The Ultimate Guide to Buying The Best Cookers in Kenya

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7 Features to consider before buying a cooker in Kenya
  1. If you have children at home, make sure their safety comes first – check if the oven doors are cool touch – this ensures that temperatures at the door remain low even if the heat inside is high.
  2. Choose drop down doors or side opening for easy loading
  3. Energy efficiencies
  4. An oven light and clear door viewing panel is important
  5. Childproof controls
  6. Automatic timers to switch it on when you are out
  7. Maintenance – make sure that the inside is coated with caramel – this ensures resistance to food particles and grease burning out.
The Best Cookers in Kenya
Mika standing cooker, four burners,

2 Rapid Hot Plates, Full size electric oven

Cookers in Kenya

Cooker Features You’ll Love
  1. One oven tray and one oven grid
  2. 4 gas banner and two electric plates  
  3. LPG adjusted burners
  4. Silver color enamel body to free it from stick foods and grease.
  5. Closed drawer

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Summary: Editor’s Choice

Enamel body, electrical oven/ electric grill and Push button ignition for top 3 burners. These 3 qualities contribute to making this cooker/oven the most irresistible for any large family. 

  1. It is easy to use
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Well-functioning grill and oven
  4. Metal Pod Lid
  1. It’s big. It requires a takes a larger space.
MIKA Standing Cooker, 5 gas burners with Full size electric Oven

All burner cooker

If you are a family person and you love cooking a varied smorgasbord of food at a go, this cooker is for you.

If you are an impatient person who wants stew and ugali to get ready at the same time, this was definitely designed for you.

And if you are a person so obsessed with baking and grilling, this cooker should definitely be in your buy list.


Because it has five distinct banners – different sizes which can be used at the same time. And it also has electrical oven and grills which can ease your baking and grilling tasks.

Think of a cooker cum oven and griller with double glass oven door. Sleek in design, adjustable feet, oven lamp and a metal pod lid.

Isn’t that the description of the oven you were looking for? A cooker that can turnspit your chicken rotisserie and grill it to a better looking meal!

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And don’t forget that Mika standing cooker comes with black color knobs and silver handles which complement its silver color and the enamel coating.

Cooker Features you’ll love
  1. LPG adjusted burners
  2. Enamel coated body – this ensures that spill food particles or grease do not stick
  3. 1 oven tray and 1 oven grid
  4. Closed drawers
  5. Electrical thermostat
Summary: Best Gas Cooker for large families or people who find pleasure in cooking

With 5 burners and electricity use for the oven and grill, it remains cost effective more so, if there are lots of food to cook at once. The closed drawer is a plus.

Extra Cooker/Oven Features You’ll Love
  1. Electric Oven and Grill as 0+3 functions
  2. Push button ignition for top 3 burners
  3. Electrical thermostat
  1. Energy efficient – Does not used much of your electricity since it is only a function of the oven and grill
  2. It is top quality with a 2 years product warranty
  3. It is affordable and delivered to your door step
  1. Doesn’t have a hot plate


ELECTROLUX, 4 Gas Cooker with a Fan assisted Oven

The best cookers in Kenya

Extra Cooker/Oven Features You’ll Love
  1. Stainless steel body
  2. Digital display and glass lid
  3. Electronic minute reminder to keep track of cooking time
  4. Fully integrated ignition which makes lighting easier
Summary: Best Oven For Baking and Grilling

This cooker is super amazing because of its digital display and the electronic minute minder. This means, you can set a baking or grilling time and mind other businesses without worries if the cake will over bake or your chicken burn 

  1. You can keep track of what’s cooking without worry of over/under cooking
  2. It’s easy to use
  3. It is very light and slimmer not to take a lot of space
  4. It has a one year warranty
  1. Does not have a hot plate
Ramtons EB 300 – 4 Gas and Auto Ignition

Best Ramtons cooker

Ramtons is one of the leading electronic home appliances in Kenya offering affordable, durable and innovative products.

This 4 burner cooker going for less than 20,000/= is just one of those magnificent products.

Product features
  • Light weight
  • Body warranty of one year
  • Self-ignition – use matchsticks
  • Oven lamp available
  • Rotating grill

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