase them here.

FREE trading training for beginners

This is a free aimed at helping our readers who’d really love to start trading but have no knowledge or resources to trade, get started.

Whether you have tried trading before and lost interest because of consistent losses or are totally new to trading, this is a must-attend for you.

Later on, after we are done creating our course for beginners, you might have to buy this course for $1,000 but right now, we are giving it out for FREE.

Paid Daily Signals what is Forex

What to expect in the FREE Forex training

1). Introduction to Forex trading (13 topics)

2). Introduction to Technical analysis (19 topics)

3). Building a trading system (7 topics)

4). How to achieve success in trading (3 topics)

5) Fundamental analysis (5 topics)

6). Major currency fundamentals (6 topics)

This is so much value you won’t get anywhere else for FREE.

How to Join everyday classes for FREE.

1). Create a trading account with our recommended broker

2). Verify your account

3). Deposit $40 or more to your NEW account.

2). Share the trading ID for that NEW ACCOUNT via WhatsApp for confirmation.

We will reply with an instant Zoom link that will allow you to join classes for FREE.

Daily trading signals.

Paid Daily Signals

This is a service we are already offering on Telegram.

We have tried it with a small group of traders and the results are amazing.

If you’d like to be part of the team currently benefiting from our daily signals, go ahead and BUY your package.

You can test with the $40 monthly package or pay $360 for the whole year instead of $480.

How to Pay for our daily trading signals.

We accept a variety of payment methods including, Skrill, Mpesa, Perfect Money, Direct Wire Transfer, Paypal, and Bitcoin.

How to purchase Trading Signals Via Mpesa.

1). Go to the Mpesa toolkit.

2). Tap on Lipa na Mpesa

3). Select BUY GOODS

4). Enter Till Number – 5249881.

5). Enter Amount Ksh. 4,600 ($40 package) or Ksh. 7,000 ($60 package).

6). Enter your Mpesa Pin.

Payment will be sent to JOON ONLINE.

Send transaction code to WhatsApp for confirmation.

Signals will be sent daily via Telegram.

How to Pay With Skrill, Paypal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Bank Transfer.

Request payment details.


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