470+ Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya 2024 (Organized by County)

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I was idly surfing the internet yesterday when I came across these statistics; “1 out of 5 businesses in Kenya fail in their first year of business.

And half of the remaining businesses don’t make it past the first five years of business.”

And I thought to myself, how unforgiving can the business environment in Kenya be, not to let a business grow past one year?

Then another thought hit me,

Maybe, it is not the business environment. Rather it is the kind of business that people copy from one county to go start in other counties.

But, can that one reason justify why almost 60% of businesses in Kenya fail to go past 5 years after opening?

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That’s a topic for another day.

In today’s post though, we discuss at least 400 most profitable businesses that you can start and scale past 1 year or 5 years.

#001. Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas for Kenya. Mombasa County.

Mombasa, also known as county 001 is the second-largest city in Kenya and the only city in the coastal region.

The metro area population of Mombasa in 2024 was 1,495,000 with most of its people residing in the city. The city tends to population increase of 0.2% annually.

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Mombasa is famous for its luxurious hotels, world-class beach resorts, and its historical significance.

It is the most popular tourist destination in Kenya and a good place to do business both for local and international entrepreneurs.

But what are these small profitable business ideas to consider starting Mombasa in 2024?

  1. Start a tour and travel business in Mombasa – Being a coastal city and popular tourist destination, it would only make sense to tap into this market. And what better way is there to start a business and become profitable than to go for a share of the existing market?
  2. Export and Imports business – Tourism aside, Mombasa is also known for its large ports that bring in and ship goods out of the country. If you can handle the imports and exports business efficiently then Mombasa is the place to base your business in 2024.
  3. Hospitality business – Have I already mentioned that Mombasa is popular for its historic sites and beaches? This means thousands of tourists flock to the region year in and year out. And if you want to start a business and become profitable then a small business in the hospitality industry would be ideal for Mombasa in 2024.
  4. Car bazaar – sells new and used cars.

  5. Use your car for uber – Yes, this is another easy way to make money in Mombasa and probably just as profitable as selling Madafu. Do you have a car and are searching for a small business to venture into in 2024? This is it. Become an Uber/Bolt driver.
  6. Sell solar products – The climate in Mombasa is also hot and good for solar production. And with the rising costs of electricity in Kenya, you can easily make a killing selling solar products in the region. Plus, it is not very costly to start this business or to become a sales representative for established companies.
  7. Sell water and beverages in Mombasa – Being a hot place, it is highly unlikely that you will not find clients for your business. You can also sell fruit salad and fresh juice. We will buy… hehe.
  8. Open a curio shop in Mombasa – Did I already mention that most people in Mombasa are tourists? Did I also mention that tourists leaving the country like to take souvenirs? If you love art, start a curio shop in Mombasa to take a share of those profits.
  9. Start a hotel booking site in Mombasa – There are very many small hotels in Mombasa that you can work with, give them publicity and clients to earn a share of their profits.
  10. Start a travel blog for Mombasa – You can also start a blog to share useful information about the region. You can promote hotels, restaurants, and local businesses or use Adsense to earn money with your blog.

#002. Business Ideas With Little Capital in Kenya. Kwale County.

Kwale is a small town in and the capital of Kwale County, Kenya.

Just like Mombasa, Kwale is a coastal town known for its tourist attraction sites, and hotels. But perhaps what we all know Kwale for is its beaches such as Diani Beach.

With that in mind, which small profitable business ideas should you consider for Kwale town?

  1. Sell swimming costumes – Most people go to Diani to enjoy the beach, as such, the business of selling swimming costumes would be ideal to start with low capital.
  2. Make and sell liquid soap – This is another easy-to-start business that requires little capital and an easy-to-learn skill. If you are interested in learning how to make liquid soap in Kwale, watch this DIY video.
  3. Waste recycle business – Come up with innovative ideas that do not require huge capital to manage wastes in Kwale County. If it works, bring in more partners to make a profitable business.
  4. Start a Tuk Tuk business in Kwale – Like, in all busy towns in Kenya, transport is needed. If you have a Tuktuk and you live in Kwale, use it to offer transportation to tourists.
  5. Start a Mpesa agency – Mpesa is still one of those small businesses that you can start in Kenya with small capital. Do you have Ksh. 50,000 and you would like to start a profitable business in Kwale, consider putting your money in the Mpesa business.
  6. Sell cereals in Kwale – If you have Ksh. 100,000 and would like to start a profitable business in 2024, consider putting your money in the cereals business.
  7. Start a water bottling plant in Kwale – Now, this business is not cheap to start but if you ask me, I’ll say you can make so much money doing it Kwale.
  8. Sell Fast Foods in Kwale – Just like in Mombasa, a fast-food business would do well in Kwale if human traffic is anything to go by.

#003. 2024 Business Ideas in Kenya, Kilifi County.

There is no denying that Kilifi beaches are beautiful, their hotels gorgeous and its climate favorable for many small businesses in Kenya.

But what are these business ideas to consider in 2024 for the old town of Kilifi?

  1. Start a poultry farm in Kilifi in 2024 – you can buy 1-day old chicks for local hatcheries then sell, slaughter, or use them for their eggs.
  2. Lease your vehicle to taxi companies – If you have a car and would like to earn some passive income off it. Consider leasing to taxi companies for monthly payments.
  3. Matatu business – There are buses which transverse Kilifi through to Mombasa and back, if you think they make money and would like a share of those profits, buy yours and have it do the same business.
  4. Massage parlor – Do you have Ksh. 500,000 to Ksh. 1,000,000 that you’d like to use for business? Consider opening an executive massage parlor in Kilifi. It will be worth your while.
  5. Barbershop – Unlike in the upcountry areas, people living in the cost grow hair very fast. Do you know what that means? You could get a regular clientele for your barbershop in Kilifi in 2024.
  6. Become a wedding planner in Kilifi – Yes, you can also make money planning weddings in Kilifi.
  7. Start an online shop to sell arts and crafts – Instead of competing with the thousands of Masai markets and curio shops in Kilifi, consider going online to tap on the online market too.

#004. Untapped business ideas in Kenya. Tana River County.

Tana River County is one of the forty-seven (47) counties in the Republic of Kenya. The County takes its name from River Tana which is the longest river in Kenya.

Tana river produces half of Kenya’s electricity and it is also responsible for at least 80% of the water consumed in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

Below are some of the small untapped businesses that you can start in Tana River County, Kenya.

  1. Rice farming – if you have the capital to start rice farming and the will to lease land in Tana River County, then go ahead and invest in this venture. It is still one of those business ventures that aren’t fully tapped in the county.
  2. Become a mango farmer – Tana river county is also known to export mangos to other counties and outside the county. And despite the county producing mangoes in largescale, there is still room for beginners in the business.
  3. Start your tailoring business in Tana river county – If you have the skills and a sewing machine, then that’s just as much as you need to become a tailor. Go ahead and start this business in Tana River County, Kenya.
  4. Become a Boda Boda ridder – Many people may already be doing this kind of business but there is still more room for more riders.
  5. Open plumbing hardware in Tana River – This is another untapped business idea that you can consider starting in Tana River in 2024. If you have enough capital to start, do not hesitate. Go ahead and set up.
  6. Vend fruits – Fruit vending is as much a profitable business to start in 2024 as it is untapped in Tana River. If the margins make sense to you, go ahead and begin the business in 2024.
  7. Sell electricals – Target new buildings coming up in Tana River with this small business.
  8. Catering business – You can start this business to take advantage of the small and major events in Tana River county.

#005. Top 10 Business Ideas in Kenya. Lamu County.

Lamu Old Town is the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa, retaining its traditional functions.

It has hosted major Muslim religious festivals since the 19th century and has become a significant center for the study of Islamic and Swahili cultures.

As such, the top business ideas in this section will be business ideas that abide by the sharia law and are still as profitable as any other in the list.

Here are some of the small businesses to consider starting in Lamu in 2024.

  1. Start a photography business – There are very many international travel blogs that write about Lamu as a tourist destination. Problem is, there aren’t as many photographs to accompany these stories. If you live in Lamu you can take photos and sell them on photo stock sites.
  2. Become an events planner in Lamu – Lamu town sees lots of events happening every year. And there is more that can be done to improve those annual events. If you have what it takes, strive to become the go-to events planner in the region in 2024.
  3. Become a musician in Lamu in 2024 – There is no denying that artists from the coastal region of Kenya produce the best music. Are you such an artist that can move crowds with his songs? Consider becoming a recording artist in Lamu in 2024.
  4. Start an office supplies business in Lamu in 2024 – Apart from profitability, this business is also easy to start and requires minimum capital.
  5. Become a real estate agent in Lamu – If you choose to do this business, do not forget to set up your social media pages and create a website for your real estate business.
  6. Strat a mini supermarket in Lamu – This is one of the trending businesses in Kenya and it can be just as profitable as any other business idea on this list.

#006. Top 10 Food Business Ideas for Kenya. Taita Taveta County.

Taita Taveta is a beautiful county with lots of beautiful places to visit and thousands of activities to do.

But, on the way to these beautiful places, during site visits, and after site visits, travelers may want something to eat and/or drink.

If you have an entrepreneurial mind, consider starting these small business ideas in Taita Taveta in 2024.

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  1. Bakery – You can start a small bakery in Taita Taveta in 2024 to feed the region and to feed visitors of the magnificent Taita Taveta county.
  2. Food truck – If the county government allows, start a food truck business in Taita Taveta and try to locate the business where there is a lot of traffic.
  3. Start a cooking class – As a tour experience of Taita Taveta county, you could start cooking classes to teach tourists how food is made the Taita Taveta way.
  4. Start a meal delivery business – If you can cook good food in Taita Taveta, consider selling your food to offices. As a plus service, offer free delivery.
  5. Supply hotels and restaurants with organic foods.
  6. Start an energy drinks business. It may come in handy for tourists.
  7. Sell ice cream.
  8. Start farming.
  9. Sell boiled eggs and smokies
  10. Blog about food and recipes

#007. New Business Ideas to Start in Kenya, Garissa County.

Garissa town is the capital of Garissa county.

Being a town in the Northeastern part of Kenya, it is easy to pass it as another town with no tangible business opportunities.

But shock on you, Garissa is actually one of the best-positioned counties for small businesses in the Northeastern region of Kenya.

Think bhajia business, chips business, Kibanda business, eggs and smokies business, Mpesa business… name it all. You can start it in Garissa and thrive.

What other business ideas are good to start in Kenya? Garissa County.

  1. Water Vending Business – Make/buy a 2 wheeled water vending cart and use it to supply water in Garissa county.
  2. Sell Airconditioners in Garissa County – If you ask me which counties are the hottest in Kenya, Garissa will most definitely top my list. You can start a business selling air conditioners and you will thrive.
  3. Start a restaurant in Garissa County – There is demand for kawaida foods like ugali, kienyeji, well-cooked samaki… name it. You’ll mostly sell to visitors in the county.
  4. Keep goats in Garissa – If you have land in Garissa you can keep goats for their meat and milk. You’ll definitely make money doing this in Garissa.
  5. Private security firm – Offer private security for pay in Garissa.
  6. Start a wholesale for electronics and electricals.
  7. Sell new clothes in Garissa.
  8. Become an artist.
  9. Start a bakery business in Garissa.
  10. Start a hair salon business in Garissa.

#008. Small Businesses to Start with 5K in Kenya. Wajir County.

Starting a small business in Wajir Couty, Kenya can be a big risk especially if you don’t know what to sell, where to sell, and/or when to sell. But at least it is a risk worth taking. One that may prove to be the only best thing you ever do in your life.

But for someone who has small capital or does not have any capital at all, what’s the next best option?

Start these small businesses with KES. 200, 500, 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K or 5K in Wajir County.

  1. Virtual assistants – These are work-from-home individuals who provide technical and administrative assistance to busy individuals through the internet. If you have Ksh 200 only and would like to start a business in Wajir, consider using that money for internet bundles and search for remote virtual assistant jobs.
  2. Ghostwriting – This is another business that you can do remotely in Wajir to earn good money. With only Ksh. 500, you can buy internet bundles for 1 week, work online, and get paid online.
  3. Graphics designing – If you’re good with Photoshop or similar tools, go to freelancing sites like Fiver to find remote work.
  4. Become a tour guide – You can also make money in Wajir as a local tour guide. You may not need to invest any money upfront for this kind of business.
  5. Sell stock photos – Take photos of Wajir county and sell them online.
  6. Make and sell soap in Wajir county
  7. Become an interior designer in Wajir
  8. Use the Olymp Trade app to trade online.
  9. Sell eggs and smokies
  10. Sell Goat milk and Carmel milk.

#009. Best Business to Start with 2K in Kenya, Mandera County.

If you want to start a business that would make you at least 2K daily then these are some of the businesses to consider starting in Mandera county in 2024.

Note, that you will need 2K or less to start these kinds of businesses in 2024. And, most of that starting capita will go to internet subscriptions.

  1. Editing and proofreading business – If you are good in English Arabic or even Swahili, consider taking these jobs. They don’t require any upfront payment and are very lucrative.
  2. Resume writing – You can make so much money from the comfort of your home in Mandera just by writing resumes for job seekers.
  3. Social media management – Earn by helping overwhelmed companies keep their social media pages active.
  4. Bookkeeping – Make money by doing bookkeeping jobs for small companies in Garissa.
  5. Data Entry – Take data entry jobs to make money working online.
  6. Affiliate marketing – This is where you sell other people’s products or services for pay. As an affiliate marketer, you do not need to make any upfront payment.
  7. Consultancy business – Other than working online, you can also make money in Mandera county by working as an external consultant to small and medium enterprises in Garissa.
  8. Tutoring – You can make money online teaching English, Swahili, or Arabic languages.
  9. Become a personal trainer in Mandera – Help other people achieve their physical targets by training them in Mandera county.
  10. Build websites for pay.

#010. The Most Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya 2024, Marsabit County.

Marsabit is the number 10 county in Kenya and also the largest county in the country.

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It is home to some of the most popular tourist destinations like Lake Turkana, Sibiloi National Park, Namunyak Wildlife Reserve, and Moyale town.

Ideally, any Kenyan who wants to start a small business in Marsabit county can just go in and start. Due diligence and finding the best small business to go for notwithstanding.

So, which are those small profitable business ideas to consider investing in Marsabit, Kenya in 2024?

  1. Beaded Sandals and Handbags – If you have the dexterity and creativity to make beaded sandals, go ahead and start this business in Marsabit.
  2. Transport business – Make money transporting goods between Marsabit and Moyale towns.
  3. Public service vehicles – You can also invest in the matatu business in Marsabit.
  4. Hotel business – Being a popular tourist destination, you can also start a hotel business in the county to make money.
  5. Garbage collection – Make money with door-to-door garbage collection.
  6. Waste recycling – Come u with ideas around waste recycling and use them to make your profitable business.
  7. Mobile Money Business – You can also become an agent for mobile money services like Mpesa to earn money.
  8. Start a wines and spirits business
  9. Sell kitchenware
  10. Sell Jewellery.

#011. What’s The Best Business to Start in Rural Areas in Kenya? Isiolo County.

While there are thousands of small businesses that any Kenyan can start from any rural part of the country, not all of them are sometimes sustainable.

And not all of them are always profitable.

If you live in Isiolo county or any other rural part of Kenya, here are some small business ideas to consider working with.

  1. Sell second-hand clothes – Mtumba clothes sell very fast in rural areas. As long as you do not overprice, you will sell.
  2. Sell fruits – You can get fruits from your farm and sell them for profit.
  3. Start a sugarcane and sugarcane juice business – Regardless of the county you live in, you can start selling sugarcane in the rural areas of that county and you will make money.
  4. Beekeeping – Keep bees for honey.
  5. Fish farming – Make ponds and keep fish for sale.
  6. Animal keeping – Keep any type of domestic animal from your rural home in Kenya.
  7. Grow and sell vegetables.
  8. Sell small trees and flowers.
  9. Start a landscaping business
  10. Open a cyber cafe.

#012. What’s The Best Business to Start With 1 Million Shillings in Kenya? Meru County.

Meru county is an agricultural country.

Do you know what that means?

It means you can start all sorts of agribusinesses in Meru county and thrive. But starting these small businesses in agriculture doesn’t come cheap.

You will need to invest quite some huge cash to reap optimum results.

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So what are these small profitable businesses that you can start with 1 million shillings in Meru County, Kenya in 2024 and thrive?

  1. Agrovet business – This market is not saturated and you can still make lots of money selling agricultural inputs, seeds, pesticides… you name it.
  2. Selling car spare parts – That’s right. With 1 Million shillings you can start your car spare parts business and thrive working close to home.
  3. Start a car garage – Use that money to start a mechanical garage in Meru county.
  4. Sell jewelry and wedding dresses
  5. Do large-scale farming for tomatoes and watermelon
  6. Start a tent-making business in Meru county.
  7. Start a fast food business with 1 million shillings
  8. Buy a car and turn it into uber
  9. Start miraa farming in Meru county.
  10. Keep cattle, goats, and sheep.

#013. Which Business Can I Start with 10K in Kenya? Tharaka Nithi County.

Think Tharaka Nithi County and you can immediately envision banana farms, potato farms, hawking, real estate… and all that needs money, money, and more money to start.

So what really are the most profitable businesses that you can start in Kenya with 10K?

To be more specific, in Tharaka Nithi County?

  1. Forex trading – While you can start trading with only $10, it is not the best amount to invest if you want to earn a living trading. If you have $100 only and are looking for something to start doing with that money, consider Forex trading.
  2. Dropshipping business – Drop shipping is when you sell products online without owning any stock. You can start this business with only 10K by opening a Shopify account.
  3. Home cleaning services – This is another business that though lucrative, is still not fully tapped in Tharaka Nithi and you can start with 10K only.
  4. Mitumba business – With only 10K you can get a bale of mitumba clothes and sell for double profits.
  5. Start flipping domains – a .co.ke domain costs Ksh. 500 in Kenya, you can buy some and flip for Ksh. 1,000 or more.
  6. Web design – If you are good at WordPress, consider becoming a web developer. You will need 10K or less to set up the business.
  7. Become a social media manager and use the 10K to advertise your services for initial clients.
  8. Become a handyman – Use the 10K to buy the essential tools for your business.
  9. Sell Ice cream – 10K is enough to buy your first stock.
  10. Blend and sell fresh juice.

#014. What’s the best business to start with 20K in Kenya? Embu County.

If you have 20K and would like to start a small profitable business in Kenya, consider going for these 10 businesses.

  1. Fleet management – You can start an executive cab company to manage cars for other investors. The 20K would most probably go into business registration and setting up a tiny office.
  2. Supply eggs to a hotel near you – you can use the 20K to buy the required amount of eggs and for transport.
  3. Start an office equipment and supplies business – you can use the 20K for business name registration and to buy tender documents. Use the Local purchase order to get a loan for fulfilling the won tenders.
  4. Use the 20K to start a salon business
  5. Open a grocery business with 20K
  6. Start printing a photocopying business with 20K – that’s assuming you already have a computer and a printer and the 20K will just be used for overhead costs.
  7. Start a popcorn vending business with 20K.
  8. Sell baby diapers.
  9. Start a movie shop with 20K. Again that’s assuming you already have a computer and the 20K would only be used for buying compact disks, internet, and hard drives.
  10. Farming – you can use 20K to start a small-scale farming business in Kenya. If you don’t have the land, lease it. If you can’t afford a plow, use a jembe. Only use the 20K for seeds and other things which you can’t do by hand.

#015. What’s the most booming business in Kenya? Kitui County.

Much as water-related businesses are still in demand in Kitui county, there are thousands of other small businesses that are more booming than vending water.

What are these booming businesses to do in Kenya in 2024?

  1. Multilevel marketing – Though they all end up being scams, multilevel marketing is still a boomer in Kenya and if you want to join the wagon, then you should start in Kitui county.
  2. Real estate business – If you have land in Kitui, consider selling it to make money in 2024. Real estate is another booming business that Kenyans are milking and may milk longer.
  3. Bitcoin business – You can either make money by lending bitcoin, mining bitcoin, trading bitcoin, or joining bitcoin faucet websites.
  4. Rideshare or uber business – Anyone who has a car can join this small business in 2024 to make money.
  5. Airbnb business –  Offering local experiences with Airbnb is also taking foot in Kenya. Do you have an extra room in your house? Use it to make money on Airbnb.
  6. Vlogging – It is free to create a youtube account and you can also use your phone for free to create and upload youtube videos. This should explain why vlogging is booming in Kenya.
  7. Tenders – young people are also beginning to make money by taking government tenders. And trust me, the tendering process is not hard.
  8. Avocado farming – Though it takes a while to get returns on this one, it is still a booming business in Kenya. It has outlived the quail business.
  9. Wallpaper business – Import wallpapers from china and sell them in Kenya for profits.
  10. Dropshipping business – This is when you sell products that you don’t own without keeping an inventory. You can dropship from Alibaba to Kenya to make money.

#016. What Business Can I Start in Kenya with 200K? Machakos County.

Starting a business with 200K can be both an easy and a hard task.

Easy if you have a business plan that covers everything and hard if you are just in the ideas-hunting stage.

If you are reading this post though, we will make it easier both ways.

Below are some of the best businesses to start with 200K in Kenya in 2024.

  1. Cosmetics shop – With only 200K you can buy cosmetics wholesale in Nairobi and sell in Machakos county for profits.
  2. Bakery business – 200K should be enough to start a classic bakery business in Kenya in 2024.
  3. Money transfer service – Work with all the banks with money transfer services to increase your commission.
  4. Agricultural value addition services – Don’t just sell milk, turn it into mala, yogurt, or cheese to better prices in the market.
  5. Pest control business – It involves removing potentially harmful insects, rodents, and reptiles from farms, and commercial and residential properties.
  6. Tuktuk business – Armed with 200k only, you can visit the nearest tricycle dealership and put in a deposit for Tuktuk.
  7. Phone repair business – If you have the skills for this kind of craft, use the 200K for business registration, rent, and buying the required tools for your trade.
  8. Sell new phones – Though 200K is way lower than what is required for this kind of business, it won’t hurt to start here and grow your business to profitability.
  9. Hardware business – Again 200K may not be enough to start a fully equipped hardware store but you can start by just selling fast-moving goods.
  10. Sell recharge vouchers – you can use 200K to start a recharge vouchers dealership in Kenya.

#017. Simple Business to Start in Kenya. Makueni County.

While complicated businesses are somewhat the most profitable businesses in Kenya, simple businesses come in close in profitability.

Think Uber, Olymp Trade, and Mogo, are they complicated concepts? No, they are not.

They are just simple and smart.

What are the other simple business ideas that you can start in Kenya?

  1. Interior designing – if you have the skill and passion for designing, use that skill to make money in Kenya by selling your simple designing skills.
  2. Graphics designing – It is no secrete that the number of websites and youtube channels is growing in Kenya. Use your skills to fill in the designing gap.
  3. Dressmaking – if you have tailoring skills, here’s another untapped business space to join in Kenya.
  4. DSTV installation business – you can make up to 3K offering DSTV installation services in Kenya in 2024.
  5. Consulting business – start a consultancy firm for what you studied in the university to earn your skills.
  6. Poultry business – Poultry farming in Kenya is as simple as opening the doors for your chicks in the morning and making sure that they are all back in the evening.
  7. Selling beverages and bottled water – you can put up a shade along the road to sell water and beverages.
  8. Hawking – If you don’t have so much money to invest in a business, consider hawking sweets and other snacks.
  9. Sell roasted maize – This is a no-brainer.
  10. Boda Boda business – If you don’t have the cash to buy your bike, hire for Ksh. 300 a day.

#018. Which is The Most Profitable Business to Start in Kenya? Nyandarua County.

The most profitable businesses in Kenya are Safaricom, East African Breweries Ltd, Equity Bank, Bamburi, KCB, Coop… you name it.

If it is in the banking and finance, alcohol and beverages, or in the real estate niche; it’s either profitable or nearly profitable.

Basing our arguments on the companies we have mentioned above, we can easily conclude that: –

  1. Opening an asset finance business in Kenya in 2024 would be profitable.
  2. Starting a wines and spirits business in Kenya in 2024 would be profitable.
  3. Starting a well-equipped hardware business in Ol Kalau or Nyaururu would be profitable.
  4. Bed and breakfast business – you can lease an entire building to start this venture or build your hotel rooms.
  5. Club business – If you have millions of shillings that you’d wish to invest for profits, consider opening a nightclub.
  6. Gym business – Though it is costly to start a fully equipped gym, banking on those monthly subscription fees is well worth it.
  7. Start a baby shop 
  8. Start a meat butchery business.
  9. Keep pigs for pork.
  10. Offer mobile loans.

#019. Best Online Business in Kenya Without Registration Fee. Nyeri County.

Which business can you start online in Kenya without putting in any upfront fees? Can you do them from Nyeri county? And how much do they pay?

Below are some of the best small businesses you can do online in Kenya without putting in any money upfront.

  1. Become an online business coach – while this business may not bring in the money faster than you may wish, it is a sustainable business in the long run.
  2. Provide SEO consulting services – you can begin by running cold calls or emailing small businesses with websites in Kenya.
  3. Design website themes – If you are an IT person with a website, you can design website themes and sell them online.
  4. Become a brand strategist – This business requires that you have marketing or advertising experience. Packed with that, you can start making money as an external consultant for small businesses in Kenya.
  5. Sell stock photos online – Take photos with your phone and upload them on stock photo sites. You will make money each time a license to use your photo is sold.
  6. Sell your craft – If you can craft unique items in your county, go ahead and upload them to sell online.
  7. Data entry Jobs – You can also do data entry jobs online on sites like freelancer, guru, Fiver, and Upwork without paying any upfront fees.
  8. Work on rev.com – Without paying any upfront fees, you can begin to work online on rev.com to make up for Ksh. 50,000 working in your own free time.
  9. Take surveys for pay – Though the pay is always low, you can start making money without paying any fees on survey sites in Kenya.
  10. Article writing jobs – Identify a few struggling or established blogs in Kenya. Offer to work for them for payment to make money online.

#020. What’s the Best Business to Start with 3K in Kenya? Kirinyaga County.

There is an endless list of small businesses you can start in Kenya with 3K and still be able to make a living without adding any supplementary income.

  1. Identify a nice spot by the side of the road and use it to sell seedlings for fruits, vegetables, and trees.
  2. Start selling mandazis with 3K – You can start a mandazi-selling business in Kenya with only 3K. Use three stones and firewood for cooking. And borrow everything else from your house.
  3. Start Selling chips mwitu – Like the mandazi business, you can start this business by borrowing cookware from your house and using the 3K for potatoes and salad and sauces.
  4. Sell roasted peanuts – You can roast the peanuts at home and then later hawk them at the nearest centers or town.
  5. Sell vegetable samosas – This business will also cost you less than 3K to start and you can have a physical location for it as well as hawk some.
  6. Start a Kibanda food kiosk – To stay within budget, you can use your cookware, start the business at home, and try to start small.
  7. Sell deep-fried fish -again 3K may not be enough to cater for everything but it is just about the right amount to test the waters before investing more.
  8. Sell coffee and kaimati – if you only have 3k to start a business in Kenya, selling kaimati would be ideal. It does not require so much money.
  9. Hawk homebaked cakes – you can use your 3K to bake a small cake at home, slice it into pieces, and begin hawking in the streets.
  10. Sell secondhand clothes – now 3K is not enough to buy a bale, but you can surely use it to pick camera clothes and resell them for profits.

 #021. 10 Businesses That Can Make You a Billionaire in Kenya, Murang’a County.

There is no denying that the richest people in Kenya are either owners of FMCG manufacturing industries, building, and construction, farming, banking and finance, transport, real estate… you name it.

But what are some of these profitable businesses that you can start small to one day become a billionaire?

  1. A microfinance business – If you have some knowledge of banking and finance and some capital to give out as small loans, consider starting a business in this sector. It may take years to become a billionaire but you will get there.
  2. Start manufacturing cosmetics – The cosmetics industry is also one of the most stable industries to invest in in 2024 and it guarantees good returns. Almost always entirely profits.
  3. Real estate business – If you just want to invest once and continue enjoying returns for a lifetime, then you should consider investing in real estate. It will however take quite an investment in prime properties to make the 1 billion shillings mark.
  4. Cement manufacturing – If you have enough capital to set up a factory, go ahead and set up one for cement production. With enough marketing and consistency in quality, you will become a billionaire in no time.
  5. Set up a wheat mill – wheat products are considered fast-moving consumer products in Kenya. If you have the money, go ahead and set up a wheat mill in 2024.

  6. Register a company for building and construction – This is a long shot but once you have shown your work, you will begin getting big clients.
  7. Import and export business – You can start a logistics company to handle imports and exports for small businesses. If it helps, you can also import some of your products and sell them.
  8. Car bazaar business – With enough money to stock cars, you can easily start a car bazaar business to earn billions selling cars.
  9. Start a wholesale for phones and laptops.
  10. Start a chain of supermarkets in Kenya.

#022. Here are some of the Best Online Businesses in Kenya 2024. Kiambu County.

  1. Blogging – Unknown to many a budding entrepreneur, blogging is still a big way to earn money online in Kenya in 2024. To prove the point, I earned $13,000 blogging last month.
  2. YouTube – Kenyan YouTubers have testified to earning as much as KES. 4.5 Million every month with the YouTube Partners Program.
  3. Online trading – It is no secret that Forex trading will be more famous in Kenya in 2024. And it is still growing as one of the best online businesses to start in Kenya in 2024.
  4. Academic Writing – If you have the skill to churn out good academic works so fast, then you can make upwards of 100K a month writing on academic sites.
  5. eCommerce – to make it more practical, you can niche down to a specific product. For example, you can sell furniture online medicine, or even vehicles.
  6. Peer-to-peer lending – Though not widely done by young entrepreneurs, peer-to-peer lending is still a good way to make money online. You can use sites like Paxful, Credit Karma, and the like to begin the venture.
  7. Sell online courses – If are a thought leader in any subject, consider putting down those thoughts into an online course and selling for profits.
  8. Kindle – you can also write an eBook and self-publish on Kindle for profit.
  9. Digital marketing – involves promoting brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication.
  10. Web development – you can help small businesses create websites in 2024.

#023. What Business Can I Start With 30K in Kenya? Turkana County.

Lately, Turkana County has been in the news for all good reasons.

It is estimated that there are over 600 million barrels of oil deposits in Turkana County.

Do you know what that means?

If you have enough money to do oil-related business in Turkana, you are in luck.

But for someone just looking to start a small business that wouldn’t cost more than 30K, which businesses should they go for?

  1. Boda Boda business – with only 30K to invest, you can visit motorbike finance companies in Turkana to get a bike on loan for a 30K deposit.
  2. Fishing business – you can use 30K to build a fishing boat and to buy a fishing net to start your fishing business in Turkana.
  3. Selling motorcycle spare parts – Though 30K is not enough to start this business, you can just give it a try by beginning to sell the most essential and fast-moving parts.
  4. Plastics – With 30K you can comfortably start a small business that deals with plastic products. Sell cups, plates, disposables… you name it.
  5. Sell Ankara and related apparel – Though not enough, you can use your 30K to begin your clothesline selling African prints.
  6. Fried/dried fish – Hard to believe as it is, 30K is more than enough to start a fish-selling business in Turkana.
  7. Make and sell crafts – These may include leather wallets, leather belts, Masai sandals, wood carvings, rosaries… you name it.
  8. Sell curtains – you can make and sell curtains on-demand in Turkana. Start with only 30K.
  9. Sell reem of photocopying papers – This is another on-demand business that does not require so much and can be done in any part of the country.
  10. Keep livestock – With 30K you can easily get 10-12 goats to begin a goat ranch in Turkana County.

#024. What business can I start with 300K in Kenya? West Pokot County.

  1. Build semi-permanent residential houses – If you have 300K that you direly need to invest in 2024, consider putting that money in residential property.
  2. Sell hay – you can use the 300k to stock hay for sunny days.
  3. Sheep farming – with 300k you can set up a sheep farm in 2024.
  4. Pig farm – With the growing popularity of pork in Kenya, you may want to invest your money in pig farming.
  5. Furniture – You can make or import furniture with 300K and sell for profit.

#025. Top 10 Low-Cost Businesses That You Can Start in Kenya. Samburu County.

  1. Tuition – This is one of those small business ideas that you can start in Kenya in 2021 without investing any cash upfront. So long as you are good in any particular subject and are willing to teach at home, you are good to go.
  2. Making and selling chapatis – now, you will need to invest some money in this but if you want to start small, you can reduce that budget to Ksh. 2,00.
  3. Selling second-hand books – Most second-hand books go for Ksh. 200 on the streets. This means you can buy a whole bunch wholesale for less and resell for profit.
  4. Selling milk – if you have cattle that give you milk every day, you can start selling that milk for daily profits.
  5. Start a mama mboga kiosk – in this kiosk, you can also sell cereals, fruits, vegetables, omena… you name it.
  6. Baby care – you can use your house to babysit young kids for working moms.
  7. Small-scale farming – With only 20k or less you can lease a 1-acre plot and use it for farming.
  8. Cybercafe – if 100k is a small amount for you and you need to invest it, consider investing in a cybercafe in rural areas.
  9. Become a Mpesa agent – nowadays you can easily get a Safaricom Mpesa line for 10K or less. If you have 30K to start a business, consider starting the Mpesa agency business.

#026. 10 Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profits in Kenya. Trans-Nzoia County.

There are thousands of small businesses you can start in Kenya with low profits to make so much money,

But, while one low-cost business may be a business you can start with only 1K for one person; a low-cost business idea can also mean a business that you can start with 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K, 15K, 25K, or even a million,

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So in this section expect to find mixed business ideas that you can start with as much as 1M shillings in Kenya.

  1. Phone shop – If you have 1M shillings that you need to invest to get fast money, consider using that cash to open a phone shop in a busy town like Kitale town.
  2. Posho mill – With 100K you can easily set up an electric posho mill in Kitale town and make money making others happy. You can replicate this idea in many areas within Trans Nzoia County to make high profits.
  3. Real estate agency – Trans Nzoia County is fast becoming a hot cake for those who want to buy land in Kenya. Spend 10K to register a limited company to start broking land in Kenya.
  4. Welding – If you have the skills for crafting windows, doors, or anything that needs fabricating; consider starting a welding business in 2024.
  5. Make shoes – If you don’t have the skill required, consider taking some time off your busy day to learn on YouTube.
  6. Sell fabrics – to meet the demand for furniture companies coming up in Trans Nzoia every day, you can opt to start selling fabrics in 2024.
  7. Sell your products in the supermarkets – If you have any product that you need to sell fast to make so much profit, consider getting it into a supermarket.
  8. Open a Bata franchise shop – bata shops can also make you so much money if you open one in a high-traffic area.
  9. Sell mitumba bales
  10. Start a school in 2024.

#027. Best Business To Start With 500K in Kenya. Uasin Gishu County. 

If you live in Uasin Gishu County and you have 500K that you need to invest in 2024, consider putting that money in any of these ventures.

  1. Cereals supply – you can start supplying cereals from Trans Nzoia and Uasin Gishu to other neighboring counties.
  2. Milk Supply – Use the 500K to start a milk supply business in Eldoret and surrounding towns.
  3. Eggs supply business – use your 500K to set up an egg store. Also, you can supply eggs to institutions and hotels in Uasin Gishu and its surroundings.
  4. Buy a small car and use it for Uber.
  5. Invest the money in a betting shop – Eldoret is popular for betting and it costs less than 500K to start a betting shop. Why not give it a try?
  6. Buy dairy cows.
  7. Buy a machine for making balusters.
  8. Sell building materials such as stones and bricks.
  9. Start your timber and hardware store.
  10.  Sell men’s shoes and clothes.

#028. Home-Based Business Ideas in Kenya. Elgeyo Marakwet County.

  1. Education – if you are good at English or any other foreign language you can start teaching from home to make money. If anything, you may only need to invest in an online course to start your journey.
  2.  Translation and languages – other than teaching English, French, or German as a foreign language, you can also take language translation jobs on sites like Freelancer.com.
  3. Mobile phone and computing – If you studied IT in school, you can also start an IT business and do mobile app development and other computing jobs from home.
  4. Writing and content – By far the easiest and most done work-from-home job in Kenya is article writing. You can also take other content creation jobs depending on how fast you are and how good you are.
  5. Design media and architecture – if you have a creative mind and designing skills, consider taking design jobs online.

  6. Podcasting – Find a relevant topic that many people would like to hear someone talk about and begin your podcasting business in 2024.
  7. Video game coaching – pass your video game skills to someone else and make money from home while doing what you are passionate about. You can use apps like Twitch to do this.
  8. Take online accounting, human resources, and legal jobs.
  9. Make coding courses and sell online in 2024.
  10. Grow TikTok account and sell.

#029. Which Are Some of the Worst Businesses to Start in Kenya in 2024? Nandi County.

There is no such thing as the worst business idea to start in 2024.

However, I can partly agree with you that some businesses are not just profitable anymore or they have become riskier than they were in the previous years.

It is these risky or other less profitable businesses that we will talk about in this section.

  1. Cyber business – as much as cyber cafes still thrive in some parts of the country, they are not as lucrative as they were back then. Before you put your money into this business, do your due diligence.
  2. Shylock business – Though profitable, the money lending business is another risky business to start in Kenya in 2024 as the number of loan defaulters is gradually increasing in the country.
  3. Food delivery service – I recently invested 500K in a food delivery app – Joon Kitchen and lost big time. If you want to try your luck with your hard-earned money, go ahead and try it.
  4. Clothing Boutique – While selling clothes is still a profitable business to start in 2021, it is a highly saturated venture and it is very easy to lose money if you can’t compete unfairly.
  5. General shop – Supermarkets and mini supermarkets are taking over the estates with low prices making it difficult to make substantial profits with general stores anymore.
  6. Car hire business – If you don’t get into a contract, those fleet management companies will swindle you and return your car used and broken.
  7. Bouncing castle business – though once lucrative, no one wants to take their kids to playgrounds to contact corona in 2024.
  8. Matatu business – From one investor to another, I tell you to invest your money in another thing or do it yourself.
  9. School – This is a good idea. The only downside it has is, you have to prove yourself over the years before making it in the education industry.
  10. Catering business – If you did not start early then we are sorry to announce that major events companies have already dominated the market.

#030. Which Business Can I start with 100K in Kenya? Baringo County.

It is no secret that you can start a very profitable and highly scalable business with 100,000 shillings.

It is also not a secret that if you go about starting just about any business with 100,000 shillings, you can mess up big time and lose all your investment.

To avoid that, consider starting either of these small businesses with that 100,000 shillings.

  1. Tentmaking and tent-for-hire business.
  2. Water bottling business.
  3. Peanut butter making and branding business.
  4. Milk distribution business.
  5. Cosmetics distribution business.
  6. Solar lamp distribution business
  7. Eggs distribution business.
  8. Bread distribution business
  9. Internet installation business
  10. Office supply business.

#031. Which Business Can I Start with 10 Million in Kenya? Laikipia County.

  1. Buy land and start a cattle ranch.
  2. Set up a digital and communications consultancy firm.
  3. Invest in Bitcoin.
  4. Invest in a residential property.
  5. Sell computers and computer accessories.
  6. Open a Java franchise.
  7. Sell and install solar panels
  8. Start a mini supermarket.
  9. Start selling petrol and petroleum products.
  10. Invest in the stock market.

#032. 10 Great Business Opportunities in Kenya. Nakuru County.

Fun fact: Nakuru town recently became a city. And with the new status, there are lots of new business opportunities to look out for.

Below are some of the greatest business opportunities to look out for in Nakuru in 2024.

  1. Land buying and selling – There is going to be increased demand for land in Nakuru. You can buy some in advance and wait to sell them later.
  2. Manufacturing business – more factories will start setting up in Nakuru. With this, the opportunity to sell food to workers will be available.
  3. Need for housing – Because of the city’s status, more people will start moving and settling in Nakuru. You can build residential property and wait to cash in.
  4. Matatu business – As more people settle in Nakuru, there will be an increased need for transport. If you have the money you can invest in the matatu business in Nakuru.
  5. Supply of FMCG – With an increased population, there will be increased demand for fast-moving consumer goods in Nakuru. Incline your business towards meeting that demand.
  6. Garbage collection – with the increased population, there will be more garbage to be collected in the city. Take advantage of this opportunity to start a garbage collection business in 2024.
  7. Cleaning services – As more companies begin to set up in Nakuru, there will be more need for cleaners.
  8. Daycare business – you can set up a daycare and babysitting business to take care of kids for working mums.
  9. Petrol stations – With an increase in population, there will be more people in the middle class hence more cars.
  10. Banking and microfinance business opportunity – you can invest in this sector to cushion the anticipated number of borrowers in the city.

#033. What’s That One Business That Can Make You Rich in Kenya in 2024? Narok County.

There are very many small business ideas that can make you rich in Kenya.

However, none of these business ideas rely on the copy-paste norm that we have so perfected for small businesses in Kenya.

You will need to be extra creative with a business idea to be rich in 2024.

  1. Insurance brokerage business – Though costly to start, if you have enough cash and meet all the requirements to start an insurance brokerage business, you should go ahead and settle for this idea.
  2. Tours and travels business – Book travels for clients by air, road, rail, and water-based methods and also help them find the best hotels and places to visit.
  3. Fleet management – Though car owners are shying away from it because of the conmanship of fleet managers, you can still be rich in 2024 managing vehicles for optimistic car owners.
  4. Build container stalls – Everyone wants to start a small business in Kenya in 2024. If you have a prime piece of land, use it to build container stalls.
  5. Cash crop farming – start a tea plantation, sugarcane plantation, coffee plantation, flower plantation…  you name it.
  6. Start an online news agency – The secret is to get reliable correspondents and monetize your online agency in any possible way.
  7. Online trading –  You can learn how to trade by watching online videos, buying online courses, or attending Forex Schools in Africa.
  8. Real estate – I can’t emphasize this enough. There is a need for more housing in Kenya and the middle class is also dying to own property. Take advantage of that thirst for properties to make money.
  9. Education – Though it is capital intensive and might take a while to break even if you are in a position to invest big time, go for the education sector.
  10. Health and wellness – You can also become rich by training people about health and wellness choices and selling health and wellness products.

#034. Easy Business to Start in Kenya. Kajiado County.

Depending on the business idea you have in mind, knowledge or expertise, demand for a product, startup cost, capital and finance, competition, location, and staff need to open your door, any business can be easy to start.

But if we are only using capital, expertise, and demand to determine easy businesses to start in 2024, our list will reduce big time.

In this section, we list some of the small businesses that Kenyans are already doing and that you can easily copy and paste.

  1. Gas business – Find a prime spot to set up and begin delivering gas to estates, hotels, or institutions around you.
  2. Rechargeable voucher delivery business – though not very profitable in 2021, delivering airtime is still an easy business to start in Kenya.
  3. Hawking – get a few products that you feel people would be excited to buy in the street and start selling.
  4. General shop – use that capital to open a general shop in your neighborhood.
  5. Mama Mboga kiosk – get vegetables, fruits, cereals… you name it and retail for profits back at home.
  6. Vend water with a cart in dry areas.
  7. Sell chips Mwitu, bhajia, mandazi, Chapos, eggs, and smokies… you name it.
  8. Distribute milk with a motorbike.
  9. Distribute bread to nearby shops.
  10. Start a Kinyozi or salon business.

#035. Small Scale Business Ideas in Kenya. Kericho County.

Which business can you start small and scale to become big in Kenya?

  1. Tea plantation.
  2. Logistics business.
  3. Bookshop business.
  4. Tea distribution business.
  5. Consultancy business.
  6.  Water bottling business.
  7. Pig farming.
  8. Poultry farming.
  9. Mixed farming.
  10. Maize farming.

#036. Cheap Business to Start in Kenya. Bomet County.

  1. Grocery kiosk.
  2. Food kiosk.
  3. Boda Boda business.
  4. Fish selling business.
  5. Fruit vending.
  6. Sell juice from door to door.
  7. Popcorns business
  8. Garbage collection.
  9. Water vending business.
  10. Rechargeable voucher supply business.

#037. What is the Best Small Business to Start in Kenya? Kakamega County.

  1. A general hardware business.
  2. Professional consultancy business.
  3. Create an innovative product.
  4. Green energy production.
  5. Farming business.
  6. Build rental houses in a 50 by 100 plot.
  7. Cell phones and accessories.
  8. Printing press business.
  9. Executive Kinyozi and salon.
  10. Hotel business.

#038. Trending businesses to start in Kenya. Vihiga county.

  1. Forex business.
  2. Boutique business.
  3. Business and office space rentals made from containers.
  4. Bitcoin business.
  5. Sports betting shops.
  6. Mini supermarkets.
  7. Tour and travel business.
  8. General supplies business.
  9. Blogging business.
  10. Online writing business.

#039. Online Business Opportunities in Kenya. Bungoma county.

  1. Forex trading.
  2. eCommerce business.
  3. Affiliate marketing.
  4. Blogging.
  5. Online surveys.
  6. Academic writing.
  7. Coaching.
  8. Peer-to-peer lending.
  9. Social media management.
  10. Content creation.

#040. Most profitable small business in Kenya. Busia County.

  1. Coffee vending business.
  2. A fast-food business.
  3. Cosmetics business.
  4. Wholesale business.
  5. Mitumba business.
  6. Boda Boda business.
  7. Gas supply business.
  8. Building and construction business.
  9. Pig farming.
  10. Poultry farming.

#041. The best online business to start in Kenya in 2024. Siaya County.

  1. Become an SEO consultant.
  2. Design websites.
  3. Grow and sell writing accounts.
  4. Transcription.
  5. Open an online shop.
  6. Become a virtual assistant.
  7. CV and cover letter writing.
  8. Data analysis.
  9. Pay-per-click advertising.
  10. Online tuition.

#042. Businesses With High-Profit Margins in Kenya. Kisumu county.

  1. Banking business.
  2. Telecommunication business.
  3. Insurance business.
  4. Education business.
  5. Water bottling business.
  6. Butchery business.
  7. Real estate business.
  8. Forex trading.
  9. Affiliate marketing.
  10. Building and construction.

#043, Small businesses with high profits in Kenya. Homabay County.

  1. Pharmacy business.
  2. Clinic business.
  3. Transport business.
  4. Cereals supply and distribution business.
  5. Bed and breakfast hotel business.
  6. Cyber services.
  7. Poultry farming.
  8. Office furniture sales.
  9. Events planning and organizing.
  10. Fish farming.

#044. Marketable Businesses in Kenya. Migori County.

  1. Sugarcane farming.
  2. Digital marketing.
  3. Bookkeeping business.
  4. IT-related businesses.
  5. Freelancing businesses
  6. External consultancy business.
  7. Home tuition business.
  8. Niche businesses like selling only phones, or TVs…
  9. Content creation business.
  10. Building and construction business.

#045. Motorcycle Related Businesses. Kisii county.

  1. Use the bike for Boda Boda.
  2. Become a food delivery guy.
  3. Become an errand boy.
  4. Hire out the bike for Kshs. 300 per day.
  5. Start an asset financing business for motorcycles.
  6. Become a motorcycle racer.
  7. Start a SACCO for motorcycle riders.
  8. Sell motorbikes in wholesale and retail.
  9. Start a motorcycle repair business.
  10. Sell motorcycle spare parts.

#046. Best Business to Start Near a University in Kenya. Nyamira County.

  1. A fast-food business.
  2. Clothes business.
  3. Printing and photocopy business.
  4. Motorbike transport business.
  5. Hostel business.
  6. Grocery kiosk business.
  7. Food kiosk business.
  8. Academic writing and assignment business.
  9. Open a general shop.
  10. Start a Mpesa shop.

#047. Best Places to Start a Business in Nairobi.

  1. Kasarani.
  2. Hurlingham
  3. Westlands.
  4. CBD
  5. Githurai.
  6. Muthurwa.
  7. Kariorkor
  8. Eastleigh
  9. Kamkunji
  10. Lang’ata.
  11. Mombasa Road.
  12. Ngara.
  13. Utawala

The list is endless. Which business do you wish to start?

Tell us in the comment section.

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Top 5 Binary Options Brokers With $10,000 Demo Account

Binary options trading is fast becoming popular in the world and with this popularity the urge and to find the best broker to trade with. But when we talk of ….

XM seminars 2019

Tips to Becoming a Forex Millionaire in Kenya

Most people in Kenya have turned to forex trading to earn an extra coin. To start trading forex though, you need to have an account that will hold your money ….

Sabio Trade

SabioTrade: Get Funded and Withdraw up to 80% Profits

Are you looking for a way to trade Forex with a funded account and withdraw up to 80% of your profits? If so, you might be interested in SabioTrade, a ….

Quotex Vs Olymp Trade

Quotex vs Olymp Trade. Which Broker to Sign up With?

Quotex vs Olymp Trade which broker should you sign up with? This is a common question that we get all the time, especially from newbie traders who want to sign ….

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Quotex Broker Regulation Vs Olymp Trade Regulation

Quotex Broker Regulation Vs Olymp Trade Regulation

Quotex Broker is a binary options broker that offers access to its trading platform globally to traders who’d like to make money trading in shorter time frames. Just like Quotex, ….

Forex Millionaires in Nigeria

Nigeria Forex Millionaires And Their Forex Strategies

Forex trading has spread to several parts of the world and is legal in Nigeria, and Africa. However, it operates within a gray area. Subsequently, the Central Bank of Nigeria ….

Quotex broker. Best binary options brokers 2023

Is Qx Broker Among The Best Binary Options Brokers

Binary trading is one of the easiest and safest ways to trade online. It is also the fastest-growing form of investing. Binary trading is one of the easiest ways to ….

IQCent Demo Account

IQCent Broker Review With User Opinion, Legit or Scam?

Do you want to start trading with IQcent and don’t know if to trust them or not? Welcome to our comprehensive review of IQCent, the online trading platform that has ….

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Register Iq Mining

IQ Mining Review Plus Users Opinion. Legit or Scam?

IQ Mining is a dual-purpose platform, serving as both a cloud mining hub for cryptocurrencies and a broker for Forex and binary options trading. Its efficient utilization of smart contracts ….

South African Forex Millionaires And Their Money-Making Strategies

Forex Millionaires in South Africa and How they Make Money

Last week, we started a new series of listicles on this blog. Our objective? To explore, discuss, and reveal the faces of forex millionaires in the countries where forex is ….


Business Ideas

Best business ideas to start in Kenya in 2022

What is the Best Business to Start in Kenya?

Kenya is a great place to start a business. The best type of business may be different for you, depending on your skill set and what you are looking for ….

Small Business Ideas For 2021

What Business Ideas Make The Most Money

Are you an aspiring business entrepreneur? Check out our list of the most popular business ideas in 2024. People venture into the business world for different reasons. Some because they ….

How to Make $10,000 a month with TikTok

What Business Can I Start With 2k In Kenya In 2024?

Kenya is a great place to start a business. The economy is growing, the population is young and there is a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs. However, starting a business ….

Profitable Business Ideas to Start in Saudi Arabia in 2021 (Make 375 SAR Daily in Saudi Arabia)

Top Business Ideas that Will Make 375 SAR Daily in Saudi Arabia in 2024.

It is common knowledge that Saudi Arabia is the world’s greatest oil producer. Around 25% of the world’s petroleum reserves are processed in the country. According to statistics, Saudi Arabia’s ….

Top 50 Online Shopping Sites in India.

Top 50 Online Shopping Sites in India.

You must have found yourself ordering a thing or two from an online store and they delivered to your preferred address, right? Now that is the new fashion of doing ….

Profitable businesses in Kenya - LPG Gass Business in Kenya

Top 50 Most Profitable Businesses in Kenya

Ain’t it not easy to say I want to start a business in 2024? Of course not. You have to do your due diligence: come up with a business idea, ….


Top 50 business ideas for All Ages {Online and Offline Ideas}

Many people desire to venture into entrepreneurship for different reasons. For sure, being your own boss, working from your home, garage, or office, offers total control and satisfaction. You can ….

Food Blogs on Instagram

Top 5 Instagram Businesses to Start

Instagram is an amazing photo and video sharing app that we use to connect to friends and family online. Interestingly, Instagram is as much a great place to start your ….

Best Businesses to Start in Eldoret

Top 30 Best Businesses to Start in Eldoret Town

Would you like to start a small business in Eldoret town? Which business do you have in mind? Do you have data to back up its profitability and to maybe ….

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Small Businesses For University Students

Top 20 Small Businesses For University Students In Kenya

Are you a university student in Kenya and looking for small business ideas to start? You are in the right place. In this article, I will show you the #20 ….


Make Money

back view of young couple removing picture from wall isolated on white

Works at Home: 30 Ways to Make Money Fast (Online And Offline)

No matter what your situation is, there’s a side gig for you. Whether it’s to make a little extra cash or help solve an emergency issue, having a backup plan ….

The meme coin "Doge" on black stones.

Will Shiba Inu Coin Keep Making Investors Rich in 2024?

The Shiba Inu Coin has been one of the most popular crypto success stories since 2018. This meme-based cryptocurrency moved to its highest in just a few years making it ….

Proof that you can make money from TikTok - Make money online in Kenya

Which TikTok Star Will Have the Most Followers in 2024?

TikTok is a social media app that has taken the world by storm. It is a platform where users can share short videos of themselves. The app has been downloaded ….


Which Freelancing Site Should I Visit To Make Money Coding?

Freelancing is the best way to make money because it allows you to work on your own time and set your own schedule. You can take jobs that are local ….

Play to earn crypto games - Earn free NFTs

Where to Get FREE NFTs: 11 Easy Ways to Do It

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage right now. These unique digital assets are quickly becoming a staple in the world of blockchain gaming and collectibles. The best part about ….

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Which jobs are the highest paying in Kenya?

What’s The Best Business to Start in Kenya in 2024?

There are many businesses that you can start in Kenya in 2024. However, not all of them will be successful. It is important to do your research and find a ….

Olymp Trade Video

What No One Says About Olymp Trade! Put Together in a Video.

Could this be you? You opened an Olymp Trade account. Made a deposit. Traded on a live account for the first time. The outcome? You lost your first $10 deposit. ….

Make money Online with this app

What is the Easiest Way to Make Money Online in Kenya in 2024?

There are thousands of ways you can make money in Kenya. Some of them require no skill or experience whatsoever, others? You’d need skill and experience to do with success. ….

white and brown happy birthday card

What is The Easiest Way to Make $100 Today?

If you’re already making money online, skip this post. If you’re not already making any money online keep reading. Because the methods that I’m about to show you in this ….

How To Make Money Via WordPress In Kenya

What is The Easiest (Non-Scammy) Way to Make Money Online?

Making money online can seem like a daunting task. There are so many scams and get-rich-quick schemes out there that it’s hard to know what is legitimate and what isn’t. ….


Quotex Tutorials

Quotex for beginners

What is Quotex? Quotex Trading Course for Beginners

Quotex is a cutting-edge digital options trading platform known for its user-friendly interface and numerous tradable assets, including OTC pairs, traded 24/7. The Quotex trading platform accommodates traders of all ….

Trading in Quotex

Try This Quotex 1 Minute Strategy for Fixed Time Trades

While binary options trading is easy and only requires traders to choose between two different outcomes, it isn’t always profitable without a strategy. My honest truth, You can lose so ….

Trader of the Week - Top Traders in Quotex

Top Traders on Quotex ++ Earnings And Strategies

Quotex, the most popular trading platform in 2024, has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. With more and more people looking to make a quick buck, it’s no ….

Risk management in Quotex

Risk Management: Trading Course for Beginning Quotex Traders

Risk management is an important discipline that traders must understand and implement if they want to protect their capital and improve their potential for profits. In other words, without risk ….

Download Quotex App

Qx Broker: How to Register with Quotex, Quotex.io in 2024

In order to start trading on the Quotex broker platform, either on the demo or live account, you must create an account. If you are doing this for the first ….

Fund Quotex with Instant EFT in South Africa

Qx Broker : How to Fund Quotex With Instant EFT in SA

Are you a South African trader looking for a reliable and efficient platform to deposit money and start trading with? Look no further than Quotex! With the addition of the ….

Quotex 80% bonus codes

Quotex, Qx Broker 80% Weekend Bonus Promo Code

Welcome to the exciting world of trading! If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly trading platform, then look no further than Quotex.io. Qx broker is today giving out trading ….

Quotex Email after withdrawal

Quotex Withdrawal Problem? Use This Other Method

Are you looking for a reliable and profitable binary options trading platform? Do you want to join thousands of traders who are making money online with Quotex? If yes, then ….

Quotex Weekly Tournament

Quotex Weekly Tournament: Up to $10,000 in Prize Money

Every other month, the Quotex trading platform allows its users to participate in trading contests and earn more money. One such contest or tournament is the Quotex weekly tournament with ….

What is fundamental analysis?

Quotex Trading Course for Beginners: Market analysis

Once you create a demo account in Quotex to start trading, you will notice that the platform has some type of chart. Generally, trading platforms have 4 different chart types ….


XM Tutorials

XM MT4 platforms

How XM Trading Works in Kenya

If you went to Google and searched, “how XM trading works” then chances are, you have never traded before, you don’t have a trading account and most importantly, you want ….

How to trade on XM Forex

How To Trade With XM Forex.

So, you have just created a trading account in XM Forex and completed the account opening process successfully and now you are wondering, what next? How does Xm trading work? ….

How to trade with XM MT4

How to Trade on XM Even on Weekends

Trading the financial markets via a broker like XM means getting access to real-time pricing of the financial assets when you want to trade. But, as we all know, the ….

How to open a trading account in Kenya with XM

How to Open a Trading Account With XM in Kenya.

If you are reading this post then chances are, you are convinced that Xm is the best broker for retail Forex, both locally and globally. And the truth is, XM ….



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