Top 20 MLM and Marketing Companies in India

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies are Network Marketing or Referral Marketing Companies.

They offer you an opportunity to refer other marketers into the systems and earn commissions by doing so.

Those that are referred to the system also refer other marketers as they earn commissions, which may also still earn you commissions as well.

In most instances, it is not only about referring marketers as the companies also offer various products whose sales can earn you commissions as well.

Regardless of the much controversy which usually revolves around MLM and Marketing Companies, they have found so much acceptance in India.

MLM and marketing opportunities may not interfere with your daily 9-5 job as most of them are done on a part-time basis.

It is for this reason and the reason that most MLM campaigns require low capital to join that most Indians have found Mit the greatest opportunity of 2020.

With that in mind, here are the top 20 multi-level marketing opportunities that are still trending in India.

  1. Herbalife MLM India.

Herbalife is one of the best US-based MLM Companies operating in India. It offers very good nutritional supplements manufactured from fruits and herbs.

How do you join Herbalife MLM?

You simply need to pay the initial recruitment fee of $60 or its equivalent and there you go.

Once you join Herbalife, you become its associate member and get its products at a discount of 25% on every single purchase, meaning you get them at a wholesale price.

Haberlife MLM

How do you earn money in Herbalife?

  • Retail Profit – by selling Herbalife products at a retail price after acquiring them at wholesale terms.
  • Group Bonus – when a person you recruit sells Herbalife products, you earn a commission.

Note that recruiting only does not earn you any money with Herbalife if the person you recruit sells nothing.

Popular Herbalife Products – Herbalife shakes, Herbalife teas…

  1. Amway India.

Whereas Amway is not an Indian company, it hugely dominates the Indian market with more than 130 offices and stores in more than 30 cities in India.

It is actually among the oldest MLM Companies in the Indian market. 

Amway India offers more than 145 personal care and health products, which is done via distributed marketing.

Joining Amway is quite simple, visit their website to join.

You will fill the registration form and submit the required documents which will be verified within 24 hours and you will get your personal ID as an ABO.

It is so amazing to note that Amway does not charge any registration fee.

Earning money with Amway is equally simple.

  • Retail Profit – you need to start selling Amway products to your friends and relatives as you also ask them to join the MLM Company. You will earn between 10% to 20% of your business volume.
  1. Modicare MLM India.

Modicare, an MLM Company established by Sameer Modi, is growing so fast in the Indian market.

The company offers Skincare, Personal care, Homecare, and other wellness products. Modi plan has a business plan they refer to as an Azadi Plan.

How do you join Modicare?

By simply clicking on Modicare’s registration link and filling in the registration form. You thus become a Modicare consultant.

How to Make Money with Modicare MLM.

  • Selling Modicare Products – You buy Modicare products at a 20% to 25% discount. Selling such products at a retail price can earn you more than 30% profits and that is good money.
  • Power Sell Bonuses – consultants with high sales volumes bag Power Sell Bonuses amounting to 5% to 20% of their business volume.
  • Level Commissions – depending on your level on the MLM Company, you also earn commissions.
  • Accumulative Performance Bonus – this ranges between 7% and 22%.
  • Director Bonus – about 14%.
  • Leadership Productivity Bonus – about 15%.
  1. OriFlame MLM India.

OriFlame is a beauty company based in Sweden which has so huge dominance in the Indian market.

The company offers skincare and beauty products. 

And besides MLM, buyers can also buy direct from the Oriflame website without having to come through a consultant.

Becoming an OriFlame member is quite simple – you only need to get the link to the registration form, register, and there you are, a member.

Thereafter, you can start selling OriFlame products on the company’s behalf.

How do you earn money with OriFlame?

  • Retail Profit – after registering as a VIP client, you will acquire products at about 20% to 45% discount, which is obviously a wholesale price. Selling them at higher retail prices generates profits.
  • Performance Discount – once you hit a certain sales target, you get a Performance Discount.
  1. DXN MLM India.

Despite being a Malaysia-based company DXN is a very popular MLM Company in India.

Lim Siow founded the company in the early ’90s and since then, it has grown into a renowned MLM Company.

The Company offers Food supplements, Beverages, personal care products, and mushrooms like Lingzhi and Reishi.

Joining DXN is easy. Register online to become a DXN direct seller.


How is money earned from DXN?

  • Retail profits – these may go up to 20%.
  • Group bonus – depending on your group’s sales volume, these bonuses may go as high as 21%.
  • Start bonus – 25% to 40%.
  • Development bonus – 15%.
  • Leadership bonus – 15%.
  • Company incentives.
  1. Vestige Marketing Private Limited Company.

Since its founding in 2004, Vestige has been a direct selling company that offers personal care and health products.

The company has both offline and online outlets and over 600 offices in India.

Joining Vestige is very simple. Join Oline to become a Vestige Distributor and to start selling their products.

How to make money with Vestige MLM.

  • Retail profits – buying Vestige products at a wholesale price and selling at a retail price generates profits.
  • Savings on consumption – these can go up to 20%.
  • Accumulative Performance Bonus – this can go as high as 20% as well.
  • Director Bonus – up to 14%.
  • Leadership Bonus – up to 15%.
  1. Forever Living MLM India.

Being the US-based MLM Company it is, Forever Living has risen against all odds to establish itself deeply in India.

The company simply offers Aloe Vera products.

Joining Forever Living is not rocket science.

Just visit the Forever Living website to become a Forever Business Owner (FBO). Buy their products at a wholesale price and sell at retail prices to make profits.

How else to make money with Forever Living.

  • Retail profits – selling at retail prices earn profits, considering you bought at wholesale prices. This can be so huge profits amounting to as high as over 40%.
  • Group Volume Bonus – 13% for each team member under you.
  • Leadership Bonus – about 2% to 6% depending on your level in the company.

Note that merely recruiting doesn’t earn a commission. Instead, you earn commissions when a person you recruit sells Forever Living products.

  1. Avon MLM India.

Avon is a beauty company that has been running in India for so long enough.

It can actually be considered one of the oldest MLM companies in the Indian market with over 20 years of operation. The company offers skincare and beauty products.

Join Avon India Online.

How to Make Money with Avon India:

  • Retail profits – get Avon beauty and skincare products at a discounted wholesale price and sell them at a retail price to make 15% to 30% and even up to 50% profits.
  • Group Volume Bonus – depending on your team size and how much your team sells.
  • Leadership Bonus – this is earned depending on your team size which translates to your position in the company.

Isn’t earning about Rs 30,000 to Rs 2,00,000 for an Avon representative, not a decent thing? Of course, it is.

  1. RCM MLM India.

RCM is a large direct selling Company in India.

The company majorly deals with Grocery, garments, and beauty products. It is so popular in India that it has a huge partner base of over 8 million in India alone.

Becoming an RCM member is quite easy. Register Online to begin selling RCM’s products.

How to make money with RCM MLM India.

  • Retail profits – direct sellers acquire products at wholesale and sell them at retail prices making profits between 15% and 20% of business volume.
  • Group Volume Bonus – this goes as high as 30%.
  • Business Volume Commission – up to 30%.
  • Performance Bonus.
  • Technical Bonus.
  • Royalty Bonus.
  1. K-Link Healthcare Private Limited.

K-Link is a direct sales company which is based in Chennai, India.

The company has formed a wide base in India making it one of the most popular MLM companies in India. It offers Personal care and beauty products as well as Agrochemical products.

Joining K-Link is quite easy. Visit to join.

K-Link Healthcare

How to Make Money with K-Link Healthcare Private Limited.

  • Retail profits – buying K-Link products at wholesale prices then selling at retail prices will see you making profits.
  • Development Bonus – up to about 25%.
  • Leadership Bonus – up to about 30%.
  • Business Volume Commission.
  • Company Incentives.
  1. Balaji Multi Services (BMS) India.

Balaji is an Indian MLM Company that was founded and has grown in India.

BMS, on their website, indicates that they offer Insurance services namely Birla Sunlife Insurance while other services are coming soon. Such pending services include SBI Life and Max New York Life.

How to Join BMS.

Register Online and pay the startup cost which ranges between Rs 250 and Rs 6,000.

Once done, start selling BMS products.

It is also worth noting that BMS has various ranks and packages such as the Starter, Platinum, Silver, and Gold Packages with each having a different startup cost.

How to Make Money with BMS MLM?

  • Retail Profit – make profits by buying BMS products at wholesale and selling at retail.
  • Group Bonus – by building a team of distributors, a high-rank distributor shares in the profits they make.
  1. Tupperware India.

Tupperware is one of the oldest MLM companies in the world, available in over 75 countries and deeply rooted in India.

The company’s vision is to inspire global communities, more so women, to stand up to be counted and grab opportunities available to them.

Tupperware offers Kitchen Storage essentials which are plastic storage containers.

How to join Tupperware?

Visit to register.

How to Make Money with Tupperware. 

  • Retail Profit – you earn profits from selling Tupperware products acquired at wholesale discounted prices.
  • Group Bonus – by building a network of downlines, you earn commissions from their sales.
  1. Immunotec India.

Three entrepreneurs – Chuck Roberts, Dieter Beer, and John Molson founded Immunotec in 2004.

The company is Canada based and offers nutritional supplements and wellness products.

These include Probiotic 3+ with Cranberry and Immunocal.

Joining Immunotec is as simple as clicking the registration link on the Immunotec website and filling the registration form. That way, you become an Immunotec distributor.

How do Immunotec distributors make money? Easy.

  • Retail Profits – once you become an Immunotec distributor, you get Immunotec products at discounted wholesale prices. Selling them at higher retail prices will make you profits.

The company’s vision is to improve people’s health as well as their wealth.

  1. 4Life MLM India.

4Life, despite being a US-based company, is well established in the Indian market.

The company offers Food supplements and wellness products, which include weight loss supplements.

How to you join 4Life as a distributor?

Signup here –

How you earn money as a 4Life distributor.

  • Retail Profits – this is the main manner in which you make money with 4Life, by acquiring products at wholesale prices and selling them at retail prices. You can make over 30% profits based on your business volume.
  • Life Points – certain kinds of products have higher Life Points and can earn you up to about 25% commission on their sales.
  • Leadership Rapid Rewards – you earn bonuses depending on your level in the company which ranges from Leader to Platinum International Diamond Level.
  1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited is a popular company in India, which is based in Chennai since 2013. The company offers approved Lifestyle products of high quality. 

Join Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited here ( to become one of its distributors.

Lifestyle MLM

On registration, you will be required to buy products worth 1,000 Rupees. It’s that easy to join.

How do Mi Lifestyle Marketing Company’s distributors make money?

  • Retail Profit – this is the basic way of making money in the company. Acquire the products at a wholesale price and sell them at retail prices.
  • Recruitment Bonus – after recruiting more distributors, you earn commissions on their sales.
  1. Tiens India.

Li Jinyuan founded Tiens in the early ’90s. It is based in Chennai, India.

How to make money with Tiens MLM.

  • Retail Profit – once you become a registered Tiens distributor, acquire Tiens products at wholesale prices and then sell them at retail prices to make profits.
  1. Global NPN.

India is a high tech country and Global NPN Company has therefore found a soft landing there.

The company was founded in 2005 by Geoff Stephen and offers marketing systems and tools to businesses as well as affiliate and training programs.

Visit the Global NPN website here ( to become a Global NPN’s agent and to start selling their products.

How to Make Money as a Global NPN Agent.

  • Retail Profit – you will get a product from Global NPN at a wholesale price and offer it to clients at a retail price thus making a profit.
  • Other compensation schemes and plans.
  1. Jafra MLM

Jafra is a popular company in India that was founded in 1956.

The company offers skin and personal care products as well as cosmetics and beauty products.

Joining Jafra is as simple as registering on the Jafra Website. You are then allowed to sell the company’s products under its name as a distributor.

How to make money on Jafra.

  • Retail Profits – Jafra will offer you their products at a discounted wholesale price and you will make money selling such products at higher retail prices. Given that Jafra is popular and has a huge base in the cosmetics world, you will make huge profits when you sell.
  • Other compensation plans.
  1. QNET.

QNET is one of India’s leading MLM Companies, and not only so, but also recognized across Asia.

It aims at enhancing people’s wellness as well as their entrepreneurial skills.

The company offers a wide variety of products such as beauty and health products as well as jewelry, technology, and travel products.

Want to join QNET?

Register here –

How to make money with QNET India.

  • Retail Profits – QNET offers distributors products at discounted prices. You can sell these products on retails and cash in on the difference.

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NASWIZ is an MLM Company in India that was not established long ago. The company offers Home Appliances as their MLM products.

Joining NASWIZ is quite simple – Register here -

How is making money with NASWIZ?

  • Incentive Points (IP) – each product has a unique IP and you earn commission depending on how many Incentive Points the products you sell have.
  • Direct Sales Incentives – can be up to 30%, buy at wholesale prices, and sell at higher retail prices.
  • Group Performance Bonus – depending on the IPs which your team has accumulated, you earn proportional commissions.
  • IP Level Bonus.
  • IP Leadership bonus – up to 25% of the total monthly IP’s.

Final Thoughts.

Despite so much controversy around MLM and Marketing Companies, all is not lost because a number of MLM Companies are legit. Join any of the above proven top 20 MLM and Marketing Companies in India and make some passive income as you go about growing your own business as well.

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