Start a Beauty Shop With Ksh. 2K to Make 5K= Daily

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Starting a beauty shop with a limited budget is indeed a smart move, especially considering the potential for profitability in the cosmetics industry. Let’s delve deeper into the insights provided in the article:

1. Cost of Starting a Cosmetics Shop

Online Shop: Requires minimal investment in social media pages, a website, and inventory. With as little as Ksh. 2,000, you can kickstart your online beauty shop.

Physical Store: Involves additional costs such as rent, business permits, business name registration, initial stock, and store design. The total cost of opening a physical beauty shop can be around Ksh. 100,000.

2. Best-Selling Beauty Products in Kenya

  • Makeup and skincare products from popular brands.
  • Quality hair extensions and haircare products.
  • Beauty accessories like brushes, sponges, and mirrors.
  • Body lotions, conditioners, relaxers, and deodorants.
  • Perfumes, soaps, scrubs, and artificial nails.

3. Cosmetic Wholesalers in Kenya

  • Several wholesalers in Nairobi offer a wide range of cosmetic products.
  • Notable wholesalers include Best-lady Cosmetics, Beauty Wholesale Kenya Limited, Reones Beauty &
  • Cosmetic Supplies, Mega Wholesalers, Mac Cosmetics, and Beauty Options.
  • Consider visiting Uganda to compare prices and potentially find even better deals.

4. Stocking Strategies to Minimize Costs for Your Beauty Shop

  • Partner with cosmetics manufacturers and wholesalers for consignment deals or flexible payment terms.
  • Pay for stock only when you sell, ensuring that you maintain sufficient inventory without tying up too much capital.
  • Demonstrate your ability to move products quickly to negotiate favorable terms with suppliers.

5. Marketing and Sales Strategies for your Cosmetics Store

  • Maintain a strong online presence through regular updates on social media platforms and your website.
  • Choose a strategic location for your physical store to attract walk-in customers.
  • Offer a diverse range of cosmetic products to cater to different customer preferences.
  • Price your products competitively to attract customers while ensuring profitability.
  • Focus on exceptional customer service to build customer loyalty and retention.
  • Consider blogging about your business to drive targeted traffic and increase brand awareness.


Overall, starting a cosmetics shop with a limited budget is feasible, especially with strategic planning, smart stocking strategies, and effective marketing efforts.

By focusing on high-demand products, maintaining strong supplier relationships, and delivering excellent customer service, you can maximize your chances of success in the beauty industry.

Frequently Asked Questions.


A beauty shop would be profitable if the owner is entrepreneurial enough and if he/she makes it a one-stop shop for all beauty products selling in both retail and wholesale.

For an online cosmetics or beauty shop, Ksh. 50,000 would be more than enough.

To open a stall, on the other hand, you may need an upwards of Ksh. 150,000

And to open a retail/wholesale beauty shop, you may need upwards of 1 million shillings to get started.

  1. Watches.
  2. Jewelry.
  3. Skincare products.
  4. Sunglasses.


Just follow these 8 easy steps.

  1. Choose a product category in the cosmetics space.
  2. Build your brand.
  3. Create a business plan.
  4. Get funding for your business.
  5. Design a digital storefront.
  6. Create marketing and sales strategies.
  7. Open your doors
  8. Start tracking and analyzing.

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23 Responses to “Start a Beauty Shop With Ksh. 2K to Make 5K= Daily”

  1. Hello Jefferson, you can start by dropshipping if you want to do it online. Or request for our detailed business plan – it will help you get all the details involved for the business.

  2. Hello am Damaris am just aking can i start my beauty shop at that price 2000 in a certain kiosk

  3. Hi Damaris,

    Yes, you can start your business with just Ksh. 2,000. However, you will not stock most of the products or any product at all – which is not a bad thing if the kiosk acts as your office when in real sense you do your business online.

    In a way you will be making commision from dropshipping or doing affiliate marketing for individuals or companies you are interested in working with.

  4. Helpful article am interested in starting a beauty shop too but small capital,how can I do affiliate marketing for companies in order to earn money to top up to my current amount and set up a business latter pliz help

  5. Hello, am Geoffrey residing at ngong town. Am interested in starting online cosmetic shop. My capital is 100000. Would you assist me to establish it? My question is are cosmetics in Uganda cheaper than here in Kenya in terms of wholesale?

  6. would like to do an investment in cosmetics,around 120 k ksh in Nairobi kindly assist,thuogh fully employed,is it good to hire someone at first to assist in selling

  7. hey…i kindly ask for your assistant too.i want to start a cosmetic business in a small kiosk in nairobi with 50k.kindly advise

  8. Hi..I want to start a cosmetic business bt I don’t know where to get them at s cheaper price….plz assist me on that

  9. Hey, am winnie. Really interested, planned to start a beauty and cosmetics shop in kibwezi town. kindly assist me on where to get the products at a reliable, better and cheaper price

  10. Hey,i want to start a cosmetic business with small amount of 20k at kayole, advice me please

  11. Kemunto and am interested in starting a beauty and cosmetic shop in vok/leisure mombsa kindly advice

  12. hello this is a really good post. Thank you so much for this I will look up more on this but at least I got and benefited a lot from this. I had no Idea where to start.

  13. Hello
    I want to start a cosmetic business with small amount of 20k at Ruaka advice me please where to get them at affordable price

  14. Hello,

    I would like to request your detailed cosmetics shop business plan. Thank you.

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