Top 10 Secondary School Scholarships to Apply for Before 2023

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In 2017 a good number of KCPE students failed to join secondary schools on time.

Do you know why?

They lacked school fees for secondary school admission.

Today, over 1.2 M Kenyan children are still not in school.

Interestingly, a majority of these students get calling letters to prestigious National and provincial schools but just because they lack fees, they miss these opportunities to further their studies.

Imagine if their parents knew about the scholarship programs running in Kenya for secondary school students, wouldn’t they apply to give their children a better future?

Wouldn’t all these children be in school right now?

Because school fee is still a major problem for the majority of Kenyans in 2022, I will take this chance to enlighten you all about all the scholarship opportunities for Kenyans in 2019 and hope that you share this post widely to reach every parent with a KCPE student.

Remember, not everyone can access the internet in Kenya, where possible, share through word of mouth and have parents visit scholarship offices for an application.

1. Equity Wings to Fly Scholarship Program and Application Form 

Equity wings to fly scholarship is a sponsorship program run by the Equity Bank Foundation and the MasterCard Foundation to support needy children in Education.

The program targets high achieving yet needy (orphan or vulnerable) students identified by assessing their performance at the nationally administered Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations (KCPE).

You can learn more about the equity wings to fly 2023 program in our previous post 

2. Elimu Scholarship Program and Application Form 

The Ministry of Education is offering Secondary School Scholarships in 110 sub-counties that are educationally and economically disadvantaged, to children from financially constrained backgrounds and who attained 280 marks and above in 2022 KCPE.

For affirmative action, candidates who are Orphans and/or from Vulnerable Communities and those with special needs and disabilities who attained below 280 marks may be considered.

Only the Candidates who sat for KCPE examinations in 2022 from public primary schools in the 110 Sub-Counties will be eligible to apply.

The 110 Sub-Counties are as per the National Government Administrative areas that existed in the year 2015. The Programme is being administered on behalf of the Ministry by the Equity Group Foundation.

You can learn more about the Elimu scholarship program in this post

3. Mpesa Foundation Academy Scholarship Application Form 

M-PESA Foundation Academy offers a world-class, well-rounded learning environment to develop future leaders.

The Academy places great emphasis on the holistic development of all our learners not just in academics but also in technology, music, sports, the arts, outdoor pursuits, and community service.

In this academy which by the way takes care of student tuition fees,  learners are exposed to the latest technology as part of the day-to-day teaching

Download the Mpesa foundation prospectus 

4. KCB High School Scholarships Application Form 

The KCB Foundation provides secondary education scholarships for bright but needy students.

The program targets 240 beneficiaries every year and students benefit from a scholarship for 4 years of secondary education.

Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded scholarships to over 1,000 beneficiaries, 80 of whom are students with disabilities.

KCB Scholarship Application Form

5. Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Scholarship 

The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation scholarship covers tuition and uniform as per the scholarship policy.

In full recognition of the Kenya Constitution, 2010, affirmative action is accorded priority during selection.

Over 10,000 students have benefited from the Programme since its inception. JKF scholarship prides itself on being the only public institution in Kenya that plows its profits towards this noble cause.

Here’s the Jomo Kenyatta foundation scholarship application form PDF. Download to apply manually.

6. Family Bank Foundation Scholarship Application Form

This is an annual scholarship program by family bank in partnership with Kenya Orient, Daykio Real Estate, and Afya Elimu.

Its core objective is to uplift the Kenyan family by catalyzing transformative change in the areas of education, health care, and the environment.

To date, the Family Bank Foundation together with its partners has given out over 500 scholarships, equipped one classroom for autistic children, and given more than 68 children a better education through the Afya Elimu scholarship.

To apply for this scholarship, get in touch with the Family bank foundation via their contact form

7. Cooperative Bank Scholarship Application Form 

This isn’t one of the oldest scholarship foundations in Kenya but since its inception in 2022, it has benefited more than 6,900 gifted yet needy students.

In 2019 alone the cooperative bank scholarship took in 655 kids whose school fees they are now paying.

“Of the 655 new scholarships to Form One student, 420 were awarded by the bank’s Regional Delegates’ Forums and the remaining 235 scholarships, at 5 per county, were awarded by County Governments in all the 47 counties,” the bank’s Group Managing Director and CEO Dr. Gideon Muriuki has said.

Visit any of the cooperative bank branches near you to inquire about the scholarship for your county.

8. Kenya Tea Development Authority Scholarship (KTDA Scholarship)

The KTDA National Tea Scholarship is designed to help bright but financially challenged students in meeting their school fees.

Successful applicants will be required to keep good grades in High School.

Note: – The KTDA National Tea Scholarship is limited to students within the KTDA Factory catchment areas who meet the application criteria.

PDF Application form for KTDA Scholarship 

9. Hilde Fund Scholarship Application Form 

The Hilde Back Education Fund, (HBEF) is a Kenyan charitable organization that provides financial support to bright children from poor families to enable them to get an education at the secondary school level.

HBEF’S focus is the promotion of education as a fundamental human right.

To date, the foundation has awarded 802 scholarships out of which 206 are ongoing.

Inquiries And Contacts

Hilde Back Education Fund
Physical Address:  D702, Astrol Building, Thika Road, Opp Garden City Mall
Postal Address: P.O. Box 14741-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel:  +254 717 969510
Cell: +254 700 429552
         +254 700 429553
Email: [email protected]

10. Kenya Education Fund Scholarships 

The KEF’s mission is to provide disadvantaged students in Kenya and their schools with support and educational resources for them to improve their communities and break the poverty cycle.

Requirements for the Kenya Education Fund:

  • Applicants must be Kenyan students currently in Standard 8, Form 1, or Form 2
  • Must meet KEF standards of Need and Merit
    • KCPE: 320 or above
  • Students must fill out a new 2022 application and submit it to KEF Nairobi office

Interested in this scholarship?

Contact its administrators: –

  • Central Church of The Nazarene compound, next to Coptic Hospital, Ngong Rd.

Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM.

  • Please call before coming to make sure someone will be there to assist you. 
  • +254 702 769 712
  • +254 739 173 603
  • +254 205 260 258

More Scholarships 

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10 Responses to “Top 10 Secondary School Scholarships to Apply for Before 2023”

  1. Am a form 4 candidate in kamahuha girls high school and I need to ask if I can get a chance to continue with my studies since iwas sent home for school fees and my mum is jobless and a single mother so I can’t continue with my studies. Actually my mum is not financially stable since even she has no money even to pay house rent or finish her house please help me and I promise to do my best and get good grades and improve in my studies please I beg you I don’t want to stay at home I want to change my family by work hard please.

  2. Hello. I am in form 2 in oloolua secondary school and asking for a scholarship because my mother is not financially stable and like last year third term i went home because of lack of fees the whole of third term i din’t go to school i went this year.please help me!

  3. Hello .I am a form 3 student currently studying in kiriaini girls high school I was requesting for the scholarship opportunity, because my parents are jobless and unable to pay for my school fees. I have been out of school for one and half term and am really missing alot in school. I was kindly request for the scholarship opportunity.

  4. Hello. I am a form 2 student in st Mary’s secondary school – Thigio.I am requesting for a scholarship, because I don’t want to depend on my parents for every thing for they have done a lot for me. I just want to take this chance of having a scholarship and make them proud because I am the eldest daughter. They have made a lot of sacrifices for me in the past and I just want to help them. Please I am pleading with you to please help me because a parent’s dream is to always see his daughter/child succeed in life . Please help me and I promise to work hard and be among the best and I am ready to do anything you ask and I promise that I will not let you down . Please help me to get the scholarschip opportunity . I promise make learning a habit

  5. Hi I am a form 2 student at Ngara Girls high school, Nairobi. I am kindly requesting for a scholarship since we are not able to pay for my fee I perform very well but the fee is the problem I was studying in another school under the scholarship of the school but I was transferred to Ngara and the scholarship was removed. So I don’t have anyone to help me I live with my sister who is a single mother of one. My mom is also single and jobless my sister is also jobless. I promise to work hard if I get help so as to help improve my family status. Any help regarded to me I will be so grateful. Please help me get the scholarship I promise to never let you down. Thank you.

  6. Please I really need this scholarship I stay with my guardian and she has no job my mum is in South Sudan she has grown old and unable to work my dad passed away long time ago I got 395 marks in my KCPE examination

  7. good morning. Am Javan Nalubanga am in form two chavakali high with no hope of continuing education for the support of school fee from my parents is less due to circumstances beyond their control. Fee balance of 75000 .floods swept all our crops that assist with our needs. As budalangi catchment has disabled us. Request for assistance.

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