Start an eCommerce Business in Kenya With Ksh. 1,599

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What’s the most unique business that I can start in Kenya to enjoy profits & monopoly for at least one year! Any ideas? An eCommerce Business?

Apparently, there isn’t a single profitable business that you would start in Kenya & run for a week before someone else Jumps into it. And that sucks!

Doesn’t it?

Bitter business people call it an unfair business practice?

I however call it competition.

And the funny thing is, so many Kenyans would rather not start a business than have it replicated the next day.

But, tell me this my friend;

What if your simple business model was to become the next AirBnB? (Food for thought)


Today’s edition of Joon Business Ideas is all about advising you on the best ways to deal with competition.

Having a strong online presence is just one idea. Joining the eCommerce space another.


apart from not starting a profitable business in a crowded niche, what are the other options of dealing with business competition? 

I say,

1. Know who you are competing against 

Yes, you should know who you are competing against.

But how do you single out the main competition without spending so much money?

Find out what makes your competitor stand out in the business & improve yours for the better.


2. Start Marketing Your Business 

If your business isn’t doing well, chances are; people don’t know about you. You can change that by improving the aggression of your marketing team.

Use your social media networks to tell more people about your business. Show them what you sell & certainly why they should buy from you.

If this doesn’t work, engage social media influencers to increase the impact. Also keep in mind that there are other better marketing strategies like advertising on TV, radio, using ad-networks like Adsense & the others. You can also do customized campaigns targeting in-store clients. 

But what’s really the most effective way to increase conversions while you still stay under budget? Embrace affiliate marketing – (of course as a merchant). Jumia Kenya is doing it, Kilimall is doing it Vitu Zote is doing it. So why can’t you also do it?

What’s holding you back? Just find the best affiliate software & you are on.


3. Know Your Customer 

A quick one. 

When designing your marketing campaign, you want to be sure that you are communicating the right thing.

You want t send out something which resonates with your clients & has the greatest chance of increasing your conversion rates.

Questions to ask

Is it a good discount that your clients need? (Create a sale)

Do they want the the latest products? (Update your stock then send out a word)

Is it a product that most people wouldn’t afford on cash? (Partner with credit companies & give flexible repayment plans)

You can also opt to sell through the eCommerce platforms in your country to get a wider reach  

Problem is, most of them will absorb your brand as they won’t promote it along your products.

The simplest Solution to this problem is to create your own eCommerce store.

If your competitor isn’t strong online already. This is the best counter to help you stay ahead of the game.

So apart from just the bragging right that you created a website before anyone else in your space; what other benefits do you get for owning that website?

You get a wider client reach than you competitors 

Your business stays Open 24/7 – 365 days 

It’s a quick way to up-sell products & services that aren’t already performing well  

Websites give businesses more credibility 

How to Start an eCommerce Business in Kenya with just 1,599/=

Interestingly, there isn’t so much money needed to start an eCommerce business. 

With just Ksh. 1,599 you can now own a super fast business website that will put your brand out there & help you sell more.

So how do you set up an attractive eCommerce website from home – without involving an I.T person?

It’s easy – first get your business a good domain name. A domain name is an address where clients will get your business online. Example my website’s domain name is –

You can’t just get any domain name. It has to be something that’s not in use already.

What’s you domain name? Is it available? Find out here.

Type your business name to check if the domain is available. 


Visit True Host Kenya for Domains (They are the cheapest at 570/=)

When you have registered a domain (buy hosting – costs Ksh. 999 for one year). A host ensures that your website is always visible for clients to see & shop.

Example, this website is hosted by – True Host Kenya In case you haven’t decided on where to host yet, take my word. They are good.

Besides they are always available to help 24/7 on live chat, calls & email.

After getting the domain name & hosting, it’s time to now design your website. I just covered all the steps involved in my previous post. Make 1 Million Dollars Yearly | Here’s How Most Bloggers Do It.

With updated content your eCommerce business should increase your business’ conversion over time. 

Wanna try? Bring your products online with eCommerce Business.

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