How to Use Olymp Trade SMA Trend Indicators to Win More

Do you have an Olymp Trade account already?

And how much money have you earned on it since starting to trade with the real account?

Have you earned – USD – 1,000; Ksh. 502,000JPY – 900; INR – 39,000;  EGP – 12,000 or just as much as MYR -300,000?

Really, how much money have you made with your Olymp Trade account so far!


Don’t worry!

The past really doesn’t matter.

What matters is how you trade to make consistent profits – going forward.

And if you ask me how to achieve that; I’ll almost immediately recommend that you start using trend indicators to call or put options.

Personally, I use them.

And I believe that applying indicator ensures a nearly 100% correctness in trading

To help you get the concept right, I will use this post to talk about one indicator only.

The simple moving average, SMA or the ordinary as it is often refereed.

Note that there are many other indicators though!

Like the Parabolic SAR indicators, Sentiment, Bollinger Bands, EMA, The Ichimoku Cloud, Zigzag, WMA, Average Directional index and Alligator.

We will discuss each of them later – on separate posts.

But now,

What is SMA Trend Indicator?

SMA trend indicator is a trend tool used by traders and market analysts to pick consistencies in charts. 

Traders then use these consistencies to make or increase online trading profits.

The simple moving average tool is literally smacked onto the chart to form a thin line(s) which moves along the trading chart.

Ordinarily, SMA is beneficial to all beginning and experienced traders who are really serious about making consistent profits while trading online.

Why Choose SMA?

SMA stands out from the rest of the indicators because it is calculated with the simplest formula in the class.

It is also prefered because it is easy to construct and read.

SMA trend indicators

Setting The SMA Trend Indicator in Your Olymp Trade Chat 

After picking the SMA analysis tool the only parameter which you will be able to change in the settings is the number of price periods used to calculate the average.

Note that each line is presented to a standard period of 10 but you can still average it depending on what you want to use your SMA line for.

If your intention is to use it for a short analysis of up to 15 minutes then select your period to be in the range of 5 and 10.

Alternatively, do a period of between 15 and 20 for an accurate medium-term analysis.

In practice, you can set the SMA trend indicators and make changes following the steps below.

Step 1 

Login to your Olymp Trade account

If you don’t already have an account, use this registration form to create one.

If you register via the form below you will get 30% bonus on all your deposits. Valid till 31st December 2019. Register and use this promo code – og3ya while making a deposit to get an additional 30% on all your deposits. Example, deposit $100 and get $130 in your trading account. Deposit $10 and get $13.

Step 2 

Click on the A symbol (indicator) on top of your chart – on the left.

A list of all available indicators will pop on the edge of the chart.

SMA trend indicator

Step 3

Click on SMA.

It is the first option in the list. And be cautious not to click on it twice.

An orange line will be added to your chart and it will immediately start moving along the chart as seen in step 4.

Setting the SMA trend indicator

The line moves together with the chart because it is put to standard settings.

You can however change it to get clear results. And to pick trends first.

Step 4 – The SMA Line

SMA trend indicators

Can you now read any trend with the line you set?

I thought so too!

And that’s why instead of ending the guide here I will continue further to show you how to make your SMA line better.

How to change SMA Trend Indicator Settings  

Now that you have your SMA line, it is time to make it easy to read.

  1. Locate and click on the pencil (edit icon) on the chart, next to your SMA tool.
  2. Use the adjusting tool in step 2 to spread your line – personally my lines are spread from 10 to 60. Doing this makes the SMA line streamlined like it is shown in the chart below. This makes it easy to pick the current trend.

In this example, it is easy to tell that the trend is on a downward movement. So if you wanted to win more you’d put an option rather than call.


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How to use SMA trend indicators

You can also change the color of the line if you want to.

Simply click on the orange box under the simple moving average adjusting tool and change to whatever color you prefer.

How to Read SMA Signals

If you monitor and see the SMA rise above its average, then the indicator’s ascending movement will continue.

And when the chart crosses the indicator upwards from below, it likely signals a rise.

SMA trend indicators
Ascending trend

On the other hand, a fall of SMA lines below average imply a descending trend.

Meaning that when the chart crosses the SMA downwards from above, it likely signals a fall.

SMA Trend Indicators - Olymp Trade
Descending trend


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    1. Hello Rosa, to open a trade on time scroll down your chat. You will see a tab labeled order on the bottom left.Click on it then click on by time, set the duration of your trade then call or put.

      About deposits, you will see an additional amount reflect on your account balance. It’s almost instant.

  1. Very clear and precise explanation.What is the best duration to set your timer to maximise on profit, before next fall or rise? From 1 min

    1. Timing depends on the indicator which you are using. If you are using RSI then the best timer will be 1 or two minutes. If you are using SMA you cay want longer timing. 15 onwards. If you are using EMA start at 5. This is because different indicators show different effective entry points at different levels

  2. Thanks for knowledge you are giving, tis very vital, am a new trader and l need to know learn more, was reading your post on SMA and talked about a call and option. What is the difference

    1. Hello Nancy,

      An Option is the simplest and the most transparent financial instrument. This is an option that, depending on whether the specified condition is met in the specified time, either produces an income or produces nothing.

      There are two types of options – a call option and a put option. A trader should open a bet on a price rise, if he or she believes that the currency pair will become more expensive. This type of trade is called a Call Option. If you are sure that the price will go up, then click on the “Up” button.

      On the other hand, a trader should open a down trade, if he or she thinks that the price for the selected asset will fall. This type of trade is called a Put Option. If you think that the asset is declining, press the “Down” button.

  3. Good day sir,am a newbie on the trade platform but i found this your guide very interesting as i am talking with i have lost $10 within a twinkle of an eye,please how do i become perfect in trading on olymp platform.thinks

  4. Hello Kenn, thanks alot for the explanation you gave about the a call and a put..Am really learning alot and am grateful.

  5. I just lost $30 as I’m a newbies in trading. Pls Is there a way I can learn more so I stop losing

  6. pls can i use your code[og3ya] to register from Nigeria, i will be glad to have some helpful items like videos, documents etc from you thru whatsapp – +2348039191778 or email- , am new on this pls. Thanks

  7. can one use android phone to trade and adjust the SMA tool as you have explained? Or it can only be done using a computer?

  8. hi guys..i have lost almost 800$..from past 4 months..the problem is every time i made money..i become greedy..
    so learn first lesson dont be greedy.. work out your calculations first.. means like how much you want much time you can spend in trade etc..all the best

  9. I have a few questions to ask ;

    1. Do I set the duration and timer to 15 mins both?
    2. How much percentage of the balance do you use per trade?
    3. Which Assets do you usually trade on?
    4. What’s the difference between using a period of 10 SMA and a 4 SMA?

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