How to Register Olymp Trade in Nigeria.

What is Olymp Trade?

Olymp Trade is a globally recognized Fixed Time and Forex broker.

The broker offers a wide range of assets including currency pairs, indices, ETFs, stocks, commodities, metals and crypto currencies.

Amazingly, you only need a minimum deposit of $10 or 3825 Naira to begin trading. The minimum investment amount is as low as $1 or 382.50 with returns of up to 92% of the invested amount.

Olymp Trade offers a user-friendly interface accessible via any Web Browser, the Olymp Trade Mobile App for both Android and IOS as well as desktop versions.

You can also contact the Olymp Trade client support 24/7 for any issues via live chat, email ( or even a phone call (+234 (1) 2279021).

Olymp Trade, being global, is available in all the countries except USA, Canada, Japan, Israel, Australia and few others. That means that of course, Olymp Trade is available in Nigeria.

Now, we said that Olymp Trade offers various assets in both Fixed Time and Forex Mode.

Is Forex and Fixed Time Trading legal in Nigeria?

Well, the answer to that question is simple.

Although the relevant bodies in Nigeria are not yet done setting up regulatory structures on Forex and Fixed Time Trading, such forms of trading are legal in Nigeria.

No policies in Nigeria have outlawed Forex and Fixed Time Trading.

But how do you register as a trader on Olymp Trade in Nigeria?

This is exactly what I am about to show you step by step.

Registering Olymp Trade in Nigeria.

If you have been wondering how to register on Olymp Trade in Nigeria, then this guide is for you.

You cannot start making money trading assets on Fixed Time and Forex modes on Olymp Trade unless you are a registered trader.

Let us see how registration on Olymp Trade goes:

  1. Access the Registration Link.

Here is the registration link for Olymp Trade in Nigeria. 

Locate and click on the Registration button. That brings you to the Registration form which you must fill accordingly to get an active account with $10,000 units to be used for practicing.

  1. Enter your email address.

The first field on your registration form is labelled ‘Your email.’ Enter your email address there and proceed to the next field. Proofread to ensure you entered the correct email address.

  1. Set your Log in Password.

The second field on the registration form is labelled ‘Create a password’. That is where you will set the Log in Password you will be using to log in to your Olymp Trade trading Account.

Ensure you set a password which you can easily remember and hard for someone else to guess as well.

Remember you can always recover your password if you forget anyway, but do not put your trading account at risk by exposing or setting an easy to guess password.

  1. Choose your preferred Trading Account Currency.

The choice of ones preferred trading account currency is the next layer of details required. There are actually two currency types to choose from – USD and EUR.

Whichever you choose, your deposits and withdrawals will be converted to such currency while transacting on your Olymp Trade trading account. That means you should choose the currency you understand its conversions well.

You can always access currency conversion online anyway, so choose any currency you prefer between the two.

  1. Accept that you are of legal age and also accept the service agreement.

Next is a box to tick. Beside the box reads ‘I am of legal age, and I have reviewed and accept the service agreement.’

You must be of legal age according to Nigeria’s law.

You must also go through the Olymp Trade terms and conditions to understand the service agreement.

Once you have done all that and you meet the criteria specified, then click on the box to tick in acceptance.


  1. Review your registration form.

Just before you can submit your registration form, it is good to go through it once again to ensure you entered the correct details. Check your email address, review your password, ensure you chose the right trading account currency and that you ticked the acceptance box appropriately.

  1. Submit your registration form.

Satisfied with the details you filled on your registration form? If yes, then it is time to submit such registration form.

Do so by clicking on the ‘Register’ button. You will then be instructed to check your emails to confirm your email, if it really was your email that you used.

  1. Check your emails.

Go to your emails and scan for new messages in your inbox. You can check your spam if you cannot locate it in your inbox.

  1. Locate the email from Olymp Trade and open it.

The new email from Olymp Trade should be titled ‘Email confirmation.’ Locate and open it.

  1. Confirm Your Email.

Once you open the email confirmation message from Olymp Trade, locate and click on the ‘Confirm Your Email’ button.

After email confirmation, you are then a registered trader on Olymp Trade. You have met the minimum requirement of starting to make money trading on Olymp Trade.

What are the next requirements to make money on Olymp Trade in Nigeria?

  1. Access any of the Olymp Trade Platforms – Olymp Trade Mobile App, Web version or desktop versions.
  2. Log in to your Olymp Trade trading account – do so by entering your email address and the password you set during registration.
  3. Practice trading on Demo account – you will get a free demo account loaded with $10,000 virtual funds.
  4. Deposit money to your live account – check out the various payment methods supported by Olymp Trade and use any.
  5. Trade on live account to make real profits – apply the strategies practiced on Demo account.
  6. Withdraw your earnings.


Want to make money trading on Olymp Trade in Nigeria today? Then go ahead and register as detailed above. Happy Trading!

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