I Started Joon Online With Ksh. 1,599. What’s Holding You? Start Blogging

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Last year at around this time I’d already known that I’d be jobless.

That’s because prior to circulating redundancy letters, the HR visited our office and broke the bad news.

Our position would be no more by the end of March.

a. This would take away our salaries (abruptly)

b. Our medical insurance covers would stop working within the month 

c. We’d have difficulties paying our soft loans, personal loans – individual NHIF and NSSF…

And obviously, without any personal savings, all the surfs we’d made in life; would be icy mountains.


You would expect that I’d be devastated.

But sorry to disappoint you,

I was rather happy.

Happy Because: –

1. I’d receive a lump sum pay (severance pay) for future months I’d have otherwise work for.

2. And even happier that I’d be FREE to do whatever I wanted for the rest of my adult life?

But things don’t always go according to plan.

It gets rough when you choose to sit at home and eat your money hopping a better job comes your way in due course.

And it doesn’t.

Months later; you still don’t have no job, you’ve spent all the money you earned, you’re starting to spend your child’s savings and worse?

Your unpaid bills are four folds the usual.

That’s the situation I was in by June 2018.

I got so stressed that if I hadn’t bumped into Olymp Trade sooner, I’d have died of depression.

Find time to read how I earned Ksh. 502,000 in under 2 hours.


We are in the month of June and after winning the money I decide to share my Olymp Trade Success Story on the internet (over excitement) and boom, my blogging career on Joon Online is born, launched and thriving.

Today, I am a full time blogger. And it sounds funny.

Especially to people who have known me as either a regional account manager for some crazily big company. A sales manager for some adored micro-finance in Kenya. Or a customer service agent in a company anyone would have loved to work for.

But; what people think aside, I enjoy blogging.

It pays my bills and I can work from home. From anywhere.

Need I mention that it only cost me Ksh. 1,599 to start Joon Online?

You can also design one yourself.

Or give me the honors of creating you one of the best blogs for Ksh. 10,000 only

And what do you get for Ksh. 10,000 you ask?


Here’s What to Expect

1. Other than a well designed WordPress website

2. You get 1 great case study article in the niche you choose

3. A link from my site – Joon Online (very important if you want to rank faster in google)

4. Suggestions of monetization. (this ensures that you start earning from your blog – almost immediately).

Want to know more about blogging and how to start making passive income with it?

Start here


Kenn Omollo

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