Legit Online Jobs Without Investment That Pay Via Mpesa (2022)

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There are so many online jobs in Kenya that anyone without experience can do to make passive income from home.

Some of which I have previously highlighted on my now trending posts – I will teach you how to make $1000 daily with Olymp Trade Kenya and how to make 1 million dollars yearly blogging.

But, are these really the only online jobs without investment to start in Kenya in 2022?

Let’s find out.

This list is the ultimate guide to finding the most legit online jobs to do from home.

Online Jobs Without Investment That Pay Via Mpesa in Kenya

1. Travel Writing 

Though not very popular among Kenya writers, travel writing is one of the easiest ways to make money online without ever making any investment but time and talent.

Visit Website.
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1 Quotex logo without background
  • DEMO account
  • Trade with $1
  • Up to 98% RoR
  • $10 Min Deposit
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The best part is, these jobs are easily available.

There are thousands of hotels, flights, national parks, resorts, and other travel businesses that need visibility in the travel industry.

Your travel writing skills come in handy.

Personally, I make an average of $200 and $400 per post doing travel writing in Kenya.

Where to Find Travel Writing Jobs

  1. Arrivedo (Recommended)
  2. Send Writing Proposals to Hotels you want to work with
  3. Send travel writing proposals to tour agencies with websites in Kenya
  4. Start your travel blog with True Host Kenya to promote travel affiliate programs -and- get paid. (It only takes 10 minutes to create a Free WordPress Website)

2. Join Viusasa For Artists

Another great place to make money online while practicing your passion and promoting your talent is in Viusasa.

The Viusasa platform is a subscription video-on-demand service in Kenya.

You can join Viusasa as an artist to create content and make money when subscribers view your shared content.

For any Kenyan who wants to start working on legit online jobs without investments, Viusasa is a great place to begin.

To join Viusasa for Artists/Partners and promote your comedy, drama, or vernacular videos, visit their website here.

How to submit Content to Viusasa via email 

After registration as a contributor into the Viusasa portal, submit your content on Viusasa, via email – [email protected] 

3. Become a Content Writer at Freelancer Kenya

As a freelance writer in Kenya, it is now easier to get online writing jobs without so much hustle.

All for the efforts of one man Walter Akolo who is the owner of Freelancer Kenya -and- the major outsourcing of online writing jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa.

If you think you can handle academic writing, academic writing, or article writing; contact him to begin your online writing journey in Kenya.

4. Become an Online Marketer 

As a marketer, you will make very good money on marketing other people’s products.

And the gist of the trade is, you don’t need any prior experience but an engaged social media audience -and- a product to promote.

If you have a huge following and you’d like to make money idling online then online marketing should be on top of your online jobs without an investment list for 2022.

Where to find Online Marketing Jobs in Kenya

  1. Duma Works
  2. Moko Homes
  3. Safaribet
  4. Africa Loan

5. Logo Designer 

If you have the skill and will to help others develop their businesses then you might as well consider becoming a logo designer.

Logo designing is one of the greatest online businesses that pay through Mpesa.

And there is no investment needed to start this venture other than time -and- social media presence.

I created the Logo of this blog at LOGO DESIGNERS on Facebook and for it through Mpesa.

It is interesting that we have never met -and- they delivered it on time.

6. Sell Affiliate Products And Earn a Commission

Another great way to make money online -and- be paid through Mpesa in Kenya is to start selling affiliate products.

In Kenya Jumia is the leading merchant that allows individuals -and- companies to promote products -and- be paid commissions.

Other companies to seek in Kenya include

  1. Kilimall
  2. Top serve
  3. Vitu Zote.

These are the 2019 Legit Online Jobs Without Investment That Pay Through Mpesa in Kenya.

If you want an online job that needs a minimum investment of $10 for unlimited payout, register with Olymp Trade.

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