5 Best Books About Forex to Read As a Newbie Trader

Am I a pro Forex trader?


But can I trade and make consistent profits off the liquid market?


Precisely how I earned Ksh. 502,000 in under 2 hours with Olymp Trade.

But, since then,  how has my trading journey been?

Am I still making profits? What’s my secret though?

How do I do it?

Simple, I do it by keeping up to date with knowledge of the ever changing Forex markets.

I take Free forex online training courses and even attend seminars to interact with other emerging traders.

Even more important, I read a lot about Forex.

Speaking of which,

How would you love to get recommendation of the best books about Forex that I read?

Download Free PDF of The Best Books About Forex

Beginning with,

1. Introduction to Forex PDF

This is an introductory course to Forex trading that ushers learners to Forex.

In this course learners are guaranteed to learn how Forex Works, What Forex is About and to some extent delve abit to see the mechanics of trading. What happens when someone orders a trade.

The free Forex Ebook by 1st Forex trading academy also goes ahead to mention the benefits of trading Forex and further lists the cons.

Download The Introduction to Forex PDF Here

2. Online Trading Course – Lesson 1 PDF

Online Trading course is one of the best books about Forex.

It is written by Jake Bernstein who’s not only a Forex coach but a trading advisor.

Jack’s trading course captures some of the most fundamental points a normal trader would obviously ignore but are however essential for making a Pro Forex Trader.

If you are just beginning to develop interest in trading, this is a must read Forex trading PDF.

Later, you can come back and tell us how you found his advise on not trading with borrowed money helpful.

Or how his list of factors to consider before making a trade helped you increase your winning chances by 99.9%.

All said, this is a book you want to read as early as now.

Download Online Trading Course Lesson 1 PDF Here

3. Peaks and Troughs PDF — by Martin J. Pring.

This book yet takes you back to the days before computers (B.C) when trend analysis was done by simple concepts rather than complex analysis.

It teaches you why the concept of peaks and troughs in catching trends reign supreme even years after the introduction of other technical analysis tools.

In Pring’s own words, the simplest technics work the best. Reading this book will help you with choices on whether to apply every analysis tool you lay eyes on or not.

But even better, it will help you analyze charts like a newbie and trade like a pro.

Download The Peaks And Troughs PDF Here

4. The Way to Trade Forex by Jay Lakhani

This PDF is the first chapter of the Way to Trade Forex.

In it all the profitable trading strategies that have been proven to work for some of the best Forex Traders in the history of trading are discussed.

Unlike most Forex books for beginners, this books covers everything that a newbie trader need to know. Including, advancing on psychology, discipline, trading plans, money management and trading strategies as the best ways to success in Forex.

Download Chapter 1 of The Way to Trade Forex Here

5. My Dog Ate My Forex PDF

Doug Breiten in his introduction to My Dog Ate My Forex paints the picture of every traders life. Of course in his own experience of 15 years fascinating about winning big with Forex.

He goes on about how he discovered a winning strategy which he has since shared on his blog. groupoftraders.com.

If you enjoy reading Forex guide in this blog then you will definitely like Breiten’s Voice too.

Download My Dog Ate My Forex PDF Here

The best Forex Books About Trading

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