48 Best Small Business Ideas of 2021 (Start in Asia and Beyond)

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How would you like to start your own profitable business in 2021?

Wait, have you even done some research to find out which business idea is best to start in your country?

While some business ideas will do so well in one country, they won’t come close to breaking even in another.

And it is very easy to blame business failure on the weak will of entrepreneurs to take the much-needed action, lack of entrepreneurial skills, or even lack of knowledge in entrepreneurship.

But, have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, these small businesses don’t get to the growth phase because they are not of the country you started them in?

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In today’s post, we look at 48 small businesses that you can start and grow in specific countries in Asia.

And because of the differences in economies in the continent, we have tried so much not to mention businesses that require so much capital to start. Or other, are complicated to set up.

I hope you find a small suitable business to start in your country by the time you finish reading this post.

1. India.

Small business ideas for India

In 2021, nearly half of the Indian population has access to the internet.

Do you know what those stats mean?

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It means that the Indian population has the great advantage of starting online businesses in 2021 and thriving.

And there are very many small profitable businesses that anyone can start online in India in 2021.

Some of these businesses only require the internet and a laptop while others only need you to have an internet connection and a smartphone.

For someone in India with one or both gadgets,

  1. Become a logo designer and earn up to $30 USD in 1 day for each logo designed and accepted on freelancer.com
  2. Take package design jobs to earn up to $280 USD in 4 days working from home.
  3. Become a mobile designer to earn up to $600 USD in 4 days working online.
  4. Help bloggers with their WordPress issues and earn up to $45 USD in 1 day working from India.
  5. Use your Webdesign skills to earn up to $150 USD in 1 day working from India.
  6. Earn $260 USD per gig on product design jobs.
  7. Earn up to $10 USD for Illustration jobs.
  8. Take 3D Modeling jobs and earn handsomely working from home.
  9. Become a content writer
  10. Bid for CSS jobs on content mill sites
  11. Take software development jobs and work remotely.

The list is endless.

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2. South Korea.

Small business ideas for South Korea

With a population of over 51.269 million people and at least 9.963 million people living in every major South Korean city, it is very easy to assume that a small physical business will thrive in this part of Asia.

But, really, what’s the one low capital business that any young person can start in South Korea and thrive?

Is it in the manufacturing space, should it be on internet marketing, accounting, software architecture, or just about any small business indigenous to South Korea?

My thought?

For a country that is considered one of the fastest-growing economies in the world; with at least 60% of its population employed and unemployment rate standing at only 3%; it is safe to say that a small business in the service industry would suffice.

  1. Think about starting a research company and help all those marketing companies, among other institutions with their research projects.
  2. Start a data processing company in South Korea and earn big doing what you love.
  3. Become a teacher of the English language in South Korea and earn money teaching kids and adults.
  4. Take translation jobs in South Korea and make a business out of that hobby.
  5. Make money working as an internet marketer in South Korea.
  6. If it helps, become a social media analyst in South Korea.

The list is endless.

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3. Thailand.

While Thailand is mostly known for its iconic tourist attractions and cultures, it is also a great hub for small businesses.

If you are thinking of starting a small business in Thailand in 2021, think: –

a. Of starting an imports or exports company in Thailand. 

Remember, apart from tourism, Thailand is also known as one of the import and export hubs for Asia.

And statistically, Thailand imports more than US$200 billion worth of goods every year.

To make more sense, you can choose to niche down to specific products.

Think – electrical machinery, gems, precious metals, plastics, optical, technical, medical apparatus, organic chemicals… you name it.

b. Become an IT consultant in Thailand.

Like all Asian countries and the world at large, Thailand businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the need to be a part of the digital world.

And guess whose services they need more than they need teachers of English language, an IT consultant’.

You can become an IT consultant to give customized solutions on animation, games, and mobile application development products which Thailand is considered a leader in.

Or, you can pioneer a consultancy company on blockchain-based applications and still thrive in Thailand.

c. Start a translation service business in Thailand.

Small business ideas for Thailand

Did I mention that IT consultants were more needed than English teachers in Thailand?

Well, there could be half-truths in that.

Translators are as much important in Thailand as consultants are.

Remember, Thailand is now part of ASEAN, countries.

As such, there is more need for Thailand companies to translate their business documents to other Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

You could make money in Thailand doing these translations.

Other profitable businesses that you can start in Thailand in 2021.

  • Create a Catering Company
  • Real Estate Company
  • Healthcare Services Business
  • Open a Resort.
  • Travel and Tour Companies.

The list is endless.

You can also make money in Thailand by investing in the stock market, crypto market, currencies market, indices market, or investing in metals.

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4. Vietnam 

Small business ideas for Thailand

It is almost impossible to think about starting a business in Vietnam without considering Agricultural Products Processing in those thoughts.

But for someone who is not interested in manufacturing in Vietnam, what other small business ideas can they consider in Vietnam?

a. Consider starting a bar or restaurant in Vietnam

b. Start a Logistics/ haulage company in Vietnam.

c. Become a real estate developer or agent in Vietnam.

d. Make and sell detergents and cosmetics in Vietnam.

e. Consider venturing into Garment and Textile making.

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5. The United Arab Emirates 

Think UAE and immediately a haven of skyscrapers forms in your mind.

You can not think about Dubai without ever thinking about the real estate business in the middle east.

But other than starting a real estate business in UAE, which by the way may require lots of capital to start; what other business can you start in the United Arab Emirates in 2021?

The list is endless, but most notably, you would want to start: –

  • E-commerce business in UAE in 2021.
  • Become a travel and tourism consultant in UAE.
  • Consider opening a real estate agency in UAE in 2021.
  • Start something in the health sector.
  • Become a handyman in UAE.
  • Start a beauty salon in UAE.

Start something in the health sector.

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6. Indonessia 

Tax consultancy business in Indonesia

If in 2021 you are in Indonesia and are wondering which business you can start in the region to make quick money; then don’t think of anything other than Forex trading.

Unlike in all the other Asian Nations, trading in Indonesia is a culture practiced by the majority of the citizens.

People living in Indonesia live, breathe and eat trading.

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Other than trading, you can also become a travel consultant in Indonesia…

a. Start an equity financing business

b. Use an extra room in your house for Airbnb

c. Become an App developer in Indonesia

d. Start a furniture factory in Indonesia

e. Leasing and Crowdfunding

f. Dress-making business

g. Tax consultancy business

h. Online retail market

All these and other online businesses can help you make money as a business owner in Indonesia.


7. Malaysia.

Personal computer and smartphone repair services in Malaysia

Malaysia hosts millions of tourists every year.

Do you know what that means?

It means you can start a travel agency business and earn good money while keeping up with the trends.

On the flip side, you can venture into the hotel industry or just become an Airbnb to offer the Malaysian experience to visitors.

Other small and profitable businesses that you can also start to make money in Malaysia in 2021 include: –

a. Ecommerce business

b. Childcare business

c. Fashion and Retail business

d. Microfinancing services business

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e. Photography business

f. Personal computer and smartphone repair services

g. Food truck business

h. The pet-related business

i. Affiliate marketing business

j. Café business  

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8. Saudi Arabia

What small business can you start in Saudi Arabia and succeed?

Well, there are thousands of businesses that you can start in Saudi Arabia in 2021.

The most notable small businesses to start in Saudi Arabia in 2021 being;l

a. A Human Resource Agency.


Look at it from this angle,

The working class in Saudi Arabia is largely sourced from other countries.

More than 80% of employees in the private sector companies in Saudi are outsourced from foreign countries.

But, shouldn’t there be someone to facilitate employments and do orientation to these new employees?

That’s where you come in.

You can start your own HR agency and earn by helping private companies in Saudi Arabia get the right employees while also helping job seekers find the best companies to work for.

b. Start an e-commerce business in Saudi Arabia.

This might seem like a crowded space but believe me, if you niche down you could still create an empire in Saudi Arabia by selling only a specific kind of product.

Some of the products to sell from Saudi Arabia may include vintage clothes, utensils, carpets, furniture, handmade jewels among other easy-to-make stuff.

Start a solar energy business in Saudi Arabia

c. Start a solar energy business in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is perfect for solar energy production if its hot climate is anything to go by.

But by far, the number one reason to engage in solar energy production in Saudi Arabia may be because the Government is at the forefront, encouraging investment in solar power creation.

Do you know what this means?

It may be cheap making and selling solar products in the country.

If you don’t have enough capital to make your own solar products, consider sales of solar panels, solar installations, etc.

Other small profitable businesses that you can start in Saudi Arabia in 2021 include:

  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • ICT related businesses
  • Selling consumer and luxury goods
  • Water and waste recycling business
  • Online tutoring.

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