15 Best Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment.

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Online Data entry involves handling various types of electronic data using a computer and an internet connection.

They are actually the easiest online jobs you can get without much experience. Better still, you will not need to pay a single coin to get such jobs.

Online Data entry jobs come to you in the comfort of your home, and they really pay well.

You can earn as much as $15 per hour working from home doing Online Data entry jobs.

It may sound controversial until you are in it and are making so much money.

There are a lot of Online Data Entry job types available online.

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Not all of them are legit though, so here we separate real wheat from the chaff.

Here are 15 Best Online Data Entry Jobs to work on from home without any investment:-

  1. Content Writing.

Content writing involves writing and submitting articles for different blog sites and websites.

Article writing may not involve tedious research work because all you do is write subjectively according to your experience of knowledge which you can access without much strain.

That means that article writing, also referred to as content writing in this matter, is quite simple and easy.

Just make sure that your work is free of gross grammatical errors and typos and you are on your way towards up to $50 for a 1,000-word piece.

You need to also stick to the topic as stated in the work instructions.

  1. Posting Ads.

Did you know that posting Ads on specific sites and platforms can earn you money?

It really can, as it has done to most people who have done it in the past.

Ads together with the specific sites to post them will be sent to you from the company you work for. Each Ad that you post earns you some coins here and there.

The fact is, few Ads may not earn you significant amounts of money. However, if you land a gig where you are posting such Ads in large numbers, then that multiplies your earning capacity and you can really make some good money out of it.

  1. Proofreading and Editing.

Proofreading involves going through a piece of work spotting errors related to spellings, grammar, sentence structures, and typos.

Editing on the other hand involves correcting such errors in order to modify the piece of work to be complete and free of such errors.

The two usually go together because why really would you proofread if you don’t intend to correct the errors you find?

Your client will send you an already typed piece of work so that you can proofread and edit it accordingly.

To be able to proofread and edit, you need a good grasp of the language in which the text is written. Such simple tasks can really earn you some decent money.

  1. Payroll Data Entry.

A Payroll is a company’s record of payment details of wages, salaries, and bonuses or any other payments to its employees.

Payroll Data Entry thus involves entering employment payment details onto a company’s database as directed by the company, which becomes your client in this case.

You expect to be provided with all the details relating to the employees whose payment details you will enter.

Details like Employee names, age, phone number, Days worked, payments made, and the like, depending on the variables on the company’s database.

Once you have these details, your job becomes as easy as keying in the respective details under their respective variable boxes and that will be all.

You need to be keen and pay attention so that you do not mess the data by entering wrong data under the wrong variables and boxes.

It is such a simple task to perform, yet it pays really well.

  1. Catalog Data Entry.

A Catalog is a systematic list of items.

A business may have a catalog of all of its products which must be maintained and updated as they add new products in their list of products.

Catalog Data Entry, therefore, involves entering item or product details onto a businesses’ database or catalog as directed by such business, your client.

You will be provided with the item or product details such as product name, code number, manufacture, and expiry dates as well as its price.

You will then be given access to the businesses’ database on which you are supposed to enter such data and you will key in the right data under the right variable.

Be keen to enter the right data under the right variable or box and not mess the data up. It’s quite a simple task yet people who have been doing it have testified how decent the pay is.

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  1. Audio to Text Conversion.

Files are provided in the form of sound while the text is a typed word document.

Audio to Text Conversion involves listening to an audio file and then making a typed word document out of it.

You are supposed to decode the message in an audio file and then recreate it in the form of text.

You will need to be a very keen listener as some audio files may not be clearly audible at some points. 

Because listening is coupled with typing as you recreate the file into text, you also need some good typing speed so that you don’t suffer incoherence.

You do not want to sit on a 5-minute audio file a whole day, do you?

It’s a simple kind of a job because a small file can barely take you 10 minutes and out of it, you can make up to $10. Convert 10 such audio files into text in a day and you bag your $100 in a single day.

  1. Image to Text Conversion.

Image files come in form of photographs or screenshots while text, as already defined, is a typed word document. It involves decoding the message in an image and then recreating it into a typed word document or text.

You need to pay keen attention to see everything in an image.

Beware not to ignore important details as you also maintain a balance so that you don’t end up with irrelevant stuff.

How much can you earn for converting a single image file into text?

Up to about $5, meaning that working on 30 such image files in a day earns you a whole 150 bucks in a single day.

  1. Best Online Data Entry Jobs (Copy and Paste).

Copy and Paste is as simple as you know it – copying data from one document and pasting it on another.

Now you wonder who the hell is out here to pay you for only playing with your computer options in simple two clicks, right?

Realize that your client may require Data in a PDF form, so you will copy data from a Word document and paste it on a PDF conversion tool to produce a PDF copy.

The vice versa is also true, where PDF documents are being converted into Word documents.

Your client may also require an Excel Spreadsheet drafted and data sent in Word document filled in the various Excel Spreadsheet cells.

Tell me, won’t you copy the data on the Word document as you paste it on the Excel Spreadsheet cells?

The vice versa is also possible, where your client requires a Word document from an Excel Spreadsheet.

In a different scenario, in other instances, your client will send you raw data that needs some modification, so you will edit it on one document, then copy the edited data and paste it in the required document.

As simple as it is, Copy and Paste can earn you some good money if you work on several projects a day.

  1. Captioning Jobs

You enjoy watching memes on social media, don’t you?

Captioning has been likened to making memes because it involves creating appropriate headings and wordings on images and videos.

Example – your client will send you images or videos, on which you are supposed to imprint appropriate headings and wordings.

Images may just need a few sentences while videos may be diverse. You may need to caption all which is being said in the video and display the wordings as the video plays or just a single heading.

It will all depend on the instructions you get from your client.

All said captioning is clearly not a hard task. You can actually work on multiple projects in a day and make a living out of it all.

  1. Data Formatting Jobs

Formatting involves rearranging text on a document into proper paragraphs, proper indenting and numbering as well as properly aligning the text and correcting font sizes and the like.

There are different formatting styles which each demands a different alignment and arrangement of text.

You, therefore, need to get acquainted with the formatting style which your client requires so that you will arrange and align the text in the document accordingly.

Once you understand what it is that you are doing, formatting becomes another very easy task to perform, yet the gains are amazing. You can earn over $15 per hour of formatting data.

  1. Captcha Solving.

Captchas are images containing letters and numbers with a field provided into which you are supposed to type the numbers or letters represented on the image.

You are now wondering why the hell Captchas need to be solved and why someone would spend their money on you as you solve them.

As we mentioned, Captchas come in image forms.

Those are scanned documents in the form of images that your client receives from different agencies.

They need that data in word form for reasons like documentation.

When you are solving a Captcha, you are actually converting the image into word and that is what you are being paid for.

Captcha solving is most of the time-limited by time and so you have to be swift to solve the Captcha before the expiry of the provided duration.

Most Captcha offering platforms pay between $0.45 and $1.5 for every 1,000 successfully solved Captchas.

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Solving such 100,000 such Captchas in a day earns you a clean $150.

  1. Email Processing.

Email Processing involves receiving different links from your client, requiring you to click the links and visit each site the links lead to.

Sometimes you only need to spend a given duration on the site like 50 seconds and get paid while at other times you will be instructed to sign up for free and become a member before you can get paid.

You need so many of such links in a day to make a reasonable income because one link may earn you just coins. With a good flow of work, you can actually make good money doing email processing.

  1. Customized Reports.

Customized reports are a created report where you decide how given dimensions and variables are supposed to be displayed.

Your client may require reports on different aspects, which need to be presented in the form of charts, graphs, PowerPoint presentations, or even an Excel spreadsheet.

Your client will specify the dimensions and variables and all you have to do is to execute their requests.

This makes the creation of customized reports an easy task. As easy as it might be, you can be sure that most gigs of this kind pay up to $15 per hour.

  1. Online Surveys.

Online Surveys are strings of questions that need your opinion. They are presented to you by your client, a given organization which administers the surveys.

Online surveys come short and long.

The longer the online survey is, the longer the duration taken in giving responses and the bigger the pay. The vice versa is also true for shorter surveys.

Did you know that you can make up to $50 in a single survey? There are actually people who specialize in taking surveys and earn up to $50,000 per year. Isn’t that money good enough?

  1. Online Form Filling Jobs

Online Form Filling involves filling given sets of data into the specific fields on the provided online form.

That means you will be provided with a document containing details which do not occur in an organized manner. It is your job to pick the right info to feed onto the right field in the online field.

For example, if your client needs to document their employee data in an organized manner, they will give you the data and an online form to fill the data appropriately.

Pick an employee’s name, phone number, residence, and other details from the disorganized data and fill them on the corresponding fields on the provided online form.

Keenness is key so that you don’t confuse and mess the data on the online form by filling the wrong details on the provided fields. You can make up to $15 per hour filling online forms.

Final thoughts on Best Online Data Entry Jobs.

You do not need any office or investment to start making money online.

Use this list of 15 best online data entry jobs to work from home and to begin earning without investing money. 

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