Okolea Loan App | Instant Mobile Loans Sent to Mpesa in 2 Minutes

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Okolea fast loan app

Okolea is an app that provides instant loans to Kenyans through their mobile phones.

The Okolea app was established by Okolea International which is a Finance company that deals with financial solutions in money transfer, digital loans, accounting software, and more.

Their aim is to empower businesses and individuals in providing financial solutions.

Okolea Contacts.

  • Telephone number.

0720178775, 0748679076.

  • Email address.

[email protected]

Visit Website.
What\'s this?
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  • DEMO account
  • Trade with $1
  • Up to 98% RoR
  • $10 Min Deposit
Get FREE $10,000 in your demo account.
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BOX 41316-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.

Products and Services

  1. Okolea loan services
  2. Money transfer
  3. Digital payment
  4. Big data and accounting software. 

How to get Okolea Loan.

You can get the Okolea Loan in these simple and easy steps.

 Loan process.

  • Download the Okolea app from the Google store or app store.
  • Fill in the form and the app will redirect you to the home screen.
  • You will then be required to go to your profile and fill in the required details that will be required during the loan application.
  • Remember that those who give truthful information, allow Mpesa access, and allow CRB access are likely to be approved for a loan with Okolea.
  • You may borrow a loan amount equal to or less than your loan limit.

How to get a loan from Okolea by Feature Phone (kabambe) for non-smartphone users;

Unfortunately, you can not borrow a loan from Okolea if you do not have internet access and a smartphone.

As an option, dial the USSD code *841# and follow the prompts to get a loan from Zenka.

  • This service can only be accessed by Safaricom subscribers.

How to pay back your Okolea Loan.

  • Go to your Mpesa menu.
  • Select paybill.
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa.
  • Enter Okolea 245316  as the business number.
  • Enter your phone number as the account number.
  • Select the amount you want to repay.
  • Enter your Mpesa pin.
  • You will receive an Mpesa transaction confirmation.

You can also use the ‘REPAY LOAN BUTTON’ on your app to repay an Okolea Loan.

Okolea Loan Terms and Conditions.



Okolea appraises your account to determine the amount you qualify for a start. In order to receive a loan you have to;

  • Give truthful information in your profile.
  • Allow the app to access your M-Pesa.
  • Allow the organization to access your CRB report.

When your loan request gets approved, Okolea sends you the loan within an hour. however if you apply at night you will have to wait until the next morning to be approved.

Okolea Interest rates.

Okolea interest rates are dependent on your repayment period.

It ranges between 5% to 15% a month. 5% for repayments within two days, 8% if you pay within a week, 11% if you pay in three weeks and 15% if for one-month payments.

Credit limits.

Okolea loan limit is dependent on every individual borrower situation. This means that there is no set maximum limit but is dependent on individual borrowing habit.


Failure to pay extension fees for Loans may lead to your details being transferred to debt collectors and credit and reference bureau.


You are awarded a higher loan limit when you pay on time.

What is unique about Okolea loans?

Okolea International introduced a multiple loans function. With this development, you can borrow up to three loans simultaneously provided you do not exceed your limit. Plus, the loans will have different repayment periods and interest rates.

The loan app also has a “pay interest and renew loan” option. The purpose of this feature is to help those who cannot raise the entire amount within the agreed loan period but can pay the interest.


Okolea is considered easy to use, fast and reliable by many clients.

Who can benefit from Okolea Loans?

  • Small business owners.
  • Anyone in need of a personal loan.


Okolea loan app is out to change the face of financial solutions in terms of how money is transferred, digital payments are made/how big data and accounting software are used.

In this age and era, you need a technologically sound loan app that will cater to all your needs. And Okolea is just that.            

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