Top 100 Small Business Ideas for India in 2022.

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Where in India is it easiest to start a small profitable business in 2022? And, can you start a small business in India with 20000 INR and become successful?

These are some of the common questions we have received from our readers in India since we started writing about world business ideas for 2022.

And to answer all these and other questions, we have decided to use today’s post to the only talk about Indian businesses to start in 2022.

Nothing else.

Before we begin though, let’s look at the process of starting a small business in India in 2022. Has it changed?

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Here’s the step-by-step guide for starting a small profitable business in India in 2022.

Here's the step-by-step guide for starting a small profitable business in India in 2021.

Step 1. Try to figure out things.

Ask yourself, are you ready to start a business in India in 2022, or you are just reacting to the coronavirus scare.

Regardless of your answer, know that there will never be a right time to start your business. If you really want to own a business, start planning for it now.

Don’t do it because you got a scare from Covid19?

Don’t do it either because Sunil, living next door just started his and succeeded, rather do because you are strong for it.

Remember, saying I want to start a business is easy; actualizing a business idea to become a money-making machine is another thing.

  • Trade with $1
  • Earn up to 90% profits
  • Easy deposits
  • Fast withdrawals
My balance, Đ349,409.95. CLAIM YOUR FIRST Đ10,000.

And to make it, you need to be ready for it.

Step 2. Figure out what kind of business you want to start.

Speaking of being ready, which business idea do you have in mind?Here's the step-by-step guide for starting a small profitable business in India in 2021.

Before deciding to throw in money into whatever business you think will do well in 2022, try to figure out things.

Ask yourself, is it just a passing trend or is it a business I can scale to whatever levels I want?

If you have no idea at all as to which business to start, keep reading because towards the end we will discuss some of the best business ideas to start in India in 2022.

You can benefit a great deal from the list.

Step 3. Choose a business model.

Now that you have a business idea in mind, how best can you execute it to make the most money out of it?

Choose a business model.

A business model is a strategy that you intend to use to make money while creating value for your clients.

Below is a list of the most popular business models to use for your business in 2022.

  1. Ecommerce – Depending on the products or services you will offer to your clients, you can decide to either have an eCommerce store or a physical store, or both. If you ask me, I’ll say, go for both.
  2. Information products – For thought leader business ideas, package your work in ebooks, online courses, worksheets… and sell.
  3. Software as a service (Saas) – This is another very interesting model for people starting small businesses in India in 2021. If the business is software or application related, charge your clients a subscription fee for using the service.
  4. Coaching and consulting – You can also use the coaching/consulting model to sell your advice or expertise to deserving clients.
  5. Affiliate marketing –  If you choose this business model, you will be promoting other people’s products/services and receive a commission for each sale you make.
  6. Freelancing – Use whatever skill you have to provide value to businesses and individuals in India.  The best marketplace for freelancing in India is Create an account to get started.

Step 4. Find out more about the business ideas you have singled out.

Ask yourself, who will be my client if I start this business?

Define your target market then strive to offer a product that will befit them.

While at it, ask yourself, would I find value in using this product?

If the answer is yes, go ahead and make the product and just like you would sell it to yourself, sell it to others.

Step 5. Spell your goals and expectations.

What do you expect from your business? After how long?

You need to set these goals and timelines to be able to track your progress over time.

But as you set these goals, make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

Do not expect to start your business today and make it on the next day. It may never happen.


Step 6. Create a business plan for your business.

On that plan ensure you have all these: –

  • What problem is your business solving?
  • what does your business do?
  • A list of your target audiences (e.g. bloggers, app developers, landscapers)
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to your business)
  • Marketing plan (list of ideas on how you’ll promote your business)
  • Financial plan (list of business costs, how you’ll make money to pay for the business in the beginning, and how your business will make money)
  • Financial projections for each quarter (e.g. January to March, April to June, etc.)

Step. 7. Finance your businesses.

Here’s where it gets more interesting.

How do you intend to finance your business? Where will you get the money?

You can use your savings to start a business or borrow a loan to start a business but the most common and probably the easiest way to finance a small business in India is to borrow the startup capital from friends and relatives.

Step 8. Name your business.

You know how you will finance your business. The next thing is what to call that business.

Do you have a business name in mind?

Don’t use it until you confirm that: –

  1. No one else is using it in India.
  2. There is no trademark for that name.
  3. And, there is a domain name available for your proposed business name.

You can check all this information on the ministry of affairs website.

Step 9. Register your business in India.

It might not be necessary to register your business before starting to operate. And sometimes when your business is entirely online, there might not be a need for registration.

But for professionalism and to be able to create a business account for your new business, go ahead and do the registration.

Learn more about business registration in India.

Step 10. Launch your products.

Depending on your business model, you can now launch your products/services to start selling in India.

Step 10. Promote your business.

Use services like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora, SEO… you name it to promote your business.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in India in 2022.

Now that you know the process of starting a business in India, what are the best small businesses to start in India in 2021?

  1. Top 10 Small Business Ideas to start in Maharashtra, India in 2022.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas to start in Maharashtra, India in 2021.

If you live in Maharashtra India and would like to start your small profitable business in 2022 consider trading online.

Online trading is the process of earning money by forecasting the exchange rates of various assets over a given period of time.

Some of the most popular assets to trade in India are: – currencies, indices, stocks, and commodities.

Interestingly, you can begin trading even without an in-depth knowledge of the financial market.

However, I do not recommend that.

Rather I’d advise you to study the capabilities of the trading platform you choose and become familiar with several popular strategies to earn endlessly.

If you choose to trade with Olymp Trade in Maharashtra, you will get:

a. Ready-to-go Strategies

b. Interactive Courses

c. Occasional webinars to learn to trade.

Also, you will get $10,000 for practice. Click here to trade in Hindi.

Other Small Business Ideas to start in Maharashtra India in 2022

  1. Content writing and blogging.
  2. Digital marketing 
  3. Make and sell mobile apps
  4. Become a network marketer in India in 2022.
  5. Start your dropshipping business in Maharashtra India
  6. Take fashion designing jobs
  7. Become a social media consultant 
  8. Start pet care business or sell pet foods 
  9. Start a courier service in India
  10. Become a WiFi Installer in Maharashtra India.

2. Top 10 Small Business Ideas to start in Tamil Nadu, India in 2022.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas to start in Tamil Nadu, India in 2021.

Other than starting a bakery in India, you can also become an affiliate marketer.

  • Trade with $1
  • Earn up to 90% profits
  • Easy deposits
  • Fast withdrawals
My balance, Đ349,409.95. CLAIM YOUR FIRST Đ10,000.

By affiliate marketing I mean, promoting other companies/people’s products or services for a cut of the sales.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be paid a commission of up to 70% of the sales.

Some of the companies that you can work for in India are Reseller Club, Flipkart Affiliate, Amazon Associates, vcommission, BigRock Affiliate, DGM India, Yatra Affiliate, Admitad… you name it.

Other Small Business Ideas to start in Tamil Nadu, India in 2022

  1. Open a fitness center
  2. Open a restaurant or cafe
  3. Become an online tutor
  4. Make and sell religious items.
  5. Offer delivery services in Tamil Nadu
  6. Become a tour and travel agent
  7. Start selling textile
  8. Start an organic fruits and vegetable store
  9. Become a real estate agent in Tamil Nadu

3. Top 10 Small Business Ideas to start in Telangana, India in 2022.

Think of Telangana, India, and immediately your mind is blown by the wealth and renowned historical structures in the region.

Structures like the Charminar, Qutb Shahi Tombs, Paigah Tombs, Falaknuma Palace, Chowmahalla Palace, Warangal Fort, Kakatiya Kala Thoranam, Thousand Pillar Temple, Ramappa Temple… you name it.

If you ask me which business will do well in that region I’ll say, start a wedding and photography business in Telangana.

Because who doesn’t know that India likes going big at weddings? And with the wealth at Telangana, a business in wedding and planning can prove to be worthwhile.

Other Small Business Ideas to start in Telangana, India in 2022

  1. Catering business
  2. Tailoring business
  3. Poultry business
  4. Grocery business
  5. Jewelry stones and gems business
  6. Matchmaking
  7. Tours and travels business
  8. Vehicle rental service
  9. Beauty salon
  10. Property management

4. Top 10 Small Business Ideas to start in Uttar Pradesh, India in 2022.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas to start in Uttar Pradesh, India in 2021.

Did you know that Uttar Pradesh has over 200 million inhabitants?

It is the most populous state in India as well as the most populous country subdivision in the world.

As such, it is an ideal place for small profitable businesses. Especially the physical ones that need a client to visit the business premise in person.

One such business to start in Uttar Pradesh would be a beauty salon.

With that many people in a single town, you can only expect to find so many people shaving, making their nails, applying makeup, buying beauty products, and needing beauty therapy.

If you have enough capital to start a business in 2022, consider the salon and beauty business.

Other Small Business Ideas to start in Uttar Pradesh, India in 2022

  1. Property management 
  2. Become an Airbnb/Virbo host 
  3. Start a jobs recruitment firm 
  4. Open a mobile repair and recharge shop 
  5. Start a dance and music academy 
  6. Open a grocery store.
  7. Become an event planner in Uttar Pradesh
  8. Make and promote a mobile wallet payment platform 
  9. Start a last-mile delivery solutions company 
  10. Become a building consultant.

5. Top 10 Small Business Ideas to start in Karnataka, India in 2022.

If you like sunbathing and swimming in the ocean, then there is no way you will visit India and not want to go to Karnataka.

Located in southwest India, Karnataka is known for its coastline, nightlife and it’s lavish temples.

For this reason, you may want to become a tour agent in Karnataka to make money showing tourists the: –

  1. Fascinating ruins and heritage sites in Karnataka, India.
  2. Help tourists hike the hills of the western ghats.
  3. Walk tourists through the ancient temples in the region.
  4. Visit monolithic statues in Karnataka.
  5. Show off the thunderous fall of Karnataka.

Other Small Business Ideas to start in Telangana, India in 2022

  1. Start a restaurant
  2. Become an events organizer
  3. Start a solar electrical smart grid company.
  4. Become a mobile ads specialist in India
  5. Start a biometrics sensor company in India
  6. Start a rural drones delivery business
  7. Become a web designer
  8. Become an online conversions specialist
  9. Start an IT and service company
  10. Start a peer-to-peer lending business.

6. Top 10 Small Business Ideas to start in Delhi, India in 2022.

There is no disputing that Delhi is the heart of India.

However way you think of it, there is no way you can compare this buzzing international metropolis to any other state in India.

As such, there are very many business opportunities for new entrepreneurs. Most notably, online businesses.

But which are these online businesses that someone living in India should start in 2022?

  1. Online marketing.
  2. T-Shirt Printing Business
  3. Home Automation Services
  4. B2B Online Store
  5. E-Commerce Niche Store
  6. Interior Designing
  7. Website Designing Agency
  8. Coaching Institute
  9. Tours & Travel Company
  10. Blogging

7. Top 10 Small Business Ideas to Start in Rajasthan, India in 2022.

Rajasthan is located on the northwestern side of India.

It comprises most of the wide and inhospitable Thar Desert (also known as the “Great Indian Desert​”).

However, there are people who live in the region and a number of small businesses still flourish in Rajasthan.

But what is that one business that if you started in Rajasthan, India in 2021 you wouldn’t go wrong?

Without giving it a second thought, that would be solar energy production.

Because of the hot climate in the region, Rajasthan is favorable for solar and wind energy production.

Besides solar energy production in the region, you can also start these other businesses.

Other Small Business Ideas to Start in Rajasthan, India in 2022

  1. Solar panel sales and installation
  2. Make jewelry in Rajasthan and sell it in other major cities.
  3. Start a taxi or rideshare business
  4. Become a freelancer in Rajasthan, India 
  5. Start a chocolate-making business in Rajasthan
  6. Open a clothing store in Rajasthan
  7. Become a potter in Rajasthan
  8. Start a video production company
  9. Start a content creation company
  10. Become a blogger blogging

8. Top 10 Small Business Ideas to Start in Gujarat, India in 2022.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas to Start in Gujarat, India in 2021.

Gujarat was, has been, and still is a leading state for doing business in India.

Mention pharmaceutical production and you will find a dozen factories doing that kind of business in Gujarat.

Think petrochemicals and you will find another dozen companies doing that kind of business in petrochemicals.

In a nutshell, Gujarat is where you want to be if you want to start your jewelry business, chemicals production, fertilizers factories, textiles industry, dairy production, and many more.

Other than starting these capital-intensive ventures, you can also start these low-cost businesses in Gujarat in 2022.

Other Small Business Ideas to Start in Rajasthan, India in 2022

  1. Molding
  2. Garment production
  3. Clothing and material business
  4. Printing and embroidery business
  5. Food manufacturing business
  6. Web designing business
  7. Car bazaar business
  8. Matrimony consultancy business
  9. Open a SPA and/Salon
  10. Make and sell furniture.

9. Top 10 Small Business Ideas to Start in Madhya Pradesh, India in 2022.

Other than Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh is the other Indian state preferred for business by the corporate world.

Madhya Pradesh has thousands of business opportunities for anyone who’d like to start a business in minerals production, food processing, textile production, cement production, auto components manufacturing, waste management…

Madhya Pradesh

Other than factory related businesses, you can also start

  1. Goat farming business in Madhya Pradesh
  2. Solar panel sales and distribution 
  3. A gadget repair shop
  4. A Human resource firm/agency.
  5. Online trading 
  6. Real estate consultancy business 
  7. Fitness center 
  8. Photography 
  9. Auto garage 
  10. Book store 

10. Top 10 Small Business Ideas to Start in West Bengal, India in 2022.

And of course, this list can not be conclusive without mentioning some of the business ideas that you can start in West Bengal in 2022.

  1. Sell sweets in Est Bengal in 2022
  2. Become an events organizer
  3. Offer tuition services
  4. Open a food kiosk
  5. Offer freelance services
  6. Become a social media consultant
  7. Start a tea and snacks stall
  8. Make money selling second-hand appliances
  9. Start an eCommerce store
  10. Sell new computers in West Bengal

Summary – Small Business Ideas for India.

Even though we have used this post to list 100 small businesses to start in India in 2022, our list is still not conclusive.

There are 100,000 more businesses that you can start in India in 2022. You just need to have the will to start the capital to fund your business.

And remember, the best time to start your business is NOW.

Kenn Omollo is an investment writer and a business management consultant at Joon Online Limited. Reach him at -

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