8 Exiting Reasons Why You Need to Activate Your Olymp Trade VIP Account

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VIP trading is the way most successful Olymp Traders have been able to make their wealth online. Unlike on the standard account where users just get the basic tools to aid in trade execution, VIP accounts provide perks from a whole different level.

Among the privileges that you get as an Olymp Trade VIP are: –

  1. A personal market analyst.
  2. Increased profits – instead of the usual 82% you will get 92% ROI when you win.
  3. Unique strategies shared by successful traders.
  4. VIP Only Webinars.
  5. You get higher trading limits.
  6. Get trading signals.
  7. Regular market reviews by Olymp Trade.
  8. Risk-Free Trades.

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1. A personal market analyst.

If you will become successful in Olymp Trade then at some point you will need to have a mentor. This is a skill that most experienced traders charge huge amounts of money for. But lucky you who are planning to get an Olymp Trade VIP status, you will get the service for free.

As a VIP account holder, Olymp Trade will assign you a personal professional analyst who’ll not only provide you with personal assistance trading but he will also share with you the secrets of making it on the platform.

Other benefits of having a personal market analyst are: – you’ll learn from their personal trading experience and also get individual training.

2. Increased Profits.

Why do you prefer trading FTTs in Olymp Trade?

Is it because after sampling all the brokers in the market you noticed that Olymp Trade is the only broker which offers favorable conditions for executing trades; or because you like it that it is a legit broker?

Well, personally I like Olymp Trade because of the simplicity of its features and the profits that I can easily make in seconds.

It helps if I am trading on a VIP account because then it means that when I win, I get 10% more profits than I would get on a standard account.

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3. Unique Strategies.

Trading without a strategy and expecting profits is like peeing in the great Lake Victoria and expecting to contaminate the entire 26,564 mi² lakes. Dude, not even your shit’s going to make a difference. Not to say that you should now start peeing and pooping on lakes. :mrgreen:  don’t get me wrong.

If you activate your VIP status in Olymp Trade, you will get access to strategies that have been proven to work.

The best part, these Olymp Trade VIP strategies are presented as a comprehensible step-by-step guide with a clear-cut description of when to open a trade and when not to.

4. Join VIP Only Webinars.

Much as having a VIP status is very important and beneficial, it is more important to network with other traders and hone your skills where you feel less knowledgeable. And what better way is there to improve your trading skills than to join other VIP traders on web conferences to learn and discuss maters trading?

At these events, analysts of the Olymp Trade VIP department make trades, analyze charts and share their forecasts online.

5. Get Higher Limits Per Trade.

When trading on a standard account in Olymp Trade, you can not make trades for more than $2000/€2000. On the other hand, you can place a trade for up to $5000/€5000 with a VIP account.

Visit the Olymp Trade Website.

6. Forecasts – Olymp Trade VIP Signals.

Like a VIP in Olymp Trade, you will get a special added menu that shows trading tips. Here experts share their market predictions online. You can use these free Olymp Trade VIP signals to supplement your trading strategies.

7. Regular Reviews.

As a VIP you will receive regular briefs of the most discussed events of the day. On the flip side you will also receive examples showing how you can make predictions. This is based on analysis by technical and fundamental trading tools.

8. Free Risk-Free Trades. 

If all else isn’t a reason enough to activate your VIP account, then do it to get monthly risk free trades in Olymp Trade.

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Risk-free trade is the only way you will get your stake when you trade and get your prediction wrong.

The moment you activate your VIP account, you will get risk free trades as a welcome bonus. You can then trade at a fixed amount and if the prediction is wrong, your money is returned to your trading account.

The number of risk-free trades you get will depend on your trading turnover which is always visible on VIP accounts.

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*Risk warning:

The information provided does not constitute a recommendation to carry out transactions. When using this information, you are solely responsible for your decisions and assume all risks associated with the financial result of such transactions.

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