NIC Bank Launches Instant Mobile Loans in Kenya Without Security

It’s that time of the month again. You are broke. You haven’t paid your rent. Your utility bills – water bills, electricity bills, DSTV Bills or GO TV Bills. You need quick cash. Fast money. Any money. It doesn’t matter if it is from an online gig, a mobile loan app or platforms for online loans in Kenya without security. 

What you need is money.

But here’s the truth; money is shy of broke people who need it with urgency. 

Sometimes it hides its face.

You won’t get money when you direly need it. The opposite of this statement is however correct.

At least for instant loans!

How do I know?


I know because I am a loan researcher.

And I’ve constantly bumped into lenders working very hard to get you out of your money fix.

One such lender who’s overworking to serve as many people as possible with it’s inexpensive unsecured loan is NIC Bank Kenya.

If you didn’t already know; 

NIC Bank Recently Launched Its Instant Mobile Loans in Kenya Without Security

Do you know what that means?

It means that if you are an NIC Bank customer, you may no longer have to worry about petty money problems.

This is because the NIC mobile lending solution will not only allow you to access instant loans but also ensure that you get up to KES 50,000 through your mobile phone.

Isn’t that amazing?


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However, being a new product, the mobile loan option may not immediately reflect on your NIC NOW app.

Not to worry, you can update your app on Play-store for Android users or App store for iOS users to access the mobile loan option.

Once updated the mobile loan icon will be available on the transaction menu.


You Can Also Access The NIC Mobile Loan Via the NIC Bank USSD 

Simply dial *488#, select the mobile loan option and follow the instructions to access quick cash.

Once the loan is processed, the money will be instantly credited into your NIC Bank account.



You are not an NIC Bank account holder?

Still Need Cash Urgently?

Contact NIC Bank Now.

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  1. Tala is good when it comes to issuing loans to the common mwananchi. The only thing they should work on is their interest rates. They are a bit higher compared to other loan apps.

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