Olymp Trade Nigeria | I Earned NGN. 1,801,123.42 Online

What’s the simplest way to make money online in Nigeria? Is it through publishing & selling books online; is it by selling designs & creatives online or is it by selling products on e-commerce websites? What  is it? While all these ways of making money online in Nigeria are viable, there isn’t a single one that will earn you returns in 1 minute but Olymp Trade Nigeria?

So, what is Olymp Trade

And how is it better than the rest of the ways to make money online in Nigeria?

Olymp trade is an online investment platform where you can invest a minimum of $1 in an Options trade & earn up to 92% profits in one minute.

It is better to trade with Olymp Trade because unlike all the other conventional ways of making money online, Olymp Trade is simple to use & does not require any skill.

And that’s not all.

When you open an Olymp Trade account you get $10,000 free demo credits which you should use for training, to figure out the platform and to understand how easy it is to earn online.

How Do I start Making Money With Olymp Trade in Nigeria 

To begin making money online you need to register for an Olymp Trade account. Olymp Trade has two types of accounts; the standard account & the VIP account.

You can make so much money with either account status but if you go VIP, you make more because then you get free financial advice & you can invest on risk free trades.

You get a VIP status when you deposit a lump sum of $2,000. But it isn’t really necessary, last year I made NGN. 1,801,123.42 in under 2 hours  with a standard account.

I am New to Options Trading, How do I Become a Professional Trader 

There really isn’t any simple way to learn the mechanics of trading than to practice it at no cost. Did I already mention that if you register with Olymp Trade you get an account with $10,000 demo units for trading practice?

This should help you get off your feet as a newbie trader. It gets even easier if you read my previous post on How to Earn NGN 358,789.53 daily in 2019. You will learn how Olymp Trade Works in Nigeria in the Post.


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How do I tell if Olymp Trade is a Genuine Broker 

Olymp Trade is regulated by the Financial Commission which is an international body that provides & guarantee protection for traders.

The commission protects traders by its compensation fund for up to $20,000 per case. Issued if you sue a broker for any unfair practice & win the case. This & the fact that Olymp Trade has been in existence since 2014 & made so many people rich should be enough reason to trade with the broker.


How Do I contact Olymp Trade in Nigeria?

Olymp Trade has a dedicated line to Nigerian traders – you can reach the platform on – +234 (1) 2279021 – Lagos, Nigeria.

Or send & email to support-en@olymptrade.com . But probably the most effective way to get instant response is to join the platform on live chat – Olymp Trade 


Does This Platform Have Mobile Apps For Olymp Trade Nigeria Traders?

Yes, Olymp Trade has a mobile app for traders. You can access both the Android & iOS apps on Play store & App store


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How To Make An Olymp Trade Deposit in Nigeria 

When you have trained with your Olymp Trade Demo account & are sure that the knowledge you have acquired is enough to start making you money online, make your first deposit.

The minimum amount you can deposit to your Olymp Trade account is $10. And the minimum you can withdraw is $10.

But, while Olymp Trade has over 11 different deposit & withdrawal options; it is prudent to note that you will only be allowed to withdraw to the wallet which you used for deposit.

So, if you want your profits to be sent to your bank account when you withdraw, use VISA for Deposit.

Another easy alternative is Skrill, for same day withdrawals.

You don’t have an Olymp Trade account? Register Here!

If you register via the form below you will get 30% bonus on all your deposits. Valid till 31st December 2019. Register and use this promo code – og3ya while making a deposit to get an additional 30% on all your deposits. Example, deposit $100 and get $130 in your trading account. Deposit $10 and get $13.

Start Making Money With Olymp Trade Nigeria 

If there is more information that you need about Olymp Trade & how Option Trading works in Nigeria, read my resources about the topic on Joon Forex & Loans.

Or visit the Olymp Trade education Center for endless knowledge and winning strategies. You can even learn through webinars. Good luck.

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  1. Please I am a nigerian hoping to trade with olymptrade but the problem is that I have a naira account, so when I withdraw it in dollars
    will it be sent to the naira account

  2. Is it d no’s on my card dey will use to deposit money to my account cos no wia in d forms requested for account no

  3. Please can you send someone to Owerri for seminar, about olymp trade many are waiting to joint, my name is samuel whatsapp or call 08037027074

    1. Yes. Make sure it is 3D printing enabled such that when you transact you receive sms notification for the transaction. Other conditions to be met for you to deposit from Nigeria are: – the card must be in your name and valid

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