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    1. Hello Jacob, Kindly get in touch with us via our live chat support. Or call us on 0708655398.

      If you are ready to start trading on the real account and Visa deposit isn’t working for you, then just open a skrill account. Load it with Visa > login to Olymp Trade and fund your Olymp Trade account with Skrill.

      So far Skrill is the most reliable deposit option for Kenyan Traders.Plus, when you withdraw you receive your cash within 24 hours.

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      1. Hi, omollo, I have tried all my visa cards in vain to olymp and also to neteller and skrill ,pliz help

      2. Hello, I’m in Kenya so how can I withdraw money from the skrill to my mpesa after my predictions are correct?

  1. I’ve just started trading, I win a little, then I lose alot, so I need help on how to win more. I am understanding a littlehow it works.

    1. Hello John,

      It’s kind of you to accept that you have poor trading skills. And it is also great of you to be willing to be taught. Here’s my recommendation: – hop into the live chat and let’s have a one on one. I’m sure you’ll get enough knowledge out of the Free session

  2. Important Update: –

    In order to make a deposit from Visa cards the following conditions must be satisfied: 

    1 – The card must be VISA or MasterCard.

    2 – Your name must be written on the card.

    3 – 3D secure system of your card must be enabled (The SMS code,which is sent by your bank to confirm the online purchase). Visit your bank to enable this.

      1. Hello.I have gotten the visa travel money from I$M bank but still not successful in depositing. Or my mistake is ticking for the gambling circle

  3. please can i get your whatsapp line then i contact you, please i need a reliable strategy that i will use and be winning like how you do

  4. I have opened an account with Olymptrade since November last year, i have been practicing on the Demo account since i opened my account.
    Despite having a Skrill account, i have not been able to make a deposit and engage in actual trading. Every time i try i do not succeed even when there are funds in my skrill account.
    How can you assist me?
    Ndoria Muya
    Nairobi, Kenya.

  5. please i need a guide on how to trade well am 19 years i i don’t wanna start making mistakes in my life as an online trader

    1. Hello Evelyne, assets are things like commodities, indices,currency pairs, stocks or crypto currencies in your chart. To choose the best asset to trade in Olymp Trade, login to your account to find all assets on the bar that looks like in the image below. Select any of the assets by clicking to activate
      Olymp Trade assets

      1. Hi Kenn,Im Eunice,have been trading with the demo account but now i want to switch to live account.Please,how can i get ur guide ?

  6. i will prefer the soft copy emailed to me so that i can print out as this will be faster and quicker pls if this is possible let me know sothat i can pay today or tomorrow

  7. Hi using skill method, i reached a point where i was asked for add new card, then a blank space add card no & expiry date & security code, and i don’t know what to add

    1. Your card number is the 16 digits on your VISA card. Expiry date is also just below the card number and your security code is the 3 digits at the back of your card.

      1. Wow good….I increased my demo acct from 10k to 24k+ in a day using d break out strategy… But am still learning.. Before I was not making profits.. But since I used that strategy I barely loose

  8. Am in Uganda, how can I deposit directly to olymp. Tried several banks all promising, they do online . The best they do is connect to paypal. How and what do you think I can be helped to make the deposit and withdrawals?

  9. Please advise what is the coefficient of payout rates on this or that asset is based on? And if I for example want to trade GPBUSD for how long should I wait in order the payout rates on this pair reached 80%?

    1. It is 80% for the major assets and 10% for other assets including cryptos – however, the 10% also increases to up to 80% on good market conditions. About the wait time for an asset payout value to increase, it happens spontaneously with the market volatility.

      Olymp Trade Assets

      If you are tired of waiting for a specific asset to rise, you can just pick and trade the assets already at 80%. See the image above

      1. Thanks a lot for the reply! Curious enough, but I never noticed here the assets with unfailingly high payouts before you mentioned them. Good to know! That’s great news that this platform provides assets which I can trade with high payout rates at any time!

  10. Hi, if lets say i deposit $100 using master card, i made a profit of $1500, can i withdraw all the amount at one time? How does it work?

  11. For how long can a deal remain open on Forex platform? I’m used to long-term trading, but the point is that I heard this platform is more suitable for scalping. Is that true?

  12. I’m quite fine with Olymp Trade platform. In fact, it could hardly be better. There are lots of assets for technical analysis, that allow you to analyze the charts quite accurately and apply different trading systems. If you prefer trading with technical analysis, you’ll love it, that’s guaranteed. I saw platforms of several other brokers – well, they cannot boast of such a variety of options… ? Moreover, the Olymp Trade platform works really fast, with no delays or chart slippages, which is truly remarkable. All in all, I like working with Olymp Trade. One can tell at once that this company is solid and reliable. It really shows!

  13. How much must i have in my account in order to trade in olymp trade… i know the minimum amount for the trading action is $1…but how much must i have in the account?

  14. At the moment I’m living in a country where cryptocurrency is forbidden, so I can neither trade nor invest in bitcoins. However, as far as I understand, Olymp Trade allows bitcoin trading. So if I can create an account here, I probably can trade with all the assets, including bitcoins and litecoins. Am I right?

  15. I like the pending order option at Olymp trade platform. But sometimes price does not reach the desired entry price soon enough. What happens to the pending order in this case?

  16. Please tell me how to find out how much money I’ve lost if my prediction is not correct. The platform only tells me that my profit is 0 when I’m wrong. When I’m right, it says how much I gained though.

      1. Hi, thanks for answer, it’s really help as now I can predict not only my potential winnings, but also potential loss and its really helps

  17. I like the fact that you have a lot of tools for learning. Some of them I use, but I don’t know about many of them. For example, I’ve seen in your reviews that you have webinars, but I can’t find where they are. What’s more, people say you have records of your past lessons. I would like to know where I can find all this because I really need help with my trading.

  18. I’m only learning how to trade and I like Olymp Trade demo account. Maybe my question may seem strange, but I want to know, can I refresh my demo-account to try from the very beginning as I want to start from the new page. Also, I made innitial deposit, so will refreshing demo cost money or it can be done for free? I’m learning trading and don’t know many things, so I’ll much appreciate if someone can help me, as I’m trying to avoid mistakes and cannot find such info with my googling.

      1. I already found info, sry for my questions, there is no problem to refresh and there is no restrictions. That seems good, I will keep on my learning 🙂

  19. I have an account for USD in Zambia but Visa card is not supported so how can I make a deposit having only an account number??? please help

  20. I’ve been working with the Forex trading website for several weeks now and I’m doing great. During this time I have already accumulated a good amount of money, which I would like to withdraw from my deposit account. The very procedure of withdrawal is clear to me, but I would like to know how quickly I will get the money on my bank card?

  21. Thanks, really, 2-3 days, even 5 isn’t too long. I like Olymp Trade service, so I’m ready to wait even longer, in case it’ll be required. Just want to know what to expect 🙂

  22. Recently found that Olymp Trade has introduced MT4? If I already trade in-browser trading platform, can I try the MT4? Thank you in advance.

  23. Hy Kenn. I am a Nigerian. I have being going through your step by step guide and I am really making few income from the demo account but i don’t know the best trading time in Nigeria using EUR/USD as my assets. Please I need help.

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