Borrow Loans Using USSD Codes | An Option to Loan Apps

How often do you want to borrow mobile loans in Kenya & give up either because: –

You don’t know how to download a loan App

Each time you try downloading a mobile loan app you run out of bundles

Or simply because you are using a kabambe phone & can’t access the play store…

Has it ever cross your mind that other than borrowing through loan apps, you can also use loan USSD codes to access quick loans?

Ati you didn’t know if there is any such option?

Well, all bank in Kenya now have USSD codes as an option to Loan Apps.

Do you know why?

Here are;

Four Genuine Reasons Why Loans USSD Codes Are Important 

USSD codes keep banking services working even when apps are under maintenance

Using USSD is the easiest way to ensure that all clients get equal services even if they don’t own smartphones.

You can borrow loans & undertake other banking transactions using your banking or lenders USSD from any part of the country.

It is cheap to access services with this option 

Banks & Loan Companies With USSD Codes in Kenya 
Chase Bank of kenya *275# 
CFC Stanbic *208# 
Barclays Bank Kenya (Timiza Loan USSD) *224# 
Bank of Africa(BOA)  *987#
Commercial Bank of Africa *654# 
Co-operative Bank of kenya *667#
Credit Bank of kenya *669#
Diamond Trust Bank(DTB) *385# 
Ecobank *335#
Equatorial Commercial Bank(ECB) *286#
Equity Bank of kenya  *247#
Family Bank of kenya *325#
Faulu microfinance DTM *339# 
First Community Bank (FCB) *342#
Gulf African Bank *399#
Housing Finance Company (HF Whiz Loan App USSD Code) *231#
I & M Bank Limited *458#
Jamii Bora Bank *344# 
Kenya Commercial Banl(KCB Mobi loan USSD Code)  *522# 
K-REP BANK  *527#
Kenya Women Finance Trust(KWFT) *378# 
Musoni Microfinance Institution(MFI) *279# 
National Bank of kenya(NBK) *625# 
NIC Bank Limited (NIC NOW USSD Code) *488# 
Post Office Savings Bank(Post bank) *498# 
Rafiki Microfinance bank DTM *366# 
SMEP DTM  *741#
Standard Chartered Bank(SCB)  *722# 
Transnational Bank of Kenya *862#

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Borrow Loans Using USSD Codes | An Option to Loan Apps
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