Earn $1000 Doing These Hustles For Two Hours Daily in 2020

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The apocalypse is here!

It has come.

In fact, it is now in your household. It is worse than world war (I) and just so destructive enough to maim the only people you care about. Your infant sons, your daughters. Or just that precious little niece you adore and love so much.


And you ask how I know?

I know because unlike your parents, my paps and Mama were working Citizens.

Working in the context of building the nation the hard way. They both had informal jobs to take care of the bills.

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Which only means one thing — when they left for work my 5-year-old pank-asss stayed behind with the house help.

Not to feed, played with and bathed like all normal kids should be cared for; but to be plunged into innocent sin.

Raped. (or is it not rape when you are 5 years old and forced to lie with a woman!) The things house helps do to innocent kids.


Bloodcurdling right?

But that’s a story for another day.

A day when I don’t feel like writing about part-time internet opportunities and how they can help you watch over your kids while you work from home.

Because honestly, try to imagine how many child abuse cases go unnoticed. Thousands! Right?

Must it take your kid getting molested to know that shit is real?

It doesn’t have to get there. You don’t have to see another child abuse story aired on TV to be scared of your own. To feel that uncomfortable blood rush.

And to wish you prevented it by certainly working from home.

Poor you!

I feel your pain. Been there remember!

And that’s why since blessed with two beautiful kids — Ryan and Maya I prefer to work from home. To take care of them when they are home. And to eliminate as many vulnerabilities in their lives as I can.

You, however, don’t have to work remotely for the same reason that I do. Not if the lives of your kids aren’t so much of your concern.

You could, however, do it to get extra cash. Or for the same mutual reason that all balling freelancers work from home. To get paid for your skills.

See how this study in the UK points out the major reasons why people work from home (to get paid tops). Taking care of kids is second and certainly a priority to women.


According to this info-graph by Michael Agar, 29% of part-time workers in the UK say they choose to work from home to take care of their children and 30% earning more than £40,000 say all they need is the money. Why do you want to work from home? Tell us in the comments. Click to tweet these findings.

And if you’re wondering how you could start off and earn so much doing what you love. Or practicing what you studied at university, don’t worry. I got you covered.

This side hustle list purposefully highlights gigs that are easy to do (even when you are watching your favorite TV program).

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And of course, you can take them alongside your full-time jobs because you’ll only need 2 hours daily. On the minimum.

#1) Get a Gig For Your Writing And Content Skills

Today when you tell anyone about being a work from home dad/mom they assume that you are an online writer, a blogger, a reviewer, or anything (writing) but the other online jobs.

Why do you think this happens?

It is because so many people have so much to say (in forums, communities, and about their business).

Problem is, there aren’t enough voices to tell these new stories and to rewrite the old enticing essays. For that reason, there is always a vacancy for a good writer thus making this gig the most popular.

A-List of The Most Credible Part-Time Writing Jobs That Pay £ 1,000^

1) Join Writing Contests

Do you remember my post on The Best Writing Competitions to Join in 2018? Well, there is a writing contest in that post that’s still running. The competition closes on 31st December and it guarantees £10000 for the winner.

If you want to take part in it visit The Moth Magazine to review its submission guideline.

Other Writing Contests to Consider: –

— 2019 International Rubery Book Award

— See 30 (+) other writing competitions on Freelance Writing

2) Take Part-Time Research Writing Jobs

When studying at tertiary level, one of the units that you must take is research writing on research methods.

Unfortunately, not so many adult students love anything that engages them longer. At least not if they have the money and the will to outsource the projects.

And because 50% of students from all over the world will pay for help, you should guide them through or write the whole goddamn research project for them (inside out) and get paid.

Here are a few credible companies to consider for part-time research writing jobs –

a) Academia

b) writers

c) Indeed — (103 jobs)

3) Take article Rewriting Jobs Online

I’ve told you this over and again. And I’ll repeat it, writing isn’t just about creating content from scratch. It is as much about recreating the past. Raising the dead content and bringing them back to life. And believe this, so many people (especially Indie bloggers) are now paying to have some article (they’ve stolen elsewhere) recreated. Click to tweet

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Is that a difficult thing to do? To google synonyms and put in place of original words? Then to break down block of sentences and rearrange the words?

Come on, this is the easiest place to jump-start your writing career and perhaps the easiest gig you will ever land on the internet.

Here’s a list of the best market places for your rewritten articles: –

a) Freelancer

b) Up-work

c) Guru

d) iWriter

And if you want to rewrite some articles for yourself (without so much time) use these article sniping tools

a) Spin Writer

b) Thrive Cart

4) Start Your Own Blog

“Tell you what, you should start blogging. You will earn insanely from it.”

Is that a statement you hear a lot when strangers read your social posts? Have you considered that you could make passive income blogging?

I say start blogging today.

However, there is little truth that you can only hear from me. No one else will mention it.

It will take a little longer (Or forever) to actually make a dime blogging; but when you start earning, the sky will be the limit.

Here’s a little something to back my statement. Only 14%of bloggers actually earn a salary in the business. This either means that the remaining 84% do it as a hobby or for therapy. Hehe

But since this post is about making money online, here’s some hope.

You can set up a blog today — for free (So if it doesn’t make you the money you just walk away — good riddance).

The most popular platform to get a free website is WordPress (With over 74,652,825 already registered blogs and counting).

Here’s a link to WordPress — the entire process of creating a new website is DIY so it should be easy to begin. However, you can also read this step by step guide on how to make a new Website to increase your chances of creating the best.

When you have developed your blog sign up for these affiliate programs to begin earning. If you do it persistently, there is a chance that you will make $1000 easily.

5) Write an eBook or a Book

Writing eBooks and Books requires a lot more time than just 2 hours a day. However, if that’s the only time you can spare, it is still OK, start writing today. However, you will not be making any money during the time which you will be writing.

And there is no guarantee that the book will gain so much popularity to sell more.

But hey, isn’t this post about hustling? Hustle your way up gal — market and promote that book to the popularity and you will make more than $3,000 monthly. In sales.

Just don’t give up after publishing.

You can start your journey to self-publishing by reading this guide — How to Successfully Self-Publish a Kindle eBook

#2) Take a Website & IT Software gig for your Programming Skills

6) Work as a PHP Developer From Home

If you follow tweets from job boards then chances are, you have come across a tweeter post advertising part-time PHP jobs.

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  • Minimum trading amount is $1
  • Get up to 98% Rate on Return
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Do you know what that means for you as a programmer?

It means that there is a great chance of sticking to your career, working remotely, and getting paid for your efforts.

And just so you know, freelance programming jobs in Kenya are better paying than all freelance jobs that I have ever come across on the internet.

Where to Seek Part-Time PHP Coding Jobs

1) WordPress Php Jobs

2) Indeed

3) Codeconquest

4) Freelancer.com

7) Take remote Web hosting Hustles on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers over 2000 (+) web hosting jobs for work at home individuals.

These jobs range from web development to IT cloud services, system administration, and more. Visit LinkedIn Web hosting jobs on this link to explore more

8) Freelance Database Admin Hustles

Who is a database admin?

Database administrators are individuals tasked with maintaining a successful database environment. They use specialized software to store and organize data. Other tasks that they may also perform include database design, configuration, performance monitoring, migration among other background duties. To sum it up, DBA’s backup and recover data.

Most of DBA jobs are now outsourced to freelancers from across the world. And according to ZipRecruiter, the most active database admin freelancers make an average of $98,000 per year. Click to tweet this fact.

There are more than 8,222+ SQL Database Administrator Freelance Jobs on the website.


You could also be interested in remote Oracle database administrator jobsIndeed.com has 9 openings at the moment. Click to tweet these jobs

#3) Take Part-time Data Entry and Admin Jobs

9) Freelance Data Entry Hustles

Data entry is one of the most popular career choices for freelancers who hope to start working from home. And interestingly enough, there are thousands of global companies that depend on data to do their jobs.

Do you know what that means?

It means that millions of data entry orders are released every other week. And if the employing company isn’t going to do the job, you will?

Just spare 2 hours daily and take up part-time data entry jobs from home. And who knows, that part-time data entry job from home could turn out to be your only job, paying all your bills and still leaving you a huge amount to stash in savings.

Check out these companies for part-time data entry hustles

1) FlexiJobs

2) Remote.co

3) Freelancer.com

4) Reach out to insurance companies near you.

5) Reach out to debt recovery companies near you (If you are in Nairobi try Quest Holdings or Nimble for part-time data entry jobs.

6) And hey, don’t forget to set up your profile on Fiverr. You will be surprised by how many employers seek part-time data entry expertise.

10) Take Part-time Customer Service Hustles

Well, this gig is not particularly popular in Kenya as it is in developed countries. But, if you just need a little something to keep you busy for a month or twothen this job is for you.

Here’s a list of where to seek part-time customer service jobs in Kenya

1) Star Classified

2) JobwebKenya

3) Brighter Monday

4) Indeed.com for Online Customer Service Jobs

11) Take Online Virtual Assistant Hustles

Virtual assistants are today needed by almost anyone in the business. Myself included.

Imagine how many jobs I do daily. I sell tents I write on this blog. I run a chicken business and still, I have to tend to other administrative duties for my other businesses.

Don’t I at least deserve to hire someone?

– Someone to design my own info-graphs

– Someone, to help run my web design company or edit and transcribe my YouTube videos?

Lucky for you, I am not the only one with so much work to outsource.

There are very many other companies, blogs, and individuals hoping that you may take some duty off their hands. And the most interesting part is, you can work online or from home. Provided you meet the needs of your employer.

Create an account with Fiverr and begin selling your virtual assistant skills. It only takes a minute. Remember, you don’t need any experience for most virtual assistant gigs. Click to tweet this tip

For US National Only — Take part-time virtual assistant jobs at Flexi jobs. Follow this link

#4) Get Paid For Your Design And Architecture Skills

12) Start Doing Logo Design Hustles

Designing and architectural skills create a huge potential for freelancers to earn competitive salaries working from home.

One specific unit that sees so much transition and is still the greatest source of income for designing freelancers is on Logo design.

I know because I have trusted and paid different logo designers on Facebook and other social networks to get value for my money.

A good example is when I paid $50 for the design of my eCommerce website logo — Joon Online Mall. It came out simple and professional. To say the least, if I wanted to create a different product again, I’d definitely outsource.

And there are many other business owners who share my thought. Else why would there be 3,682 freelance logo design jobs in Upwork, hundreds of thousands other in guru, and another pile on different infamous job boards?

There is only one answer to that question. Every business wants to look good in the face of the customers. And that’s because people judge the credibility of businesses by their branding and the design of their websites. Click to tweet this interesting insight

For that reason, you will be paid well for a good logo and even more for the best logo. See this design contest infographic for what famous corporate has paid for logo designing in the past

It would be interesting to note that Logo designers are paid handsomely for the best design. What will you do? Start designing?

Become a logo designer in 2020 - try this hustles

For the best logo ideas and ultimately the best logo designs, use these tools

– Design Wizard

– Design Hill

– Also check out design hill for logo design contests

13) Become a General Designer

While it is advisable to pick a specific design unit that you can grow with, it is also good to incorporate everything else. Especially when you are just starting out as a graphics designer with no guaranteed gigs.

Some of the designing work which you can take and that is easy to do include: — Photoshop, after effect, flyer design, 3D design, motion graphics, vehicle signage, designing landing pages, interior design, CSS… Anything goes.

You can also decide to charge per hour and be paid between $20 and $150 (standard hourly rates).

#5) Take Product Sourcing and Manufacturing Jobs from Home

14) Take Product Sourcing Hustles from Home

LinkedIn has over 9,000 product sourcing jobs. Most of which employers want to be done remotely (that’s a good part). Do you know the best part?

Job seekers aren’t very active on the platform. Which gives you an upper hand in getting most gigs on LinkedIn. Remember this sentence when you next want to ignore a LinkedIn job for fear of competition.

Best hustles of 2020

#6) Take Internet Marketing hustles for Your Sales and Marketing Skills

15) Start Doing Part-time Internet Sales Jobs

I’ll tell you a virgin little secret. A secret which you must only promise to tell a select group of like-minded people — to keep our cult growing.

I am an online salesperson. And that not a secret.

The secret is, there is money in internet sales. Lots of it. So much money that if you are extremely persistent you can create a multi-million business out of your audience and your friend’s networks.

If you are already in business, take your products online, and start selling. If you are just starting out, read the next gig.

16) Take Part-Time Social Media Marketing Hustles

To become a part-time social media marketer you must be ready to manage social media marketing campaigns and run the relevant day to day activities which may include but are not limited to — developing relevant content topics for a target audience; creating curate content and managing all published content (for the company you work for) among other duties.

Now the most interesting part is how much companies are willing to pay for the gig. That standard hourly rate is $20 — $30 an hour but some companies will pay more.

Check out this post on part-time social media manager salaries to learn how much more you can earn on the job.

Constantly check Brighter Monday, Job Web, Career Jet, and the star for available hustles.

17) Create Your Own Classified Postings Board

For this hustle, you don’t need to have a website, blog, or have the largest following in the history of twitter. You only need the will to work and some money to secure a notice board in a mall near you. (Though having the opposite increase your chances of making a real business out of this).

Have the board strategically positioned to gain as much traffic as possible and pitch for advertisers to buy space for a few shillings. This gig still works. Trust me.

And consider creating a website for the same — when it starts paying off.

18) Start Affiliate Marketing Hustles 

Top hustles to try in 2020

Did you know that about 69% of affiliate marketers work from home? 47% promote less than 10 products yearly and only 3.3% make more than $500,000 every year? Click to tweet these facts

These facts prove that marketing affiliate products from home is not so easy yet there are thousands of people who still make a living out of it.

A good example is John Chow (the owner of Johnchow.com) who is reported to receive 200,000 readers and followers on a daily basis. This translates to so much daily affiliate sales making him one of the best and most successful affiliate marketers in the world.

To begin selling affiliate products you don’t even need a blog or a website anymore, you only need a huge social following but — if you can create a free website, the better.

Find the best products or services that you feel comfortable promoting. Products that resonate with your target audience then share your affiliate links to start earning some passive income from your generated sales.

#7) Put your forecast skills to test and earn good returns on your investments (Up to 96%)

19) Join Online Investment Platforms and Increase Your Income

Disclaimer! Your funds may be at risk.

But if you are convinced that you can make trading firms go broke like George Soros (The man who broke the bank of England by investing $10 Billion to earn a profit of $1 Billion in a short sale of 1992) did, then this gig is for you.

And if you make the decision to invest, know that you are not alone.

Olymp Trade — the most popular trading platform in Kenya gets an average of 20,000 traders in a month.

From those monthly trading activities, 31 816 248 trades are closed — $ 7 969 557 payouts are made. All over a $ 148 071 562 trading volume. Click to tweet these facts

Other Interesting facts about Olymp Trade: –

a) The minimum trading amount is $1

b) Minimum deposit $10

c) When you open a new account you get a demo credit of $10,000

d) Olymp Trade has a responsive mobile app for Android and iOs

Best Hustles to try in 2020

Read this guide before you invest your money with Olymp Trade.

Extra Tips

– Start your poultry business to sell poultry products

– Download money apps and earn from either playing games, shopping or testing software

– Sell your used clothes and other households go get cash

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  • Get $10,000 in your DEMO account
  • Minimum trading amount is $1
  • Get up to 98% Rate on Return
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • $10 minimum withdrawal
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