Freelance Writing | How I Earn $200 Regularly as a Travel Writer

As a needy enthusiast of freelance writing in 2018; what’s your desired achievement for 2019? Do you still want to continue writing for Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, and iWriter for those meager pays?

Do you?

You don’t?


That’s what I thought.

And if you want my honest opinion, no good writer should ever waste their precious time toiling to earn $2.5 for a 500 words post on freelance writing sites.

Else, what’s the sense of proving talent & showing perfection?

Such is life for a beginner of freelance writing. You’ll earn whatever comes.

But for how long until you get severe headaches and want out?

For how long?

My Reflection 

I started my writing career at Freelancer too. That’s way back in 2011 when all inexperienced writers got cheap gigs. (Not all)

And the few of us who got the privilege were paid $1.5 regardless.

Never the less, I wrote 3,000-word posts daily to cash-in $9.

Looking back at the struggle, I feel humiliated. I wonder how the hell I did not say no-and-started a blog then! Or even a small business.

Perhaps I would now be a millionaire.

And the most insulting part is, for the same amount of words I now earn $200.

Then you would ask,

But Kenn, who pays you so much money for only 3000 words?

Hold that question. You will get your answer in a bit.

First, let’s show you why you need to create a website ASAP. Because it makes the difference between earning peanuts and earning real money.

And really, you need a website/blog for the purpose of showcasing your writing samples. It makes things easier for freelance employers to single you out as a good catch.

Personally I have 3 different websites. Joon Online Mall landed me my freelance travel writing job.

How Did it Happen?

I was idly surfing the net after a hard day’s freelance writing job.

You know how we (writers) stick in front of the computer punching in the keys – only stopping to sip gruel or hum our favorite songs then get back to it?

If I said I remembered the date, I’d be lying.

But if I insist that I bumped on a travel writing opportunity that changed my life. Then that’s the truth.

The ad was italicized with these decisive words – Travel Writers wanted!

That’s how I took interest-and-

Applied For a Freelance Travel Writing Job in Arrivedo

I got approved.

That’s despite Arrived being known to approve only 30% of writer applications.

What Arrivedo Wants in New Writers  
  1. A salesperson – you will walk to a hotel in your neighborhood-and-pitch them to write a hotel neighborhood guide in exchange for free accommodation or money.
  2. Arrivedo also needs a writer – when the hotels agree to deal with you, you will interview the manager and write the guide as per Arrivedo terms-and-style.

Here’s a sample guide that I wrote for Decasa Hotel Nairobi

Benefits of Starting Freelance Travel Writing at Arrivedo

  1. Get free accommodation across the world
  2. You get to develop your writing portfolio as a travel writer
  3. It is a chance to improve your writing skills and to learn how to pitch your writing work
  4. Arrivedo gives you the chance to meet very many other writers from across the world – on the Arrivedo community
  5. Freelance writing with Arrivedo is a great opportunity to earn BIG
How I Earn $200 Regularly as a Travel Writer

Have you created your website already?

If you haven’t, use WordPress to create a Free Website today. It is DIY.

Note that when I applied for an Arrivedo Writer membership I was asked for my writing samples. It was easy to send in the application because then I just sent in my website link. Plus, it showed that I already had some experience writing.

So far I have written 5 hotel neighborhood guides for Arrivedo. I have 3 others lined for 2019.

And I recently got a double deal. Arrivedo offered me $200 to write a Neighborhood guide for X resort who on the other hand agreed to accommodate me-and-my family for a weekend in Naivasha.

If you are sold for starting your freelance writing journey as a Travel Writer, use these platforms to start:-

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